You can make Halloween candle holders from empty bottles

19. October 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Craft Halloween Candle Holders From Bottles | Tutorial




With spray paint, self-designed labels and a little creativity you can easily turn empty glass bottles into impressive Halloween candle holders. With our templates and this DIY Tutorial you can tinker this Halloween decoration in about 1 hour!

While surfing the Internet, we came across the great idea to recycle empty bottles as Halloween candle holders. The best: To tinker this Halloween decoration you need hardly any time and can recycle old Halloween stuff further as for example Deko skeletons and scatter deco from the last Halloween party.

We made three different bottles as candle holders, which you can use individually or together as a set. The biggest job was the labels, as we designed our own label for each bottle. On the materials list below, you can find our labels as templates to download and just print them out. We recommend printing at a copy store – the quality will be much better than printing at home, and the print store also has thicker glossy paper to choose from that looks really great.

There are more free instructions for DIY Halloween decor crafting at Abenteuer Freundschaft! We think upcycling is awesome and made Halloween lanterns out of tin cans.

Craft Bottle Candle Holders for Halloween

Duration: about 30 minutes + 1 hour drying time

Material List*

Craft Bottles as Candle Holders for Halloween Decoration in 3 Steps

1. Clean and Spray Bottles

For the bottles as Halloween candle holders, first spray the bottles with varnish.

Spray glass bottle with different varnish

We used empty wine bottles. To remove the old label and clean the bottle, I soaked it in warm dishwater. You can easily remove the adhesive residue from the old label with nail polish remover. Dry the outside of the bottle well.

Outside (I did it on the balcony) spread newspaper on the floor. Place the bottles on it and spray them with spray paint from about 50 cm away. We sprayed the green glass bottles with black spray paint first, then silver and finally glitter paint. We sprayed the white bottles only with silver lacquer and glitter lacquer. The result is most beautiful when the original bottle color still shimmers through the layers of varnish and it is not applied opaque.

Now let the bottles dry for about 10 minutes (it says on the spray can how long the varnish needs to dry).

2. Design Labels or Use Templates

Halloween candle holders with beautiful labels

Labels of the bottles for the Halloween candle holders

There are great free graphics programs that you can use to design the labels yourself. I used canva for this. Think about splashy names for your potions and a slogan to adorn the bottles.

Or download our free templates for the following watering holes:

Dr. Acula’s Red Vitamin Juice – Immortal Overnight!

Zombie Maker – 100% new life start (version with and without red picture elements)

Spider Essence – freshly pressed & 100% organic.

For the Halloween candle holders you need labels

Bottle labels to print

All you have to do is print out the labels and cut them out.

3. Stick on Bottle Decorations to Match the Theme

Halloween candle holders from bottles

Dr. Acula’s red vitamin juice

In keeping with the theme, I used the hot glue gun to stick on the three bottles with matching designs.

Dr. Aculas red vitamin juice with black plastic flies and a 3D pumpkin sticker.

For Halloween decor crafting you need empty bottles - you can create great Halloween candle holders from them.

Zombie maker potion with skeleton

On the zombie maker, a nice seal was added to the upper left corner of the label with red sealing wax (on the version of the label without red border). On the bottle sits a glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

For this Halloween candle holders, you can use bottles that you've redesigned with spray paint and Halloween decor elements.

Spider essence with glow-in-the-dark spiders

I covered the outside of the spider essence with three types of plastic spiders: thick black spiders, smaller glow-in-the-dark tarantulas, and white and black scatter decoration spiders.

You should check out these Halloween ideas! There are even more great craft ideas with instructions to follow on our recreational ideas portal.  Any time of year you can browse the Leisure Ideas Portal and get inspiration for gifts and activities with friends, with kids and with your partner. Check it out.

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