Labyrintoom Cube's Cabinet the mysterious Escape Room in Berlin

3. June 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet – Maddening Emptiness in a Futuristic Berlin Exit Room


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A white room full of secrets! In Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet, players are locked in a seemingly empty, sterile cube. The clock is ticking. Who can escape from this Kafkaesque science fiction scenario in 60 minutes?

The Cube’s Cabinet was the third and last Escape Room we played at Labyrintoom in Wartenbergstraße in Friedrichshain. Previously, we had searched for the Holy Grail in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet and freed ourselves from the clutches of a sinister wizard with wands and our own wits in Wizard’s Cabinet.

While the themes of these two were relatively obvious: Da Vinci and magic, the Escape Room Cube’s Cabinet puzzled us even before the game began: What is this all about? What kind of scenario is this, where you are locked in a white, empty room? Are we perhaps entering an insane asylum? Or does the whole thing end up having something to do with the sci fi horror film Cube*? Full of curiosity, we entered the white cube…!

Note: We were kindly allowed to test this Escape Game for free. However, this experience report is unpaid and reflects our independent opinion.

The Escape Game Testers

Since we played the Cube’s Cabinet after the Wizard’s Cabinet, we entered with the same team. With us, as always, Anika and I, an Escape Room-enthusiastic fellow tester and an Escape Room newbie who had just played his first Escape Room at the Wizard’s before.

Test of Nerves in Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet

In one respect, Cube’s Cabinet actually reminded me a lot of the film The Cube: there is no explanation whatsoever as to why you suddenly find yourself as a group in this bare white room. Everything is highly mysterious, the only thing that is clear: we have to get out of here! And we have to do it in 60 minutes!

Maybe we were still exhausted from the fight against the wizard, maybe it was the unusually hot spring day – but in this Escape Room we were quite clueless more than once and had to get tips from the game master via walkie talkie. Unfortunately, we also lost quite a bit of time this way, and in the second half of the game at the latest, some tricky tasks became a real test of our nerves. In the end, we only made it out by slightly overstaying our time.

The Puzzles and Tasks of the Escape Room Cube’s Cabinet

Although according to our game master the Da Vinci room is considered the most difficult at Labyrintoom, the puzzles in The Cube’s Cabinet seemed harder to us. The common thing: many tasks seem simple and quite logical at first glance, but then lack that crucial extra to get through to the really correct solution.

Many of the tasks in Cube’s Cabinet have a technical or scientific aspect, but this harmonises well with the visual concept of the Escape Room. So here you have to press buttons and use special technology. What exactly this technology triggers or results in is usually a surprise – one of the best things about Cube’s Cabinet. While in most Escape Rooms you only need each item found exactly once, here some tools have to be used several times.

Equipment and Atmosphere in the Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet

The cold clinical atmosphere in Cube’s Cabinet makes it seem like a space between a padded cell and a futuristic high-tech laboratory. This is precisely what makes it so appealing, because here you really are in a kind of space that you won’t encounter anywhere else. This is further enhanced by the fact that all players have to put on white overshoes and gloves before entering the room, just like in a scientific research facility.

The idea of being locked up in such an environment is a little oppressive.

Our Conclusion

Labyrintoom Cube's Cabinet - winning image

Escaping the cube with difficulty…

The scenario and visual concept of Cube’s Cabinet is definitely one of the most original we have encountered in Escape Rooms so far! The sterile technical flair is extremely well done; we all agreed on that point.
Our assessments differed somewhat when it came to the puzzles and tasks. For me personally, the fun factor was higher in the other two rooms of Labyrintoom. However, this is also due to the fact that we had such a hard time with a simple task right at the beginning and lost a valuable 12 minutes and the frustration level was almost reached. It’s good that you can always ask the game leader for tips! (Which we didn’t do for far too long, because ambition and giving up don’t exist halllooooo?!?).

Instead of having to use an item more often, it would be nice to add a bit more variation and make the puzzles in Cube’s Cabinet a bit more intuitive.

A third tester also found the puzzles difficult, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – you want to be challenged as a team, make an effort, then cracking the puzzles is all the more fun and brings a great shared sense of achievement. We certainly had that after many a task.

Very good, entertaining puzzle round in which you can only succeed as a team. The setting was great!” Johannes, 33

By the way, like the Wizard’s Cabinet, the Cube’s Cabinet will soon be revised and improved again by the Labyrintoom team! A little birdie has told us that the Cube’s Cabinet will be just as demanding and high quality as the Da Vinci Room.

Wer bei Labyrintoom mehrere oder alle Escape Rooms spielen möchte, dem würden wir nach unseren Erfahrungen die folgende Reihenfolge empfehlen: 1. Wizard’s Cabinet, 2. Cube’s Cabinet, 3. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet.

Labyrintoom The Cube’s Cabinet – Facts

  • Website: (this Escape Game is offered in English!)
  • Adress: Labyrintoom Escape Game Berlin, Wartenbergstr. 35/36, 10365 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mondays- Sundays, 10am – 1am
  • Phone: 0152 06480532 or 030 97862954
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 17 – 33,00 per person (depending on group size)

Are you interessted in more Berlin Escape Rooms? We have tested many more Escape Rooms in Berlin, including Cyber Attack and Shelter 13.

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