50 date ideas - romantic, cool, action-packed or creative

26. January 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

50 Date Ideas That Aim Cupid’s Arrow Straight at Your Heart




Romantic or adrenaline rush, creative or classic, indoor or outdoor – these date ideas make the tinder of love flare up brightly, whether on the 1st date or the 100th!.

The thin wooden plank held by ropes on which she stands sways like crazy. Her gaze goes into the depths: the 10 metres that the small sign at the ascent of the climbing path indicated as the height suddenly seem at least twice as high to her. Was it really such a good idea to let this date take place in a high ropes climbing park?

“Hey, you can do it, you’re doing really well,” he calls to her encouragingly from the next tree platform. And a few steps later, when she’s almost there too, he reaches out his arm to her: “Come on, I’ll pull you up.” – Test passed! A real gentleman, then….

The Fine Art Dating

Sounds like a date to remember, doesn’t it? Especially as love researchers assure us that meeting at high altitude can inspire feelings of infatuation! The reason: we also subconsciously link the slight excitement with the company we are in. Not a bad prerequisite for sparks to fly.

But really good dates are as different as people: some prefer it classic, for others it can’t be crazy enough. While for some there’s nothing more romantic than a walk around a lake with long conversations, others get palpitations when they whiz across the water with their date in a motorboat.

Supposedly, hot drinks are also very beneficial for dating – because the hormones also start to bubble and somewhere in the abdominal cavity, lots of little butterflies hatch out of their cocoons with joy.

These 50 date ideas inspire love, regardless of whether you are freshly in love or have been together for a long time. What’s more, these date ideas are suitable for all seasons and for those who are more active in nature as well as those who are more comfortable.

50 Date Ideas – Cool, Creative, Exciting or Romantic

  1. Climbing in the climbing hall or in the or high ropes course
  2. Enjoy coffee and cake with a breathtaking view
  3. Walking through the snow-covered park and building a snowman
  4. Romantic paddle through nature
  5. Have a surprise picnic for her/him
  6. Take a tandem tour of the city
  7. Escape together – from a Room Escape Game
  8. Go ice skating
  9. Go play badminton in the park
  10. Spend the night in an igloo (can be booked)
  11. Visit the tropical house in the botanical garden
  12. Like in the movies – a visit to the drive-in cinema
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon
  14. Visit a castle or fortress
  15. Marvel at the wonders of the cosmos at a show in the planetarium
  16. Get that holiday feeling at the beach club with its real indoor beach
  17. Enjoy the countryside and its fruits on a wine walk
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Take an express cooking course together (e.g. rolling sushi)
  20. Take a spontaneous photo shoot (e.g. in a photo booth)
  21. Go go-karting
  22. A classic dinner by candlelight
  23. Bake biscuits together
  24. Stroll through a flea market
  25. Go for a walk at night
  26. Breakfast or brunch at a luxury hotel
  27. Take a trip on a motorboat
  28. Geocaching – shared tasks bring people together
  29. Go to a concert (especially if you have similar tastes in music)
  30. Go to a poetry slam and take part together
  31. Have a karaoke session
  32. Going to the open-air swimming pool at night
  33. Watching people together and making up stories about them
  34. Spending an evening with good wine and music
  35. Depending on the season: go strawberry, blackberry or apple picking
  36. Pick mushrooms together (autumn)
  37. Ride a roller coaster in an amusement park
  38. Relaxing together with a partner massage
  39. Go sledding
  40. Go shopping together and pick out an outfit for each other
  41. Go to improv theatre
  42. Take a flamenco, salsa or tango class together
  43. Write a story together where you take turns to contribute a sentence.
  44. Do some guerrilla gardening
  45. Show her/him a place from your past and tell about your memories (schoolyard, old neighbourhood, etc.)
  46. Play miniature golf
  47. Go to a burlesque show
  48. Take a short trip to another city
  49. Visit an unusual museum on a quirky theme (chocolate, corkscrews, currywurst, garden gnomes – there’s even a snoring museum in Germany ? )
  50. Partying at a festival with lots of other people

These 50 date ideas aren’t enough for you? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find many more concrete tips for romantic experiences that are perfect date ideas. Or you can take a look at this book:


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