The party game Giants, Elves and Wizards reliably breaks the ice at any party.

16. February 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Giants, Elves and Wizards – How to Play the Magic Party Game | Game Rules




The best way to break the ice at your party and break down your guests’ inhibitions is to play a fun party game. Giants, Elves and Wizards is just the thing for that!

Giants, Elves and Wizards is most comparable to the well-known decision game Scissors, Rock, Paper. With the difference that Giants, Elves and Wizards is much funnier, more entertaining and more imaginative!

What’s more, you can play it with any size group, which is ideal for a party game. Even with really big groups of over 50 people it works and is fun.

Another advantage: you don’t need any game materials and Giants, Elves and Wizards can be played both indoors and outdoors.

  • Game type: Party game, movement game, role-playing game
  • Age: from 3
  • Players: min 4, better more
  • Duration: approx. 10 min. per round
  • Goal: Catch the other team’s players and not get caught

Preparation for the Party Game Giants, Elves and Wizards

Each player can act as one of the three eponymous characters: a giant, a wizard or an elf. To do so, the player only has to make the appropriate sounds and hand movements. These are first explained and demonstrated by the game leader (host).

  • Giant: Stand on your tiptoes, stretch your arms as high as you can and let out a bloodcurdling giant roll: Raaaarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
  • Elves: Crouch down and make yourself very small, put your hands to your ears and form pointed ears and sing as high as you can Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  • Wizard: Make a slight hunchback, stretch your arms straight forward and wiggle your fingers (as if playing an invisible piano) while hissing Abracadabra!!!!! in an incantatory voice. (Or Simsalabim, Hocus Pocus, Expelliarmus depending on your taste ;-))

Make sure everyone knows the movements and sounds. It’s best if you (the game master) practise each character once with everyone. Also, explain who defeats whom. Giants crush the little elves. They are resistant to the wizards’ magic and defeat them by tricking them. The wizards’ spells, however, do work on the giants, who are petrified by them. Equal characters cannot harm each other – nothing happens.

The Battle of the Giants, Elves  and Wizards Begins

Now the party must divide into two equal-sized teams, which line up on opposite sides of the room (or playing field). In each round, each team first discusses which character they will choose. Each team decides on one character, which they all then play! When both teams have finished, they line up in the middle of the room / playing field, facing each other.
You (or the game leader/host) say at the beginning of each round: “On your marks, get set, go!!!”. – Then both teams play their chosen character. Once it is clear who has won and who has lost, the winners try to catch the losers before they are in the safe zone and draw as many as possible to their side. In a room, the safe zone is the touching of the wall of one’s own playing field as the boundary of the playing field or a line marked with cones or chalk spray that delimits the playing field when playing outdoors.

Whoever has been touched must come along and from now on belongs to the other team. The game is played until one team has caught all the other players.

A Variant of the Party Game

If both teams have exactly the same number of participants, you can also play the following variant, where each player of one team faces a specific opponent of the other team. There is no team meeting, as each player decides individually which character to play. The winning player must try to catch his opponent quickly before he reaches the edge of the playing field. If he succeeds in doing so, the opponent is eliminated.

The winners of the first round from both teams line up again in pairs opposite each other. If a team has surplus players, they simply remain standing in this round. The game is played until all players of one of the teams have been eliminated.

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Image source Cover photo: group by indipendentman under CC BY 2.0

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