The Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet is a Escape Room in Berlin

20. May 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet – Magical Escape Room in Berlin


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Magic, riddles and a fight against a demon await visitors at Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet. We only escaped at the last minute!

After we were pretty excited about Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet at Labyrintoom, we were eager to get to know the other two rooms of this provider. This time we went to the Escape Room The Wizard’s Cabinet.

Since we are both big fans of fantasy and I have a particular soft spot for all things magical, we were very excited to see what would await us this time when we were let through the heavy wooden door into the wizard’s cabinet.

Note on transparency: We were kindly allowed to test the Escape Game again for free. However, this review is unpaid and reflects our independent opinion.

The Escape Game Testers

Again, four of us took on the challenge, which is also the ideal team size for the Escape Rooms at Labyrintoom according to the game master. Anika, I and another tester have become the standard core group, so to speak, and have already played about a dozen Escape Games together. We took an Escape Room newcomer along for the ride.

60 Magical Minutes in the Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet

The Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet - the Escape Game in Berlin on the theme of wizards and magicians

The Wizard’s Cabinet – ©Labyrintoom

As always, there was a short briefing by the game master beforehand and an introduction to the scenario: a sinister wizard has kidnapped us and locked us up in his magical cabinet for God knows what hideous purposes.

Fortunately, the old man is already quite forgetful and has hidden clues everywhere for himself to remember how to trigger certain spells.

So we dived into a magical world and fought our way through tricky puzzles and the magical dwelling of the magician. More than once we also had to use magical objects for this.

We even had to fight a terrifying demon called Vargo, whom the magician had posted as a guard. With just a few tips, we finally managed to find the key to the exit and free ourselves at literally the last minute. We would have had 36 seconds left!

The Puzzles and Tasks of the Wizard’s Cabinet

The Wizard's Cabinet - the Escape Game in Berlin with tasks and puzzles on the theme of magicians

View into The Wizard’s Cabinet – © Labyrintoom

The 3 of us with Escape Room experience really jumped at the puzzles in the Wizard’s Cabinet and since we are well trained by now, we were able to solve some of them relatively quickly.

But in some tasks, it was our newcomer who finally found the decisive light to solve the task. Sometimes a fresh perspective is more important than experience!

In terms of the type of tasks, Wizard’s Cabinet offers a good mix of logical puzzles, finding and using objects, number codes, locks, secret compartments and hidden mechanisms.

Overall, the puzzles in Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet are comparatively easy and therefore well suited for beginners.

Features and Atmosphere in Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet

Books in The Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet - the magical Escape Room in Berlin

Books in The Wizard’s Cabinet © Labyrintoom

The entire Escape Room is bathed in dim magical light – there’s no light anywhere!

The décor is atmospherically appropriate, though we didn’t find it quite as impressive as, say, the Da Vinci room, though that’s also only been finished for about 2 months.

As we moved forward in the Escape Game and progressed deeper and deeper into the magical abode of the wizard, there were always new discoveries to be made and some highlights and surprise effects.

Our Conclusion

Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet - Winning Photo

The Wizard’s Apprentices…

The Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet is well suited as an entry room into the world of Escape Games. It combines different types of puzzles, whereby everything is doable and the frustration threshold is thus low.

I thought it was great because you have to puzzle and work together. There were many different types of puzzles and everyone had the bright idea at one time or another.” Patrick, 27

By the way, the Wizard’s Cabinet (as well as the Cube Cabinet) will soon be overhauled and optimised again by Labyrintoom.

As a suggestion for improvement, I personally would find it nice if some of the puzzles had more to do with the theme of magic and the furnishings were possibly expanded to include a few magical motifs. One of our testers also suggests adding music at the end shortly before the end to underline the tension.

For those who want to play several Escape Rooms at Labyrintoom, we recommend starting with the Wizard’s Cabinet, as this is the easiest of the 3 rooms in terms of difficulty.


The Wizard’s Cabinet is very suitable as an Escape Room for newcomers: the room offers a good mix of classic puzzles and comes up with some “magical” surprise effects.

Labyrintoom Wizard’s Cabinet – Facts

  • Website: (offered in English)
  • Address: Labyrintoom Escape Game Berlin, Wartenbergstr. 35/36, 10365 Berlin.
  • Opening hours: Mondays- Sundays, 10am – 1am.
  • Phone: 0152 06480532 or 030 97862954
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 17,00 – 33,00 per person (depending on group size)

Other escape games in Berlin that we have tested include Cyber Attack and Shelter 13. You’ll also find lots of other activities with friends in our range of leisure tips.

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