There is a huge selection of pub quizzes in Berlin. We give you 5 recommendations for best Pub Quiz Berlin.

1. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Pub Quiz Berlin – The 5 Favorite Bar Quizzes of Two Berliners




Get drunk to get smart! Can’t? Sure you can, at the pub quiz, bar quiz or pub quiz. 10 options for a great pub quiz in Berlin.

Yesterday it was that time again: we met up with friends for a pub quiz, in this case for the Krass Böser Wolf Quiz in the trendy Friedrichshain bar Krass Evil Wolf. Five of us in the spontaneously named team “Die Kinder des Atoms” (The Children of the Atom) puzzled our way through 3 rounds of sometimes ultra-difficult questions. Or would you know by which name the Elizabeth Tower is known? What the brand name Haribo actually stands for? And what obscure sex practice is hidden behind the term shrimping?

At any rate, we were quite proud to have achieved at least a mid-table position in each round of this pub quiz. Sure, we would have liked to have won, but first and foremost it’s about the excitement and the conspiratorial exchange within the team, when everyone puts their heads together and excitedly whispers what they think is the right answer.

The tradition of the pub quiz started in Britain in the 1970s and has since infected the whole world. In the British Isles, about every second pub regularly holds its own pub quiz and in Germany, too, the first pub quizzes were held in the country’s Irish, Scottish and English pubs. But in the meantime there are also many other bars and pubs that have taken up this tradition.

And of course the choice of pub quizzes in Berlin is almost unmanageable. As passionately curious explorers and adventurers, we try out a new pub quiz in a different location every time. And these are our highlights so far: 5 tips for a really good pub quiz in Berlin.

Editor’s note: Check the website first to see if the pub quiz of your choice still exists before you go.

Pub Quiz Berlin – Our Recommendations

Krass Böser Wolf

Let’s start with the most recent experience. The aptly named Krass Böse Barquiz takes place 1 time a month at this trendy hipster bar in Friedrichshain.

The Quiz

As already written, the quiz was quite difficult and required a lot of special knowledge to be really good, e.g. for one question 5 excerpts from fantasy or science fiction films and series were played over the loudspeakers in which fantasy languages were spoken, which you had to recognise! So Klingon, elvish, Dothraki, etc. It was enough to name the film or series, but still quite difficult. As real Game of Thrones nerds, we at least recognised Dothraki immediately, of course. 😀

At the same time, this question is a good example of the interactive character of many questions. The bar quiz at Krass Bös Wolf was also so much fun because for many questions you got to hear something or had to fill in something on an extra handout, for example 6 missing streets on a Monopoly game board or the right countries and territories to flags.

The Bar

The bar Krass Böser Wolf can also be found on several top lists of the best bars in the party district Friedrichshain. The clientele is correspondingly hipster and trendy, and the somewhat higher prices (for Berlin!) for cocktails are fully justified in our opinion, because the quality is awesome and the service is great.

Conclusion: Definitely go there!!!


Let’s go back in time a little bit. A few weeks ago we were at the Quiz Night at the Interface. And our team “Lucille” (the allusion was unfortunately not understood ^^) came in second! In the generally very game-affine pub (see below) there is even a quiz twice a month!

The Quiz

Here the questions ranked from general knowledge (question round: religions) to nerdy special knowledge (complete quotes from 60s Batman series). It was less interactive than in Krass böse Wolf, but there were more question rounds and the quiz seemed easier to us, but this is very subjective, as we simply knew a lot here.

The Pub

The interFace is definitely a dream pub for all gamers and gamers: gaming events take place here all the time, both analogue and digital. There are board game nights, quiz nights, werewolf rounds, but also Tekken and Super Mario tournaments, which are held on corresponding set ups and consoles.

Conclusion: Cool quiz, cool pub! Especially if you love games of all kinds.

Langer Wirt (former Dicker Wirt)

The Quiz

The pub quiz at the Langer Wirt is so popular that regulars book a table there days in advance to be sure of a place at the weekly Saturday competition for the crown of general knowledge.

When I took part last year with a group of friends, we only came 5th or 6th (I don’t remember exactly), but it was a lot of fun. The quiz is less fancy and nerdy than many other pub quizzes and more focused on classic general knowledge. And that is exactly its strength and possibly the reason for the loyal regular audience.

The Pub

The Lange Wirt was still called Dicker Wirt under its previous owner and is a quaint neighbourhood pub in Charlottenburg that, apart from the popular quiz, also shines with daily changing wisdom written on a blackboard.

Conclusion: Classic pub quiz in a super atmosphere.

Celtic Cottage

Of course, in a list of suggestions for a pub quiz in Berlin, a pub quiz should definitely not be missing!

The Quiz

The traditional Irish pub Celtic Cottage hosts a pub quiz every Monday from 8pm. The two hosts Doctor M. and Igor Calzone ask questions from all possible and impossible subject areas. Whether sport, economics, politics, art and culture or the latest gossip about C-list celebrities – anything can come up here.

Accordingly, it makes sense to put together a team of no more than 5 people in such a way that concentrated knowledge from as many areas as possible is gathered together. We were not badly positioned and almost won the main prize – a bottle of delicious Irish whiskey… Well, almost, if 9 teams hadn’t been a little bit better than us 😉

The Pub

Anyone who loves Ireland will also love the Celtic Cottage. An Irish pub as rustic and authentic as you’d want it to be. Guinness on tap flows freely here, as do Murphy’s Irish Stout, cider and, of course, really good Irish and Scottish whiskey…

Conclusion: A must not only for Irish pub fans!

Madame Claude

One of Kreuzberg’s most iconic bars also hosts one of the best music pub quizzes in town!

The Quiz

Madame Claude hosts the music quiz Guess the Song! every Wednesday, and as you can guess, it’s all about correctly guessing songs that are only briefly played.

Although 2 of our team members have a pretty broad knowledge of pop music from all decades, we unfortunately didn’t manage to place among the first 10 teams here. Maybe there are just too many music cracks among the regulars? But never mind, we had great fun anyway!

The pub

A visit to Madame Claude is worthwhile even on evenings when there is no quiz going on, because it is one of the most unusual and coolest pubs in Berlin, nothing less.

In a former brothel, the French owners have set up the upside-down pub named after the most famous French madam in history. And that literally, because here chairs and tables hang from the ceiling and even some drinks are served upside down. Find out for yourself how this works 😉

Summary: Funny music quiz in one of the coolest bars in town.

Which pub quiz in Berlin do you think we should definitely do and add to this list?

Do you already know the game Pub Quiz? We can recommend it!

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Image source Cover photo: The packed Winchester Christmas pub quiz by Ben Sutherland at CC BY 2.0


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