Scavenger hunt checklist - special hiding places, geocaching and tips for organising your scavenger hunt

22. July 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Scavenger Hunt Checklist - Everything You Need to Make It the Best Ever


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Find here the best unusual hiding places and everything you need to make your scavenger hunt for perfect at the scavenger hunt checklist. Just check off our checklist, so you do not forget anything!

You have planned your scavenger hunt for adults – route, tasks and hiding places are set. To make the scavenger hunt challenging, you can also hide some messages in unusual hiding places such as an empty bottle, an old rusty can, etc.. In addition, you will find in the 3rd part of our article series scavenger hunt for adults still special hiding ideas, a checklist, so that you forget nothing on the day of the scavenger hunt and a few tips for geocaching.

All tips for planning and executing the scavenger hunt can be found in Part 1 and ideas for scavenger hunt clues in Part 2.

Scavenger Hunt Checklist – Material You Need

For hanging, burying, carving, and depositing the clues and tasks, you’ll need some helps. Also, don’t forget the prepared gifts, puzzles, clues and tasks – it’s best to put them in clear plastic sleeves in a backpack.

Before you set off on the scavenger hunt, be sure to check that you’ve thought of everything!

  • Smartphone for photos
  • Chalk for markings and arrows on the floor
  • Ducktape
  • Scissors
  • Pocket knife
  • Paper clips
  • Post Its
  • Paper
  • Pen and sharpie
  • Empty bottle for a message in a bottle
  • Boxes to put assignments in
  • Paper bags to hide tasks in
  • Garden shovel to bury a task in
  • String to attach tasks to branches, fences, etc.
  • Notebook with a clue for a task
  • Fake bird’s nest, e.g. leftovers from Easter
  • Sticks, branches, arrows, moss for laying arrows
  • Compass for hiding, indicating the new direction
  • At dusk/night: glow-in-the-dark lights that shine for several hours.
  • In the twilight/night: reflector tape to mark, which lights up in the light of the flashlight
  • Treasure chest for the final gift or reward at the finish line

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Unusual Hiding Places for a Challenging Scavenger Hunt

To make your adult scavenger hunt challenging and varied, you need clever clues and clever and varied tasks that challenge everyone. But equally important are good hiding places! It’s a lot of fun to think of clever hiding places and craft them – we once christened them pimped hiding places, because they are anything but 0815. 😉

Depending on whether you plan the scavenger hunt for adults indoors or outdoors in the city or nature, we have collected our most ingenious ideas here.

Scavenger Hunt Cheklist for Unusual Hiding Places in the House

  • Umbrella for a drink, on the bottom of which the new task is written
  • Origami paper with clue folded into a bird
  • Hide a clue in a book on a shelf
  • Hide a task in a DVD or Bluray case
  • Unfold a photo with a pictorial representation of the clue
  • Printer queue with clue to print out for hunters to confirm
  • In the toilet cistern
  • Ice cube mold with folded note waiting, labeled with waterproof pencil
  • Small slip of paper with the task pinned under a larger magnet on the refrigerator
  • Clue on the back of a beer coaster
  • Hide task in a fortune cookie
  • Bake a clue into a cookie
  • Write task on a cookie/cake with sugar crayon
  • Burn a clue on a CD and put it in a labeled CD case, when played the clue sounds audibly
  • Hollow book with hidden secret compartment
  • Various objects with secret hiding places, such as a lighter, hollow felt-tip pen and our favorite: the hollow toilet brush holder.

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Unusual Hiding Places for a Scavenger Hunt Outside

  • A tear-off note on the littel pillar
  • Task with sharpie on a graffiti painted toilet door in a specific toilet cubicle
  • Clue in the gutter
  • Put the task in a plastic bottle, weigh it down with a stone and sink it in the rainwater barrel
  • Put task note in a balloon and tie it inflated to a branch or lamppost
  • Attach task to the underside of a bench
  • Clue as an instant passport photo in the photo booth
  • Bury task in a box at a spot marked with a rock or stick
  • Carve clue into a dead tree trunk
  • Hide task inside a large open flower, e.g. rose

Geocaching – Go On a Scavenger Hunt Yourself

You want to go on a scavenger hunt yourself and not prepare a treasure hunt? Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt, where you go with a GPS receiver and look for the treasure according to coordinates that you find, for example, on the Internet. This treasure – the geocache – is usually a logbook with exchangeable items, which is located in a waterproof container.

When you have found the geocache, you can sign the logbook, exchange the item and hide it again where you found it. This modern form of scavenger hunt for adults is worldwide a real trend: there are millions of geocaches all over the world and an enthusiastic community that goes treasure hunting.

At Opencaching, for example, you can find free coordinates to get started spontaneously. The geocaches you find there, have provided private Geochacher.

There are also geocaching apps for iPhone and Android like c:geo and high-quality designed geocaches from experience providers.

Discover even more excursion tips and creative ideas for activities with friends, with kids or your partner on Abenteuer Freundschaft! Stay up to date and follow Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook and Instagram!

Image source Cover image: A piece note of geocaching by daveynin under CC BY 2.0

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