A list with things to do in spring with 101 activities

17. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

101 Things to Do in Spring – The Ultimate Bucket List




Walk away the winter and get in the mood for spring. With these 101 things to do in spring with friends and family, you’ll experience spring at its best and you won’t forget anything important!

Repairing your bike, going on a picnic, trying out new outdoor games and trendy sports – the spring bucket list is long! Here you’ll find plenty of inspiration for special things to do in spring and spring activities you should definitely do to get into the spring spirit.

In the second part of the Thinkgs to do in spring bucket list you will also find practical activities that should also be done in spring – from spring cleaning to a green balcony.

101 Things to Do in Spring – Leisure, Sports & Great Springtime Moments

  1. Get a bouquet of spring flowers for your loved one at the nursery
  2. Take a spring walk in the park
  3. Listen to the natural soundtrack of spring in the forest
  4. Go out for ice cream
  5. Sit outside in a café with friends and soak up the sun
  6. Sitting in the sun in a T-shirt
  7. Picking a bouquet of flowers in the meadow and giving it to your (best) friend
  8. Walk barefoot through the grass
  9. Dressing up in colourful spring clothes
  10. Playing miniature golf
  11. Eating the first strawberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream outside
  12. Taking a whole day off and just enjoying the sun and good company
  13. Going hiking and enjoying nature
  14. Going shopping together and fulfilling a heart’s desire for the summer
  15. Having a picnic with loved ones in the park
  16. Trying out a fun new trend sport together, e.g. piloxing
  17. Lie down in a green meadow and feel the nature
  18. Buy yourself a fabulous outfit for the summer
  19. Take part in a special guided tour of the city and solve a mystery, for example
  20. Watching a romantic film with your partner and feeling spring in your step
  21. Visit a flea market
  22. Get adrenaline and self-confidence in a high ropes course or climbing park with your partner or best friend
  23. Attend an open air concert
  24. Photographing the most beautiful flowers in the garden or on the balcony
  25. Stretching your face into the sun
  26. Go rowing or canoeing on a lake
  27. Surprise the kids, nieces or nephews with a trip to the outdoor playground
  28. Have brunch in the garden or on the balcony
  29. Take a spin in a convertible with the top down
  30. Buy and eat fresh asparagus in the countryside
  31. Sitting on a park bench or picnic blanket and listening to music in the sunshine
  32. Spend a whole weekend camping in nature
  33. Go for a bike ride
  34. Going out and snapping the most beautiful flowers and snapshots with your smartphone
  35. Calling up old friends and rounding them up for a get-together
  36. Marveling at the splendour of spring blossoms from all over the world in the botanical gardens
  37. Take your sunglasses with you wherever you go
  38. Smile at strangers and spread good cheer
  39. Have a barbecue with friends, family and acquaintances in the park or garden
  40. Go jogging once a week with your partner or a friend
  41. Invite friends to a retro game night with board game classics on the balcony
  42. Invite friends to a spring party
  43. Stretch a slackline and practise slacking with friends
  44. Try out a brilliant new outdoor game with friends or family
  45. Discover something new in your own city with friends
  46. Pick wild garlic and morels
  47. Visit a beer garden
  48. Buy seasonal fresh vegetables at the weekly market
  49. Go on a geocaching adventure together in the city or in nature
  50. Visit a street festival
  51. Picking wild herbs and fresh woodruff
  52. Make a good friend happy
  53. Take the kids or friends on a special trip to the theme park
  54. Go for a spontaneous drive when the sky is blue in the morning
  55. Bake a rhubarb and strawberry pie
  56. Stoke a campfire in the evening by the lake with stick bread and a Western feeling
  57. Take a trip to the wildlife park, go for a walk and feed the animals
  58. Take a weekend trip to a foreign city
  59. Discover new culinary territory at a food market
  60. Pack a bathing suit or bikini and go to the pool
  61. Sleep with the windows open at night and be woken up by the chirping of birds
  62. Play table tennis, badminton or tennis – or try out a trend sport
  63. Take a boat trip and breathe in the sea air.
  64. Go for a walk at dusk with your loved one
  65. Visit a funfair or fair
  66. Go on a night hike and listen to nature grow at night
  67. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on 17 March with Irish music in the pub
  68. Make a May punch and invite friends over
  69. Make Easter decorations
  70. Dyeing Easter eggs for Easter breakfast
  71. Make an Easter lamb in the oven
  72. Make and send Easter greetings cards
  73. Surprise a dear friend with an Easter nest
  74. Hide Easter eggs for the children on an Easter walk
  75. Dance into May
Things to do in spring in nature

Excursions into the blooming nature

Excursions into the blooming nature[/caption]

Practical Spring Activities Not to Be Forgotten

  1. Get fit for summer and exercise outside 2-3 times a week.
  2. Change the clock when daylight saving time comes (in 2017 this is on the night of 25-26 March)
  3. Get Easter eggs and Easter gifts for your loved ones
  4. Put away winter shoes and boots and get flip-flops ready
  5. Wash winter bedding, dry outside and pack away
  6. Keep sunscreen, sunglasses and picnic blanket handy
  7. Get out bathing clothes or get new ones
  8. Repot and fertilise living room plants
  9. Clean and repair your bike
  10. Buy flowers and plants for the balcony and garden
  11. Buy fresh herbs for the kitchen
  12. Gardening and planting the balcony or garden
  13. Get deckchairs and garden furniture out of the cellar
  14. Put away winter decorations
  15. Plan the summer holiday
  16. Clean out and clear out your closet, desk and flat
  17. Decorate the flat for spring, for example with willow branches.
  18. Change car tyres and wash the car
  19. Clean the windows
  20. Do some spring cleaning
  21. Put winter clothes in mothballs
  22. Get summer clothes ready
  23. Go for a stroll and look for summer clothes
  24. Buy, make or bake a Mother’s Day gift
  25. Turn off the heating
  26. Finally put your New Year’s resolutions into practice 😉


What things to do in spring are your favorite? Stay a little longer and browse for more Spring activities or leisure tips for activities with friends, family and partner.

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