Romantic coupons for him - 52 ideas

1. February 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Romantic Coupons for Him – 52 Ideas for Each Week of the Year




You want to create romantic coupons for him (your boyfriend or husband) and are still looking for some super ideas? Get inspired by these 52 voucher ideas for personal gifts!

For a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day – on certain occasions you definitely want to surprise your partner with something special. But what to buy? A tie in his favorite color, a men’s perfume or at worst socks with nerd motifs???

Finding original and personal gifts that show how much you love him is anything but easy. Our tip for a really personal surprise that show’s your love: Hand-written romantic vouchers for beautiful experiences, romantic togetherness, relaxation, feeling good, lots of laughter and shared heart racing!

You should consider from the outset, whether you tinker one or several romantic coupons for him. If it is a single coupon it should certainly be for something extraordinary

A popular idea is also to give his partner 12 vouchers for each month of the year: On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find our Best Of for 12 dates in a box with templates to print out and instructions to tinker. Advanced users even venture to 52, one per week of the year. Even if that’s too ambitious for you and you need fewer ideas for romantic gift certificates for boyfriends – that’s exactly how many we’ve come up with to inspire you!

Pro Tip: You can enhance your personal gift by crafting a beautiful heart envelope to contain your romantic coupons for him!

52 Romantic Coupons for Him

  1. Take a walk together through a neighborhood or area we both haven’t been to yet
  2. I’ll cook you a 3-course meal to your specifications.
  3. Go to the theater of your choice to a movie of your choice!
  4. I serve you breakfast in bed.
  5. We’ll take a trip to another city.
  6. An extensive full body massage
  7. I’ll provide you with all the candy you want for a day.
  8. Extensive back rub
  9. I clean your car – in an outfit that you determine. (But season and weather appropriate! ;-))
  10. From the stadium – I accompany you to a game of your favorite team (soccer, handball, etc.)
  11. Caribbean evening – we wear beach clothes and I mix you tropical cocktails.
  12. We go sledding together.
  13. A boat trip by canoe, rowboat or motorboat
  14. We make in your favorite pub one on!
  15. I’ll play your favorite game with you
  16. We go go-karting! Maybe I’ll let you win too… ?
  17. I’ll do a sport of your choice with you.
  18. On to the spa – you are invited to the spa day!
  19. One evening you get to be the only one in charge of the remote control.
  20. You may ask me any question and I’ll answer it honestly.
  21. Dress out – pillow fight!
  22. Dress warmly – snowball fight!
  23. I’ll bake you the most delicious cupcakes I have in store. (And they are damn tasty!)
  24. We make a picnic and I take care of everything.
  25. A bubble bath together with me…
  26. We go to a concert of your choice
  27. We make a trip into the blue without a fixed destination.
  28. Shopping day – we stroll through stores of your choice.
  29. We go to the fair and ride a ride of your choice.
  30. For weekends: a veal sausage breakfast with beer and pretzels
  31. Off to the heights – we go climbing!
  32. A gin or whiskey tasting
  33. Joker – you can make a wish!
  34. I’ll do your housework for a day.
  35. We’ll play billiards.
  36. I’ll go shopping for you.
  37. We’ll go out for ice cream.
  38. I strip for you.
  39. Disco Fever – We’ll go party and dance!
  40. I’ll forgive you something and not scold you. (Only small things please!)
  41. A dance lesson
  42. I’ll get you your favorite magazine.
  43. Bungee jumping, hang gliding or parachute jumping – I dare the adrenaline kick with you.
  44. We go camping together or spend the night under the stars.
  45. I accompany you to an event of your choice (where I would not otherwise go).
  46. I go on a night hike with you.
  47. Visit to the amusement park
  48. Craft beer tasting with brewery tour
  49. We go to the sauna together
  50. We go barbecue!
  51. A cultural event of your choice
  52. Shh! I’d rather explain this voucher to you without words ?

Looking for more inspiration for romantic coupons for him? Check out the Leisure Ideas Finder on our website for tips on romantic experiences and the best activities for two that also make great gift certificates.

Coupons sound swell, but you don’t have time to craft? Try this then:


Have fun and enjoy giving your gift to the man of your heart! After all, giving a gift to someone we love is even more pleasurable than being given a gift. ?

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