Dice drinking games for parties and for two

12. June 2016 - Anika Semmer

5 Dice Drinking Games That Are Interactive and Fun | Game Rules


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The more creative and interactive dice drinking games are, the more fun they are. These dice games are so entertaining that you can even just play them without alcoholic drinks! 😉

Drinking games, board games, role-playing games: They loosen the mood, provide common topics of conversation, while playing you reduce inhibitions and they just bring fun! Especially at parties, where not all guests know each other, drinking games are a perfect way to create togetherness and a positive mood. If you’re planning a party, these tips for a perfect party will be of interest to you too!

Why You’ll Love These Dice Drinking Games

Drinking together and playing together is an ideal combination: the ancient Greeks already knew that. At their drinking parties, they played drinking games as early as the 5th and 4th centuries BC, and usually in public. Today, people prefer to drink and play at home with friends and at parties. While drinking games in pubs are almost extinct, there is a variety of different games for humid evenings.

Most of these dice drinking games aim to get the players drunk as quickly as possible and are, in our opinion, quite unimaginative and banal. If you are looking for dice drinking games, where the fun is not too short, you will find it here. We’ve found that we and our friends favor the same games for the same reasons:

  • everyone gets their turn drinking on a regular basis
  • the game is entertaining and varied
  • the game makes for funny situations
  • aside from just drinking, the game adds value, for example by teaching you something interesting or requiring you to do something
  • the game does not get boring in the long run
  • the game leaves room for creative variations and imagination

Our dice drinking games should provide as much fun and entertaining evenings as possible. While you can easily shoot off with them, you can just as easily play them without any alcohol at all and still have just as much fun! Please drink responsibly 😉

1. Beer Master: The Master of Dice Drinking Games

  • Players: 2-100
  • Accessories: 2 dice + for each a shot glass
  • Drink: A few bottles of beer (with 2-3 players per game round 1 bottle, with 4-6 players 2 bottles etc.)

Bottle of beer for the 2-3 players (with a higher number of players you play with more bottles per round) of the round and put it on the middle of the table.

Then the beer master stands up and announces a additional rule that applies for the duration of the entire game round – his term of office – for example, the word “I” may no longer be said (very difficult), no one may be addressed by name, or before each drink you must circle the table once, etc.

It starts…

Now you roll the dice in turn. Whenever the dice show a 3 (number or even 2+1) the beer master drinks a shot glass full of beer. If the dice show a 7, the left neighbor drinks, if the dice show a 9, the right neighbor drinks, and if the dice show an 11, the person rolling drinks a shot glass full of beer himself. If a player rolls a double, he may distribute the number of dice eyes as shot glasses to any other player. So if he rolls a double 1, he distributes a shot glass full of beer, and if he rolls a double 6, he distributes 6 to one or more other players.

The beer master is the only one who is allowed to fill the shot glasses with beer! He is always in charge, if another teammate pours for himself or another, he has to finish the glass as a punishment.

If a player drinks from his glass before the beer master has poured for all players, this player must also finish his shot glass as a punishment and is poured again.

If beer is spilled, the person in charge must drink a glass full. Of course, anyone who breaks the beer master’s rule must also drink. When the beer provided per round is drunk, you roll the dice to choose a new beer master for the new round.

Variation: Decide at the beginning that the additional rules enacted by each beer master will add up with each round. At some point, no one looks through more, but for this Biermeister so fulfills its purpose as a drinking game best… 😉

2. Mexican Dice: The Classic of All Dice Drinking Games

  • Players: 3-10
  • Accessories: 2 dice, dice cup, 1 beer mat + a shot glass for each player
  • Drink: at choice

Before the game starts, everyone gets a shot glass and you place the drinks of your choice in the center of the table. Now the youngest player starts and the dice are rolled face down in a clockwise direction. You press the dice cup with the dice against the beer mat and thus invisibly shake the dice. Now peek under the dice cup and see what you have rolled. Important: Make sure that no one but yourself can tell what number you rolled!

You always count the higher number as a 10 digit (so for 3 as 30, for 6 as 60 etc) and the lower as a 1 digit (so for 3 and 1 as 31, for 6 and 4 as 64). If the dice show two of the same numbers, you have a pasch, and the pasch is higher than any numbers with two digits, with 11 being the lowest pasch and 66 the highest. The big exception is with the namesake “Mäxle” or “Mäxchen“, which is a 2 + 1 and counts as highest, not lowest as you might think. Sounds complicated? It’s not at all, here’s a little help.

In this order the numbers increase starting with the lowest up to the Mäxle.

31-> 32-> 41-> 42-> 43-> 51-> 52-> 53-> 54-> 61-> 62-> 63-> 64-> 65-> 11-> 22-> 33-> 44-> 55-> 66-> 21

Who lies best?

