This is how to marble Easter eggs with nail polish in any number of colours

22. March 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Marble Easter Eggs With Nail Polish | Tutorial




Give your old nail polish a new life! This tutorial how to marble easter eggs show you everything to start right away. 

I confess: I love Google image search! Especially when I come across DIY ideas that immediately make me want to try them out.

That’s what happened to me when I was looking for a way how to marble easter eggs and clicked through the visually stunning hits. It goes, it’s quick, it looks great, old nail polish that I don’t use any more anyway is also used up – perfect.

However, by the time I’ve managed to get really great patterns, a few eggs have ended up in the bin…. Because chance is Da Vinci with this dyeing technique, but you still have to take a few tricks into account to make it work. I have a few tips for you to make sure that every egg turns out beautiful.

For me, marbling eggs took less than 10 minutes – once I got the hang of it. However, there is also the drying time, which can take up to 2 hours depending on the thickness of the nail polish!

The tips are the findings from my own experience with marbling Easter eggs with nail polish – if you have any other tips to make the eggs even more beautiful, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

These Materials* You Need

Note: With glitter nail polish, metallic nail polish in gold and silver as well as nail topping I have not achieved beautiful results! So better use normal nail polish colours!

How to Marble Easter Eggs In 10 Minutes

How to marble Easter eggs - drip the nail polish into the water

Drip nail polish on top of each other to marble Easter eggs

1. Pay Attention When Blowing Out Already!

Normally, when blowing out, I try to keep the puncture hole for blowing and the larger hole as small as possible. However, for marbling Easter eggs with nail varnish, you need holes on both sides of the egg that are big enough to push a shish kebab through.
We also have instructions and tips for blowing out Easter eggs and what you should keep in mind.

2. Get Everything Ready, It Has to Go Fast!

Fill a container that you can throw away afterwards with water at room temperature so that you can submerge the egg completely. The temperature is important! If the water is too cold or too warm, you won’t get nice results. I used an empty ice box for this. Prepare skewers and put out empty plastic cups.

As a final preparation step, put on your gloves, unscrew any nail varnish bottles you want to use and place your egg on a skewer, breaking it so that the skewer can be fully submerged in the container and not overhanging it.

3. How to Marble Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

A secret for how to marmble easer eggs - it is important that the nail polish drips quickly into the water

Marbling Easter eggs with nail varnish

The nail varnish should quickly get into the water. I poured a small amount of the nail varnish close to the surface of the water and drew a pattern with a shish kebab skewer to make it spread. The nail varnish must float on the water, if it sinks, the temperature of the water is not right!

Now, on one side, I completely submerged the egg on the shish kebab skewer and turned it briskly through the nail varnish on the skewer. It is important to do this only once and not to repeat it immediately if there is not enough colour on the egg! Only when the egg has dried, you can turn it again if it is too weakly marbled.

4. Drying in the Plastic Cup

Place the egg on the shish kebab over the plastic cup to dry. This allows the nail polish to dry on all sides and you don’t have to touch the shell and the pattern stays intact.

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