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9. June 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

5 Party Tips on How to Make a Party Unique




The secret recipe for an unforgettable party – with these original party tips, party games and the right atmosphere, nothing can go wrong. Soyou’re guaranteed to keep the partying crowd happy!

Party Tips 1 – Party Game to Get to Know Each Other

Grouping and guests who don’t talk to each other are poison for a perfect party! That’s why you can create a sense of togetherness among your guests right from the start by playing a fun party game. A party game helps everyone get to know each other and gets into the spirit of the party. Especially if you invite friends from different circles of friends who don’t know each other yet, it’s a great trick to break the ice. A cool party game is always a great prerequisite for a relaxed atmosphere!

Mix it! is a great party game against group formation! At the door, you give each of your friends a piece of paper with the name of another friend they don’t know yet. His task now is to find this guest and get to know him. After about half an hour, you announce that the guests are now “officially” introduced. Now it’s your friends’ turn! They take their turn one after the other and each one introduces in 2 or 3 sentences the guest whose name is on their slip of paper and whom they have just met. This is usually quite funny, especially for those who have known this friend for a while. Why? Because the first impression someone makes is often quite different from what actually makes them tick. Mix it! is a simple party game for getting to know someone that you can vary in countless creative ways.

For example, if you have a fancy dress party like we do in Part 1 of Tips for a Perfect Party, check with your friends beforehand to see what they will be wearing. On the slips of paper for the party game, write the role names or a description of the costume instead of their name. For example, instead of “Alex”, “Merlin” or “The gentleman in the dinner jacket and top hat” is written on the paper and your friends have the task of getting to know this character and introducing him or her as such.

Another fun party game is “True or False”. In “True or False”, each of your friends tells the craziest anecdote possible about themselves, which either actually happened or was completely made up. The other party guests then have to guess whether the story is true or a lie. In this way, you can even learn something new about friends you think you know well.

Do you know the party game “3 Truths”? In this game, each party guest writes 3 wishes or 3 things that are particularly important to them in life or 3 statements about themselves on a piece of paper. The host collects all the slips of paper or passes around a hat in which the party guests fold their slips of paper and throw them in. Then all the slips of paper are shuffled. Each party guest in turn draws a piece of paper and reads it out. All party guests then have to guess who wrote the note. If your party guests all know each other well, you can make the party game more difficult by having one of the 3 statements be wrong. The difficulty is to find out which statement is wrong. As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to party games to get to know each other.

Party Tips 2 – Party Game for a Good Mood

All the party guests are here, the buffet is opened, the music is right and yet the party doesn’t really get going? That’s a situation you want to avoid when throwing the perfect party! If your party threatens to turn into a nice but harmless coffee klatch in the evening instead of going through the roof, we have a well-tested trick for you: start a party game that will make your guests lose their inhibitions!
From experience, alcohol is a great way to break down inhibitions and a drinking game has turned many a party from a seated conversation circle into a hooting dance crowd! 😉 Do you know these dice drinking games yet?

There are so many drinking games with so many variations that a listing would go beyond the scope of this article. Whether as a dice game, a sporty game for outdoors, a quiz, a game of skill or attention game – there is something for every taste. Beerpong is my game of choice here.

There are two rules you should always follow: Don’t pressure anyone to play a drinking game who doesn’t want to. The point is to have fun and you can’t force anyone to do that. Don’t overdo it. Because drinking games are only fun as long as all the players are doing well. Besides, you don’t want to play drinking games for the rest of the evening, you want to have the perfect party! 😉

Party Tips 3 – How to Create a Special Atmosphere at Your Party

A perfect party is made perfect by having something special that other parties don’t have. You can create an extraordinary atmosphere through creative lighting and decoration or a certain dress code that you set for your guests, or you can offer unusual but at the same time damn tasty food.

We prefer to have theme parties, because with a party theme the ideas for atmospheric design usually come all by themselves. You can find ideas and suggestions for themes on our Motto party themes list. But of course you can also create an extraordinary atmosphere at your party without a theme by simply setting a special accent.

More party tips for a unique atmosphere: Celebrate in twilight and use only a few fairy lights and small LED lamps for illumination. Or serve your guests something unusual like roasted scorpions or vegetables carved into the shape of animals, flowers or faces alongside “normal” party snacks. Just let your creativity run wild.

Party Tips 4 – Surprising Highlights

The icing on the cake of any great party is a party surprise to wow your guests. When the mood is at its peak, now is the time to top it all off by revealing the special surprise highlight of your party.

Our top tips for party highlights are a homemade ice cream cake, fireworks, a surprise guest, a slide show, a homemade film or (if the location allows it) a foam cannon or a smoke machine. Depending on your budget and preparation time, you can create an unforgettable highlight to round off your perfect party. Pass around real Cuban cigars, put on a dance performance with your partner or best friend or let confetti rain down, you know best how to inspire your friends. No matter what you surprise your guests with, applause and good humour are guaranteed!

Party Tips 5 – How to Make Your Party Memorable

Every party comes to an end at some point, even the perfect party. If you’ve done everything right, your guests will remember it positively for a long time. To make sure it stays that way, we have the following party tips for you: make sure there are lots of good photos and maybe even a funny video or two from your party! Since you have enough tasks as host, it’s best to ask one of your buddies to play the party photographer.
Alternatively, you can give your camera to different guests and ask them to take a few photos. The advantage of this is that everyone pays attention to other little things when taking photos and you include your friends in the documentation of your perfect party. Pay attention to whether guests take photos – after all, almost everyone has a smartphone with them nowadays. Offer your friends a platform to share photos for free soon after the party by setting up a temporary place to upload and download pictures via DropBox or WeTransfer. This way you can be sure that your perfect party will be remembered by your friends for a long time to come!

We hope you have already got into the party mood by reading these party tips and wish you every success in planning your party!

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