Turn your street festival into a rally!

23. July 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Turn the Next Street Festival Into an Exciting Rally


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A street festival is the perfect destination for a fun rallye with your friends. Cool music, delicious food, lots of good-humoured people – ideal conditions for a fun rally! 😉.

A good street festival has a lot to offer for body and soul: tasty treats, drinkable beverages, a good music programme and stalls where there are great treasures to discover.

The most fun is to visit a street festival together with good friends. The more friends there are, the more pairs of eyes will explore the colourful hustle and bustle of a street fair. This way you discover things together that you would have missed on your own. With the right company, you are guaranteed not to miss a delicious smelling barbecue skewer or a stand with beautiful hand-painted lampshades!

The Rally Principle

However, this can also lead to slow progress. Someone in the group always stops at a snack stand or at an acquaintance’s house. Actually, you are always faced with the decision: Group enterprise or individual interests pursue? With our street festival rally, you can have both! 

This is how simple our rally goes. We think about tasks at the beginning, split up and agree on a time and meeting point to meet again and show each other our discoveries. Sometimes this is just one task – but always the rally brings more fun and makes our visit to the street festival special.

And then we head off in all directions and plunge into the crowd to unearth the hidden treasures at this street fair! 🙂

The Street Festival Rally – Let’s go!

Who Will Bring the Most Delicious Snack to the Meeting Point?

Large pans filled with fragrant Spanish paella, spicy Indian curries or the temptingly fragrant waffle stand…. The many different food stalls at a street fair offer an irresistible temptation for everyone. 

Then you are faced with the quandary of choice – and our rally here brings real variety to the stomach.  One task of our rally is for everyone to find the tastiest, most delicious snack they can muster. Ideally a food that can be shared with the others at the meeting point.

Even at street festivals, where there is a large selection of different dishes from different countries and cultures, it is exciting to taste more than one treat.

Homemade falafel, grilled chorizo sausage, stuffed mushrooms and irresistible crêpes make my mouth water all by themselves. If I can also taste everything thanks to my friend, I’m in paradise! 😉 It also gives you the chance to try treats that you wouldn’t have bought yourself and discover new favourite snacks.
Note: Of course, this kind of snack sharing only works if you don’t have completely different diets, tastes or intolerances. It’s best to clarify this beforehand.

How Many Different Dishes Do You Manage to Eat at the Street Festival?

Food and feast until your stomach is full to the brim: this is the rally’s favourite task for really ravenous friends or insatiable foodies. 😉

Since my friendsare all pretty figure-conscious and don’t go full throttle on this task from the start, I usually do this competition with my male friends.  

Delicious snacks at the street festival

Quality of choice – sausages or barbecue skewers?

Where to Get the Tastiest Drink?

Eating makes you thirsty! The logical consequence of eating tasty snacks – whether as a humble nibble tasting or unrestrained gluttony – is a dry throat! If it’s also hot, don’t forget to drink plenty 😉

At a good street festival, besides the usual three or four soft drinks and standard beers, there are also extraordinary, tasty drinks. Similar to food, it’s worth trying drinks that you don’t drink every day. Freshly squeezed orange, pomegranate or melon juices, delicious cocktails with and without alcohol, freshly tapped regional beers or delicious fruit punch are just some of the tempting options.

Here the task is: Everyone brings the most delicious, refreshing or unusual drink to the meeting point. 

Tip: Agree beforehand whether it may also be alcoholic beverages.

Where Does the Best Music Play At the Street Festival?

There is usually good music and live acts at a street festival.

Jazz band at the Bergmann street party

At street festivals there is always one or more stages where music is played. Often, buskers can then be found not far away: many good-humoured people in a celebratory mood attract them. If there is more than one source of music at the street festival, the next task is to find the coolest musician or band.

If there are only one or two stages, the music task of the rally deals with the programme. For example, before the performances start, everyone gives a tip as to which band or musician will be the musical highlight of the street festival. Afterwards, you vote on who you liked best and have a winner.

Which Stand Offers the Most Beautiful Objects?

At every street festival, traders sell self-sewn bags, T-shirts with crazy, funny or unusual motifs and unique handicrafts at their stalls. But there are also many stalls with kitsch, stuff and trinkets.
Strolling, looking and browsing is part of every street festival. Everyone usually finds at least one stall that offers something they like! Even if we don’t need anything or don’t want to buy anything, we all have the collector’s instinct in us and like to rummage around at such stands for pretty objects.

This task of the street festival rally is: Find the stall with the most beautiful, fancy, ugly or kitschy objects!

Tip: Often friends tell you about a great stand or show you purchases that you would like to buy yourself. To shorten the search for this stand, it’s best to take a photo as a reminder: this will save you time and frustration!

Street festival - an event where you can discover great items.

Find at the street festival: records as fruit bowls

For this task, you don’t necessarily have to buy the squiggly art nouveau lamp, the rock crystal ashtray or the pink painting with the chattering dodos. If the street fair is manageable enough and there are not too many of you, you can pay a visit to everyone’s favourite stall.

Who Will Take the Funniest Photo of the Street Festival?

Make the next street festival you attend a funny rally!

Balloon mountain at the street fair

Or you photograph your finds. That way, you can feast your eyes on the incredible kitsch and admire special onjects together in one comfortable spot.

Whoever likes to take photos can combine this wonderfully with a task. Who takes the most beautiful photo and the funniest snapshot of the street festival and your group? 

Whether you take a picture of yourself with your face smeared with candyfloss, a vendor who fell asleep, a peeing dog or a balloon vendor with a mountain of brightly coloured balloons. At a street fair, there are many special subjects that bring photo fun to the rally. These photos remain as memories of the atmosphere and an extraordinary day with friends.

By the way, we have more ideas for city activities and undertakings with friends. You can also find inspiration for gifts and tips for activities with friends, with children and with your partner on our website.

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