Hippie theme party in your home - 6 tips on how to bring the Summer of Love to your party

28. July 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Hippie Theme Party – 6 Ideas for Ultimate Love, Peace and Flower Power




Colourful clothes, deeply relaxed people and the spherical sounds of the 60s and 70s – have your own hippie theme party and bring the spirit of the flower children to your celebration.

Whatever one’s opinion of the hippie movement, no one will deny one thing: it has left a lasting mark on the cultural landscape. Whether in pop music, fashion, political protest movements, ecological thinking or New Age spirituality – the legacy of the flower children can be found everywhere if you take a closer look.

And if you’re one of those people who think any of this is pretty awesome, then a hippie theme party is just the right theme party for your next birthday party or other party occasion. The awesome music alone speaks for this motto, doesn’t it 😉

On the Theme Party List you can find the ultimate ideas for party themes! Peace!

6 Ideas for a Super Chill Hippie Theme Party

1. Location

The hippies were also known to be pioneers of the environmental movement and the floral catchphrase flower power was no accident. The ideal setting for an official hippie theme party is, of course, somewhere outdoors: on a meadow that can be rented for the purpose of the party or in a private garden. Both, of course, preferably covered with flowers! 🙂

In the cold half of the year this is less of an option and even in summer you should be prepared for a sudden change in the weather and have an alternative location indoors. But of course you can also conjure up the spirit of Woodstock indoors. All the more important then is the decoration for your hippie theme party.

2. Decoration for Your Hippie Theme Party

What do you think of first when you hear the keywords hippies, flower power and summer of love? Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, flowers, flowers – whether real flowers, (artificial) flower garlands or flowers as motifs on napkins, tablecloths, etc.

However, there is a difference between the hippie flower look with rich colours and large flowers and the granny flower look with pastel colours and small-scale patterns. I think your gut feeling will guide you…. 😉

A central theme of the hippie movement in the USA was the protest against the Vietnam War, in which the US government had been involved since 1964 at the latest. Posters with slogans like “Make Love. Not War”, “Give Peace A Chance” or the well-known peace symbol therefore belong at every hippie theme party.

In contrast to the rather purely political 68ers in Germany, the American hippies were also very intensively concerned with spirituality, especially with Far Eastern religions. Waving Indian cloths on the walls, Buddha statues, exotic drums, (Indian) dreamcatchers and all kinds of New Age stuff also fit perfectly as decoration at a hippie theme party.

And not to forget: Posters of famous bands and musicians of the hippie generation are a must. Whether Beatles, Jefferson Airplane or Grateful Dead – without the musicians of that time, the flower power movement would be unthinkable. So get up against the wall! (For more musicians see point 6)

3. Costumes for Women

In terms of fashion, the hippies were also pioneers of a new look that is now so iconic that almost everyone has an image in their mind’s eye. Sure: long hair for both sexes, bell-bottoms, colourful shirts and blouses, headbands and flowers in the hair.

The good thing is that past fashions are revived every now and then in the course of the retro trend and accordingly many people have one or the other item of clothing or accessory in their wardrobe that is suitable for a hippie theme party. Otherwise, there are also suitable items to buy.

4. Costumes for Men

Even more important than for women is a good hippie wig for all non-long-haired men, because hippies with short hair are a walking contradiction in terms.

Otherwise, almost the same rules apply to the outfit as for women. After all, this was also a revolution of the hippies: the sexes were freed (to a certain extent) from the classic dress code.

5. Food and Drinks

Typical party snacks of the 60s and 70s are potato and pasta salads, as well as the unjustly out-of-fashion Waldorf salad. Small meatballs, cheese hedgehogs, Toast Hawaii and Jell-O in all colours and shapes were also very popular back then.

To do justice to the flower power motto at your hippie theme party, you can also serve little butter florets with the bread and cut fruit into flower shapes, which was indeed popular back then.

(By the way, we think it’s a rumour that it was customary to serve biscuits with special secret ingredients at parties back then).

As for drinks, Cuba Libre was a popular cocktail among hippies (if only for political reasons), and punch and sangria were also booming at parties. Cheers!

6. Music for the Hippie Theme Party


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Welcome to the most difficult point of the planning. I’m sorry, did he just write difficult??? Yes, because what could be more difficult than the agony of choosing from the infinite amount of good hippie era music to put together a playlist for just one evening!

A partial list of bands and artists that will provide the right soundtrack for your hippie theme party:

  • Beatles
  • Rolling Stones
  • Beach Boys
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Janis Joplin
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • The Doors
  • Grateful Dead
  • The Mamas and the Papas
  • The Eagles
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Bob Dylan
  • Joan Baez
  • Ravi Shankar
  • The Who
  • Santana
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Joe Cocker
  • Arlo Guthrie

Or if you don’t have time to make your own playlist, resort to flower power samplers.

Bestseller Nr. 1
Flower Power-Best of Love,Peace and Happiness [Vinyl LP]
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Tip: If you or one of the guests can play the guitar, all the better. Also provide a guitar and at a late hour you can sing “How Many Roads” or “Give Peace A Chance”.

And if you happen to have other instruments or can easily organise them: Drums, rattles, tambourines, harmonicas and ukuleles are also guaranteed to find their way into the hands of talented and/or enthusiastic musicians at a real hippie theme party. 🙂

And again: Peace! We wish you a peaceful and chilled flower power party! (And less clean-up than after Woodstock ;-)).

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are lots of tips for celebrating together and inspiration for gifts as well as ideas for activities with friends, family and partner. Check it out!

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Image source Cover photo: Flower Childern by simonrumi at CC BY 2.0

*The links to amazon in this article are affiliate links: if you order a product through them, we get a small commission.


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