A birthday pinata for a child is a brilliant surprise for children and teenagers

21. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Birthday Piñata for a Child – Everything You Need for Big Fun


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A different way of banging pots: a birthday piñata for a child makes the kids faces shine and the sparks fly. With a few ideas, the birthday surprise becomes the best experience of the day for the children.

A piñata as a surprise for a child’s birthday is not yet widespread in Germany and is therefore a real insider tip. It is ideal as a final surprise for a scavenger hunt, as a community prize for a playful competition or as a special surprise for the birthday child. Especially for children’s birthday parties with a theme like cowboy party, witch party or pirate treasure hunt it is a brilliant surprise for a highlight at the birthday party.

Apart from sweets, you can fill the piñata with anything! We also have good tips for alternative piñata fillings! By the way, adults also get excited about piñatas.

Birthday Piñata for a Child – Pot Banging with Action

A birthday piñata for a child is a great alternative to pot banging! Both games are about the same thing: In pot banging, a child is blindfolded and looks for an upside-down pot with a surprise hidden underneath. The classic piñata hangs from a branch or the ceiling and the child (or children) try to locate it blindfolded and smash it with a stick. Alternatively, the children can take turns to do this.

The piñata is a hollow papier-mâché figure that you hang outside or inside and fill with sweets and all kinds of surprises. A traditional piñata involves the children reciting a rhyme while the birthday boy or girl is blindfolded, given a stick and beaten on the piñata until its exciting insides fall out. A piñata is the action-packed equivalent of pot banging, and it looks great too!

In Latin America – especially in Mexico – it’s hard to imagine a children’s birthday party without a piñata. And if you surprise your child with one, you’ll find out why!

How to Make a Piñata

When decorating the party room or garden, hang the Piñata as an eye-catcher at the right height so that the child/children can easily reach it with the stick. There should also be no chairs, tables or valuable objects in the vicinity, as it can get quite action-packed J.

Now start the birthday child and you blindfold him/her. Older children can also be turned clockwise a few times so that they lose their orientation. All the other children surround the child and piñata with enough distance that they don’t hit the child with his piñata stick or the things flying out. They cheer the child on, give tips such as: move further to the left or right – traditionally in Latin America, people recite a rhyme or sing piña songs. Since this custom is unknown in Germany and the children do not know the rhyme that is recited to the piñata, one can simply do without it and the children cheer on – like when hitting a pot.

The child now has 3 attempts to smash the piñata until it is the next one’s turn. Alternatively, the birthday child alone can smash the piñata surrounded by his or her family.

As a rule, decide at the beginning whether the children can then rush off and take as much of the contents as they can manage. Or whether the winner is allowed to take something first and then everything is divided fairly among the children.

What Do I Need for a Birthday Piñata for a Child?

Along with a pretty piñata that matches the party theme or the birthday child’s favourite theme. you need a piñata glasses and string to attach the piñata. For a piñata to smash, you also need a piñata stick.

Complete sets with everything you need

On amazon, you can already find ready-made complete sets for piñatas to smash, including sweets, an eye mask and a colourfully decorated baton.  If you want, you can also replace the sweets with any filling you like!

What Types of Piñata Are There?

There are piñatas that you hit until they open, these are classic piñatas. But now there are also newer pull piñatas where you pull on coloured ribbons to make them reveal their insides. Pull piñatas are especially suitable for toddlers up to 4-5 years old who do not have enough strength to smash the piñata and so can take turns pulling the strings until the sweet surprise tumbles out.

Piñatas can be bought in all sorts of sizes and shapes. They are available as treasure chests for pirate parties or scavenger hunts, as princesses or unicorns for princesses’ birthday parties, as dinosaurs for dinosaur fans and in many other designs.

Beautiful piñatas for children’s birthday parties cost between 10-20 euros at amazon.

A Selection with Pretty Classic Birthday Piñatas for a Child

Piñatas for Girls

There are cute typical girl motifs like unicorns or kittens and also matching piñatas for a witch party or princess party.

Piñatas for Boys

At the end of a treasure hunt, a pirate piñata fits the little pirates or maybe a dragon is guarding the treasure after all?

A Selection with Piñatas to Pull

Piñatas for (Little) Girls.

No child is too young for a piñata as a surprise. For girls up to 4-5 years, it is recommended to choose a pull piñata. It is also a nice decoration for the children’s room after the children’s birthday party and a great toy!

Piñatas for (Little) Boys

Piñatas to pull are also a better choice for boys under the age of 4, so that the child can manage to open the piñata on his own.

Piñata for a child’s birthday, or would you prefer to bang pots? Looking for birthday ideas or just activities with kids?

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Image source Cover image: april-2007 336 by Josh Ward at CC BY 2.0.

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