In this dice drinking game, you have to outperform the diced number of the person in front of you in a clockwise direction, but in doing so, the diced numbers initially remain hidden. So you name when you’re on the turn and peeked under the cup, a number from this row, which can be a lie or true. It is now the next player’s turn and he must decide whether he believes you or thinks you are lying.

If he believes you, he simply rerolls the dice or he thinks you stacked low and taps the cup and passes the cup without rolling the dice and names a higher number. However, if he accuses you of lying, he raises the cup and checks the number. If the lie is exposed, the liar must now drink a shot glass full, but if the number matches the number on the dice, the controller must drink.

In principle, a Mäxle cannot be outbid. If the person in front of you claims to have rolled a Mäxle, you can check or believe him, tap on the cup and pass it on. Who checks must drink with a genuine Mäxle and who lies, with the unmasking of its lie however in each case 3 times.

3. Count Number: The Most Creative of the Dice Drinking Games

  • Players: 2-20
  • Accessories: 5 dice, for each a shot glass
  • Drink: at choice

In this game you roll a dice clockwise. Depending on the number you roll, you must follow the rules of the game. Each violation is punished with once drinking!


1: Must shout all in the round “First!”. Whoever shouted last must take a sip. If this can not be determined exactly, must drink all who in any case not first shouted “First!”.

2: May the one who rolls the dice, determine 2 people who decide against each other in the dice match, who must drink: both throw the dice 3 times, the rolled eye numbers are now added. The winner is the one with the higher number of points, the loser has to drink. If the sums of the numbers are equal, both must drink.

3: The one who rolls a 3 must leave the room and change 3 details on himself. When he comes back in, the time runs on a stopwatch (you have one on each smartphone) and you have 3 minutes to guess the 3 changed details correctly. If the group makes it, he has to drink 3 times, if the group doesn’t guess it each of them has to drink 3 times.

4: On a 4, the dicer must build a dice tower in 4 seconds with 4 dice. If this dice tower falls down or fails to build it, he must drink 1 time. If he manages to build a dice tower, the person who rolls a 4 next time or on whose turn the dice tower falls down must drink.

5: – ZORK! Nothing happens.

6: Congratulations! Whoever rolls the 6 is Count Number. Count number gets 1 shot glass for everyone and fills it with the drink of his choice. Now each teammate rolls the dice against Count Number in individual matches. Whoever rolls the higher number empties the shot glass in one go. In case of doubt, Count Number himself must drink 6 times.

Variation: You can play the game with 2 dice and before the game starts each teammate may suggest a rule / meaning for the numbers 7-12. Via majority vote you decide which rules apply in addition.

4. Ex and Hop – Guess and Type

  • Players: 2-20
  • Accessories: 3 dice, from 5 players 5 dice, 1 dice cup, for everyone a shot glass
  • Drink: at choice

All players sit around a table, in their center is the cup and face down the dice. Each player is assigned a number (for 6 players, 1-6; for more players, the numbers 7-12 are added). The game begins by taking turns guessing which number(s) are under the cup. For example, the first player guesses “there is an 11, definitely a 5”. It is up to each player how many tips he gives, but he may only give one tip of the same kind at a time. Thus, he may not tip “there is a 1, 2, 3 under the cup”, because this is three tips of the same kind. How specific the tips are, everyone can decide for himself.

The moment of truth

When everyone has made their tip, raise the dice cup. The player whose tip was closest to the correct answer wins and doesn’t have to drink. The player second closest to the correct answer drinks 1 time, position 3 drinks 2 times, position 4 drinks 3 times, and all other players drink 4 times. Now you evaluate which of the numbers assigned to players at the beginning of the game are on the table.

For example, if your number is 5 and it is on the table 1 time, you drink 1 time, if it is on the table 2 times, you have to do a task that is given by the one who won or was closest to the actual number. If it lies on the table 3 times, you may set a rule that applies to the entire rest of the game such as not saying “you” from now on or not putting your hands on the table. Any violation of the rule by a player will be penalized with 1 drink.

5. Treibjagd – The Ideal Dice Drinking Game for Two

  • Players: any 2
  • Accessories: 4 dice + 2 dice cups, from 9 players 4 more dice and 2 dice cups
  • Drink: at choice

In this game, two players always compete against each other. These two players sit opposite each other at the beginning of the game and are each given a dice cup with 2 dice each. One of the players is the referee and calls out: “Let’s go!”, “Hallali”, “Treibjagd” or something you think up yourself. This is the starting signal for the hunt. The two players now try to roll a 7 as quickly as possible – there is no limit to the number of rolls.

As soon as a 7 is on the table, it’s the next player’s turn in clockwise order. The object of the game is to catch up with the other dice cup – this ends the round. The person caught up by the other dice cup must drink. If it happened right away in the first round, he has to drink one sip, in the second 2 times, in the third 3 times, etc. Any player to whom a die or the cup rolls off the table or falls on the floor must drink.

Which dice drinking games do you like to play the most? Write it to us in the comments!


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