Looking for Secret Santa gifts under $ 20? Here are 50 tips for fun surprises in this price range

17. November 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

50 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 for Fun Surprises


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Looking for unusual Secret Santa gifts under $20? We’ll give you 50 tips for fun surprises that you’d love to get yourself as a Secret Santa gift….

Every year, my friends have this wonderful yet nerve-wracking tradition: Secret Santa! I assume you know exactly what that is. You don’t? Just to remind you: draw the name of a friend, get them a Secret Santa gift. On the due date (usually on or just before Christmas), everyone meets again, places their gift on a table or in a sack as unobserved as possible, with a name label for the recipient. Then it’s time to unwrap the presents! And then the big puzzle begins… Who could have given me such a gift?!? 😀

Before that, there is always one question to be answered: what is the maximum price for a Secret Santa gift? From junk Secret Santa (no money may be spent on it) to sum x… (I wonder if millionaires do Secret Santa among themselves?) there are many possibilities. We usually agree on a sum in the lower range: Santa gifts up to 5 euros, Santa gifts up to 10 euros or Secret Santa gifts under $20. Accordingly, I have often been on the lookout for ideas and there are so many great things that you would like to give someone (or get yourself), but unfortunately there is only one opportunity per year!

At least we can share our search for ideas with you and help you find the brilliant Secret Santa gift under $20 that will be the number one topic of conversation this year when you and your friends unwrap! 😉

50 Ingenious Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Small note: The links included here are affiliate links. That means, if you click on them and buy something, we get a small commission and you support our site without the product costing you more.

Secret Santa Gifts under $20 for Party Monsters

1. Roulette Drinking Game – for a quick kickoff to the party…. 😉
2. LED ice cubes for even more glamour while sipping cocktails.

3. Portable can holder – fashionable belt for festivals and parties.

Secret Santa gifts under $20 with a (subtle?) message

4. WC golf set – Message: You need quite a long time on the throne!

5. Really spicy Secret Santa box – Message: I think you’re hot! (Now you just have to find out who I am…)

6. Crunchy, sweet and spicy things to sow yourself – Message: “Harrr…!!!”

7. Star Wars chopsticks – Message: You’re nerdier than Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, but that’s how I like you.

8. Jon Snow T-Shirt – Message: You are my hero! But let me do the thinking…

9. DIY Sex Change Kit – Message: ok, NOT subtle!!!

Secret Santaa gifts under $20 for colleagues

10t. Mug to make friends with at work…

11. …or a mug with which you can express your mood to your colleagues without words.

12. But you also have to be able to see the good sometimes!

13. Calling things by name – now also at the push of a button!

14. To make the office notice board look a little brighter…

15. Stylish pencil sharpener with a serious business look.

16. This towel reliably prevents being asked about work while on holiday!

17. Mousepad – Oh what joy, what relief, what progress the computer is in the world of work…

18. Finally a watch that reflects the true sense of time at work…

19. Snowman to knead that just always melts away – A metaphor for the Sisyphus work in our job (fits almost all professions!).

Christmas Secret Santa gifts under $20

20. Beautiful Christmas Fashion for the Whole Family.

21. Aprons for a contemplative mood in the kitchen (also in the 10th hour…)

22. Magic Mini Towels with Christmas Motifs – These things grow big in the water!

23. Singing Christmas Ball – A delightfully tasteless kitsch nightmare 😀

24. Surpassed only by the… singing, dancing and waddling Christmas tree.

25. The perfect gloves for the next Christmas market visit.

26. Christmas-themed biscuit stamp.

27. Santa beard made of candy floss – Practical for the little hunger in between when you have to bring presents to the whole world…

28. Christmas Earrings

29. Christmas Surival Kit for all the hard-pressed.

30. Contemplative Christmas Soap Pump Dispenser.

31. Christmas tree from a can – To make provisions for next year…

32. Craziest Christmas Traditions from Around the World.

Decorative Secret Santa Gifts under $20

33. Cute cork animal

34. Mini Vase for the Bicycle Handlebar – Must-Have for All Plant Lovers

35. Tasteful Potholders

36. Kitchen Decoration That Creates Clear Conditions.

Actually useful Secret Santa gifts under $20

37. Winter Fruit Tea Set – The perfect gift for the permanently cold as well as for connoisseurs

38. Hot apple juice with spices is also a welcome winter treat…

39. All the more so when it is drunk from dieser Tasse getrunken wird!

40. Listening to music everywhere… with a unicorn! – Who doesn’t want that?

41. Electric Panda Money Box – No one will take anything away from this bear in a hurry!

42. this mug is needed by the true football fan!

43. Good Mood Bath Set to get you through the winter

44. Cosy warm winter slippers.

45. Calendar Wisdoms for the New Year.

46. wine glass with mood indicator.

47. Plus meaningful socks.

Secret Santa Gifts under $20 for Fun

48. knowledge is relative!

49. Exciting Escape Game for the Home.

50. Magnetic game as the ultimate (Christmas) stress killer.

I hope you found what you were looking for in our tips for Secret Santa gifts under $20!

You can find even more gifts on Abenteuer Freundschaft! Browse our Christmas gift ideas or get ideas for special activities with friends, family and partner on our Leisure Ideas Portal!

*This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you order something through it, we receive a small commission. Nothing changes in terms of price.


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