Bachelor party ideas for trips and activities

29. September 2017 - Anika Semmer

45 Stag Party Ideas for Real Fun with Unforgettable Activities


Junggesellenabschied Ideen
Bach Party


Fancy, relaxed or classic – these are the most popular 45 stag party ideas for spending an unforgettable day together!

First things first: the stag party programme must definitely suit the bride/groom and should be fun! Not every scaredy-cat is happy about a bungee jump as a surprise event and many a bride beams at a spa day with her girlfriends but at the idea of handing out condoms for kisses and performing embarrassing tasks in her home town, she is gripped by naked horror.

The goal for a successful bachelor party is to have as much fun as possible and spend a brilliant day, evening, night or the whole weekend. Whether together on the party bus, at the amusement park or during a joint photo shoot and a fun scavenger hunt through the city.

Many of these stag party ideas can be easily booked with mydays or another experience provider or even ordered on amazon*. All you have to do is click on the links we have picked out. By the way, you’ll be supporting Abenteuer Freundschaft it costing you a penny more.

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45 Stag Party Ideas – Fancy to Relaxed

  1. Rent a mountain cabin and party in nature, hiking, feasting on huts and drinking
  2. Small bachelor party groups can also rent a houseboat for a weekend
  3. …or a raft with a cabin to spend the night
  4. Take a camping trip – or to glamping, for those who don’t want to sleep in a tent 😉
  5. Pack your bags and take a surprise weekend trip to another city
  6. Or go straight to Mallorca with drinking games on the plane
  7. …and explore the city on a city rally with fun or embarrassing tasks
  8. …or a scavenger hunt for adults with treasure hunt
  9. Or try your hand at geocaching – a GPS treasure hunt where you go searching together. Advantage: needs no preparation time and can be booked, but costs something of course.
  10. Crack codes together, find clues and find your way out of a jail, bunker or locked room on an exciting Room Escape Game
  11. Or solve a crime together at the crime weekend
  12. What events are taking place nearby on the day of the JGA? Go to a concert together, go to a dark dinner or to the circus
  13. Have a bachelor party at an amusement park – some amusement parks like the Heidepark even have an extra offer for bachelor parties
  14. Go to a fair, town festival, wine festival or festival
  15. Celebrate the bachelor party at the casino and test the bride/groom’s luck
  16. For football fans – celebrate the stag party at the football stadium!
  17. Or book a hall and organise a football, handball or tennis tournament yourself
  18. A different kind of miniature golf – go black light golfing together
  19. Or play laser tag or paintball
  20. Try a crazy trend sport together like Zorbing
  21. Or go quad biking or go karting
  22. Rent a tram or party bus and party while sightseeing
  23. …or take a boat trip on a ship
  24. …or hire a party boat
  25. Take a rafting boat tour
  26. …or take a more leisurely canoe trip
  27. Rent a limo, convertible or classic car and go for a spin
  28. Relax during the day and start the stag party off right with a pub crawl or party night
  29. Plan a pub with e.g. pub quiz in Berlin during the pub crawl and talk to the people there beforehand – with a few special questions on the topic of wedding, eroticism or love this is especially original
  30. Visit a recording studio and record a CD with your songs together
  31. Learn a dance choreography to your favourite song together and perform your JGA dance at the wedding 😉
  32. Or go to a karaoke bar together when the level rises
  33. Take a cocktail course, erotic or Asian cooking class together
  34. For connoisseurs: put the JGA under a theme, for example her/his favourite drink and make a wine seminar or wine tasting together, a Whiskey Tasting or a Brewery Tour
  35. Or go on a wine hike
  36. Organise a barbecue at the lake or an awesome location
  37. Book a pole dancing class for the bride for an erotic dance on the wedding night
  38. Or book a stripper on her last day of freedom
  39. Visit a nightclub with the groom on your pub crawl and let him look at other naked facts one last time 😉
  40. All relaxed: Organise a perfect picnic with food, music and champagne
  41. Even more relaxing: a wellness weekend or wellness day at a thermal spa, a wellness hotel or a thermal landscape such as Therme Erding near Munich or Tropical Island in Berlin
  42. Or have a beauty day with a massage parlour, thermal spa, manicure etc. – You can also book a beauty expert and have him come to your home, but that’s not cheap!
  43. Go floating together, relaxed with music underwater or at a disco in the bath
  44. Visit reminiscent places like school, university campus together and take a trip down memory lane – with scavenger hunt, tasks and games or without
  45. For passionate skiers: ski together at an indoor ski slope

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find regional and location-independent ideas for activities with friends, partner and family as well as gift ideas.

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Image source Cover image: by Passion Leica at CC BY-SA 2.0

*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you buy a product through one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft may receive a small commission.


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