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18. April 2020 - Anika Semmer

Gravitrax Marble Run – Experience Gravity Playfully | Review


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When constructing and playing with the GraviTrax marble run, young and old learn fascinating things about the laws of nature. How great is the fun potential for kids and adults? Is the starter set enough or is it worth investing in a catapult, hammer, tunnel and the like?

Fascination Gravity, kinetics, magnetism, gravitation! Why, why, why does the ball stop, where does the sudden speed come from? Try again! Even with the starter set of the GraviTrax marble run, you can build different marble runs. Simply put the parts together, combine them as you like and rebuild them. The GraviTrax marble run quickly takes shape and, at the latest when trying it out, with the first failures and sense of achievement, the fun really starts.

The fact that children actually learn how gravity works in a fun and playful way makes the GraviTrax marble run a great toy.  Apart from the starter set, there are now many extensions – from bridges and tunnels to catapult, cannon and lift. Is the additional investment in one or the other extension worthwhile?

At first glance, the GraviTrax marble run is a toy that will cast a spell over many children and adults. How good is GraviTrax really – for example in terms of stability and quality of the components? How long does the fun of playing last or does the initial enthusiasm quickly wear off?

Note: The game manufacturer Ravensburger kindly sent us a starter set and two expansions as review copies. However, this review is unpaid and reflects our honest opinion. I purchased more action pieces and a second starter set for more components myself and we tried out the GraviTrax marble run with players ranging from toddlers to grandparents.

The GraviTrax Marble Run at a Glance

  • Game type: Construction game, Family game
  • Age: 8-99 years
  • Players: 1 player or more.
  • Duration: any
  • Publisher: Ravensburger
  • Development / Editing: Ravensburger InnoLab
  • Publication year: 2017
  • Game objective: Build a marble run from various components that the metal ball runs through to the finish line or in a circular course.

GraviTrax Marble Run – Understand the Laws of Nature Through Play

You can also build the GraviTrax marble run over several levels

Multi-level marble run

Fascination with physics – you had me in your grip even as a child! Why does the ball behave like this? How does the ball get the speed it needs to reach my destination? Why does one thing not work, but another does?
Let’s go. Put the components on the table, copy the construction plans or design them with the app and fire away for the GraviTrax marble run.

How the Construction Toy Works

There are over 100 different components in the GraviTrax marble run starter set

There are over 100 components in the GraviTrax starter set

There are two different starter sets with components from Ravensburger. Each set makes it possible to build marble runs – depending on how extensive, the more and more challenging marble runs become possible. This can be done according to the provided construction plans or free to build creatively according to your own ideas. You don’t necessarily need the free GraviTrax App to play. However, you can use it to design and save ball tracks and experience them from the ball’s point of view, which looks pretty cool.

First you lay out floor plates. In the recesses, you can use height plates to build plateaus at any height, over which you lay tracks for the marble run. Alternatively, you can use several height plates to attach transparent level plates – these can also be built upwards in several tiers. For example, you can build a marble run in which the marble rolls over different floors like in a multi-storey car park.

Construction toy Gravitrax - the interactive marble run

Does the marble run through from top to bottom without any problems?

Now you construct the marble run with hexagonal marble run parts, long and short plastic rails and the available action bricks and send one or more balls of metal off. Included building elements are, for example, the “free fall” (the marble falls down into a hole in the middle and the “Gauss cannon” (the marble gets a decent speed boost) and more. There are also lots of extensions that lead to action and even more fun or variety in building – they work with magnetism, gravity, kinetics and gravity and thus propel the ball.

The aim is for one or more balls to reach the end of the track or to run endlessly in a circuit without coming to a standstill or flying off track.

Gravitrax Starter Sets, Extensions and Action Pieces

You assemble the GraviTrax marble run from different components

Components are curves, crossings, rails, points and more

My tip beforehand: With two starter sets and desired expansions (with initially Jumper, Transfer, Cableway, Flip, 1 more Gauss Cannon and Hammer) you can build a long time and a lot without getting bored as well as construct more challenging, interactive tracks.

Expansions and Action Bricks for More Fun Playing and Building

With action bricks you can expand the marble run GraviTrax

The action bricks Transfer (left), Flip (back), Hammer (middle front) and Jumper (right)

Rating and Conclusion

The Hammer extension gives the marble an extra push as it rolls through the GraviTrax marble run

The hammer gives the marble a push

GraviTrax offers variety, action, room for creativity and is also educational. While playing, there are many possibilities for modern, interactive and exciting marble runs, so that you can spend a lot of time without getting bored in the least. With the help of the included building plans, even children can immediately succeed in constructing functioning tracks. With the Gravitrax marble run, Ravensburger has succeeded in creating a construction toy that has delighted everyone in our family from grandpa to granddaughter (and kept them busy for days)!

Price / Performance

Action-Packed, Interactive Physics for Kids and Adults

While building, children (and adults who have dozed off in physics class) learn how the ball behaves when. In this way, they automatically understand how gravity, kinetics, gravitation and magnetism affect and can be used. So while building and playing, they learn, can experiment, draw conclusions, recognise connections and build ever more sophisticated and complex courses. For this, it’s worth stocking up with new accessories so that the Gravitrax marble run as a toy never gets boring! The more parts and variety, the more challenging courses can be built.

Pro and Con

The components are made in the usual high quality from Ravensburger. They are stable and made of plastic, the balls of metal. We will report on how the parts perform in the long-term test ?. The test reports and reviews from parents and customers since 2017 show that the Gravitrax marble run has already convinced many. The interaction and action bricks make the construction game more exciting and clearly more versatile than, for example, Lego. In addition, building and constructing stimulates the imagination and creativity and teaches the laws of nature without taking away the fun.

The starter set can be expanded as the mood takes you with action bricks or alternative track parts such as bridges, tunnels or other components. This provides for a lot of variety and many construction possibilities. If you only buy the starter set, the possibilities for building tracks are limited and the toy can lose its appeal more quickly. For adults, the action bricks are an additional attraction.

Extensions such as the hammer, the catapult and others have to be put back in the starting position after the ball has passed through the circuit. This sometimes means that suddenly four players are busy using both hands to operate components so that the ball rolls. Not only is building and trying things out together interactive, but playing the game also takes on a highly dynamic dimension!

For Whom Is the Gravitrax Marble Run Worthwhile?

From children from the age of 8 up to adults, the marble run Gravitrax is worthwhile, as different routes can be built immediately with the help of the included building plans and the app. At the same time, the many extensions and action bricks make it possible to build sophisticated marble runs.

The interactivity makes the ball track Gravitrax a brilliant toy for everyone at special family celebrations such as Easter or Christmas, where the grown-ups can also explain the why of the action bricks and the laws of physics to the little ones.


Building and constructing with action and brains. The Gravitrax marble run offers fun, action and variety for children and adults and teaches how gravity works in a playful way. The interactive construction toy convinced us immediately and belongs in the play cupboard of every small and large enthusiastic builder.

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