Planned a Bachelor(ette) Party?

Shhh! Almost Better than the Wedding...

Bachelorette & Bachelor Ideas, Games and Challenges for an Unforgettable Farewell to Singledom

The bachelor night – short for bachelor party is for some brides and grooms the last time in the style of Hangover to really let out the sow. Crazy games, funny costumes that somehow fit, a noisy good-humored troop and off into the city, until Ultimo. Such humid bachelor night ideas loves the one and hates the other – because not for everyone is such a now classic bachelor night the right thing!

It is in the hands of the groomsmen and the bachelor night participants to ensure that the farewell to singlehood is perfect. There it means – stop with clichés and “that’s just how it’s done” and inquire, so that you say goodbye in time bachelor night ideas that bride or groom do not have fun. A bachelor party completely without bachelor night games, however, is quite a dull affair, there are so many bachelor night ideas as alternatives to the typical belly-loading game and collecting kisses in the Borat costume.

Amazing Bachelorette and Bachelor Ideas for Hen and Stag Nights

Awkward games and drinking bouts aren’t the thing? Great! There are so many special experiences and leisure activities that are ideal as bachelor night ideas and make the bachelor party an event. Perfect are activities that you can only experience together as a team – and there is a wide selection of very different leisure activities.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can get a lot of inspiration for this and find specific suggestions for Berlin and the surrounding area with experiences that our experience testers have tried out and evaluated.

bachelor night ideas with a playful character or wellness are usually interesting ideas for bachelorette parties. An exciting live Room Escape Game is about solving tricky puzzles and tasks in a team, finding clues and completing a mission in 60 minutes. Or you can explore the city with a special bachelor night scavenger hunt that you prepare yourself or book as a package. Or surprise the stressed bride-to-be with a wellness bachelor night – even at home you can set up a great bachelor night.

Bachelor parties usually like it more action-packed. Alternatives to the classic men’s bachelor night with alcohol and scantily clad girls are a rafting trip, camping trip, GPS outdoor rallies or playful test of strength in laser tag battle, play paintball or go karting.

Bachelor(ette) Party Games

To a typical bachelor night belong funny party games and drinking games and of both there are many suggestions in the idea pool of Abenteuer Freundschaft. Still contain the ideas hardly classic bachelor night games, the offer, however, we will expand.

The leisure time idea finder adventure friendship

A large part of the ideas for leisure activities at Adventure Friendship are currently not location-bound. But there are already specific tips for ventures in Berlin and there are long-term plans to expand our offering to include ideas for all of Germany.

Since January 2019, the Leisure Ideas Finder offers the possibility to find activities with friends, children.

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