A perfect party is also characterised by great music and lots of dancing people.

31. May 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

The Perfect Party – 5 Essential Tips How to Throw It




You are looking for the secret recipe for the perfect party? Do you want your party to be a smash hit and remain in your guests’ memories for a long time? How to achieve this is quite simple: with the following 5 tips that we have compiled for you!

1. Invite the Right People

The success of any party depends on who you invite. And if you’re aiming for a perfect party, that’s even more true! Our opinion is quite clear: lots of friends! But of course it’s always exciting to meet new people. So if you have a bigger venue available or you want to throw a really big party, invite all your friends and ask them to bring one or two more people. Good friends won’t bring you assis or stressers. 🙂

Also make sure that there is a balanced ratio between men and women. It tends to be better to invite more women than men, because girls usually dare to dance faster and thus create a good atmosphere. The ideal mix of types on your guest list for the perfect party: a few normals, a few freaks and, of course, all the party animals and mood setters you know.

Invite people from different circles of friends – because what could be more interesting than meeting someone new? You can have fun with just your best mates, but for a big party it’s always great to invite a few friends or acquaintances your clique doesn’t know yet. For example, the nice new colleague or the buddies from your sports club. Of course, only if they are party-ready and you like them ;-).

2. Make Sure You Have Good Conversations

If it doesn’t come naturally, bring guests together who don’t know each other yet. Create common ground by throwing something in the room that connects them. As a general rule, nothing is worse than your party guests keeping quiet or someone sitting on the sidelines feeling left out. Some people just find it harder to come out of their shell. As a good host, you should make sure that none of your guests are left out and grumbling alone in a corner. Go up to him and engage him in conversation. Bring him together with other guests who have something in common with him, such as profession, hobby, interests or come from the same city.

If your guests’ conversation threatens to get lost in the brackish water of superficial small talk, skilfully steer it towards topics that are interesting for all participants: this can be football, series and films, music, your latest trips or even the latest news. Even topics that are classically considered sensitive, such as politics, religion or sex, can lead to excellent party conversations, in my experience. However, you should have the necessary tact when bringing up such topics. If you can’t think of anything else, just mention a crazy thing you’ve recently experienced or learned.

And remember: Gossip always goes! 🙂

3. Good Music Is Half the Battle for a Perfect Party

Every perfect party needs good music

Good vibes with the right music

No great party without great music! Either you make sure you have your own playlist or you hire a DJ. Maybe one of your mates is up for playing music and has the necessary talent? The important thing is that you meet the taste of at least 80% of your guests – you can’t please everyone anyway. And of course, the mood should be right, so choose familiar and danceable music.
Insider musical tips, ballads and music that’s too spacey are more suitable for a quiet evening with friends who will appreciate it. If you are having a smaller party and your guests have roughly the same taste in music, you can ask everyone to bring their own music beforehand. Before the party, announce that everyone can play the DJ once. However, this is not recommended for larger parties or for parties with too many different tastes.

What definitely always goes down well at parties is live music. Do you play an instrument yourself? Or one of your friends? Whether guitar, piano or saxophone: with a live performance, a good mood is guaranteed with your guests! The later the evening, the more exuberant the celebrations. With a good party and the right music, it doesn’t take long before the first people start singing along at the top of their voices when the next hit comes through the speakers. So why not invite them to sing along? With karaoke, your guests can let off steam with their singing and it doesn’t matter how well someone can sing, the fun will not be neglected. Of course, a karaoke game for consoles like SingStar* is ideal for this, but we’ve also sung along with YouTube videos.

4. Give a Fun Theme for Your Perfect Party

With an original motto, you ensure from the outset that your party has a special touch. For example, you can choose a period as your theme, such as the 60s, 70s, 80s, the golden 20s, the Middle Ages or the ancient Romans. Popular classic themes are, for example, a beach party, a bad taste party, the classic ball or a country or region. For example, French night, Caribbean night, Far East party and many more. For inspiration we also have a ultimative theme party list.

Or simply let your imagination run wild and come up with an unusual and crazy theme such as comic book characters, failed stars, film villains, black and white, fairytale characters, insects, mythical creatures or science fiction. Tell your guests about the theme in good time and ask them to come in appropriate costume and to bring food that matches the theme. You also take care of the food and drinks, the decoration and the music and the fun can begin!

A big advantage of theme parties: When everyone is dressed up, the ice is quickly broken and the inhibitions to really go wild at your party fall away in no time!

5. The Right Room Layout for Your Perfect Party

One important aspect of party planning is often neglected: the room layout. If too many guests gather in a small space, it becomes uncomfortable and stressful. If, on the other hand, you have too many rooms in which the party is spread out, groups will inevitably form and the party will get bogged down. The middle course is the goal here. It’s best to lock the rooms that are not intended for the party before the party starts.
This also has a pleasant side effect: you are guaranteed not to have to clean and you can put furniture or objects that must not be damaged under any circumstances in these rooms beforehand. It is also advisable to plan one area as a dance floor and another as a cosy zone with seating. Ideally, the music is not quite as loud there and you can talk better.

Apropos ideal case: It is good to plan a bar area or space for a buffet so that food and drinks are not spread all over the flat. A clearly demarcated smoking area is almost a must so that non-smokers and smokers do not disturb each other. A balcony or terrace is ideal for this.

With these tips, almost nothing can go wrong at your party!

The most important thing at the end: You should definitely inform the neighbours beforehand and put up a notice in the entrance of the house to avoid trouble from the start.


We’ve got 5 more essential party tips and it’s also worth checking out our other party ideas. There you will also find many more tips for activities with friends, family and your partner.

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