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3. September 2016 - Anika Semmer

Game of Thrones Fan Game - Who Will Ascend the Iron Throne? | Game Rules


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Go on a secret mission as Jon Snow. In this challenging Game of Thrones fan game, you’ll have to complete tasks, fight competitions and defeat White Walkers. Who will win the final epic battle and ascend the iron throne?

The Game of Thrones Fan Game

The fantasy saga that thrills millions has also captivated us from the very first second. Whether as a book, an audio play or a legendary hit TV series: G. R. R. Martin’s Long of Ice and Fire is a top-class fantasy epic full of intrigue, conspiracies, surprising twists and turns and multi-layered heroes and villains. A huge fan community is eagerly waiting to see what happens next in the Seven Kingdoms, for the epic is not yet complete!

In this Game of Thrones fan game, you take the fate of the Seven Kingdoms into your own hands.  The future of Westeros hangs in the balance and your mission will determine whether the 7 Kingdoms will fall. Together with other Game of Thrones characters of your choice, an epic competition begins in which each of you tries to ascend the Iron Throne and rule!

All tasks and the solutions are available for free download at Abenteuer Freundschaft!

Preparing for the Game of Thrones Fan Game

In the Game of Thrones fan game, part of the rally is to cross over to the Iron Islands to solve a task

Next stop in the Game of Thrones fan game: Iron Islands

This Game of Thrones fan game is an outdoor game. You should plan about 2-4 hours for it. The Game of Thrones game can be played with about 2-10 competitors. The ideal location for the rally is a quiet wooded area with a stream or lake nearby. For some of the competitions you will need tools of war such as hacky sacks, bows and arrows and PET bottles. In the following materials checklist you will find everything you need for a rally with 3 other heroes. Remember to adapt the materials to the number of players!

Important: For this Game of Thrones fan game you need a lake or a watercourse nearby – otherwise you have to adapt the 2 first tasks to your local conditions!

Materials Checklist for Game of Thrones Fan Game

Important: Be sure to read the rules for the card game  Thirty-One and for Crossboccia before you start the Game of Thrones fan game!

The Epic Game of Thrones Fan Game Begins

In the Game of Thrones fan game, fantasy fans and fans of the Song of Ice and Fire get their money's worth and slip into the role of their favourite characters

The Game of Thrones fan game for outdoors

All the heroes gather together and each draws a small folded note. One of the pieces of paper says Jon Snow – the player who drew this piece of paper is Jon Snow. The other players each choose a hero from the Game of Thrones saga in whose skin they want to slip from now on. We prefer to choose characters from rival houses. Here are a few suggestions… 😉

Possible Characters for the Game of Thrones Fan Game :

  • House Targaryen: Daenerys Stormborn
  • House Stark: Bran, Arya, Sansa, Eddard, Catelyn
  • House Lannister: Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime, Joffrey, Tommen
  • House Baratheon: Stannis, King Robert, Renly, Shireen
  • Other characters: Priestess Melisandre, Brienne of Tarth, Davos, Samwell Tarly, Margery Tyrell, Oberyn Martell, Ser Loras Tyrell, Asha Greyjoy, Maester Aemon, the Bloodhound, the Riding Mountain, Theon Greyjoy, Ramsay Bolton and many many more…

The Secret Mission

In the Game of Thrones fan game, the heroes from G.R.R Martin's fantasy epic battle White Walkers, pass tasks and trials

Game of Throns Fan Game: battling the White Walkers

Jon Snow has spent the last few months fighting the fearsome White Walkers, who had already begun to climb over the Wall. He mobilised the entire force of the North and went into epic battle. After a tough fight, the Wall fell and Jon Snow was brought wounded back to Winterfell. There his faithful friends have been waiting for 3 moons for him to awaken again, for a secret message has come from Oldtown! At last the time has come…

Open the secret message and learn from Jon Snow about the 7 Kingdoms and where your secret mission begins.

In Game of Thrones fan game, the heroes start the rally with a message from samwell tarly to Jon Snow

Game of Thrones fan game: the mission begins!

The Game of Thrones Has Begun – These Are the 10 Battles You Must Fight

1st task: For this task you have to get on or into the water and you need an inflatable boat, an air mattress or swimming clothes. 
☛ After this task, you will paddle/swim/run to a quiet place by the water for the next task.

2nd competition task: Action is called for! This task is about speed. If you don’t want to get wet, you definitely need a tool to win!

☛ Perform the task in a suitable place.

3rd task: Knowledge is power! Here, fans of the Game of Thrones saga have an advantage!

4th task: You have to defeat 4 White Walkers! Every round they get closer to you and only together you can manage to win!

Find a good spot for this task!

5th task: Knowledge and talent are required in this task. Depending on how well you know G. R. R. Martin’s world, you can also solve the task together and divide the points fairly.

☛ A forest clearing, beach or sandy ground is the perfect place for this task.

6th task: Knowledge test: This task in the Game of Thrones game shows how well you know your way around the Night Watch!

7th task: Jon Snow is undisputedly a great hero. He saves the lives of all the heroes in this task. All other heroes have to compete with the war-experienced fighter Jon Snow in this task to prove themselves worthy of being saved by him!

The Winner Is Coming – The Final Battle for the Iron Throne Approaches

8th task: This battle against the White Walkers will be sung about by the bards in the distant future. Together you will face the great battle and prove your marksmanship. The winner of this task will in any case be crowned the greatest hero of Westeros.

☛ The ideal place for this task is a clearing or a place surrounded by trees.

9th task: Now it becomes apparent which hero has what it takes to rule, i.e. in Game of Thrones to be the hand of the ruler. In this competition, it is not strength or power that counts, but above all skill!

☛ Find a good obstacle for this task! You should know the rules for crossboccia.

10th task: In the finale, all heroes compete against each other and fight for survival – and of course for the reign and the Iron Throne!
☛ Spread out a blanket in a dry place and hold the finals there. For this you should know the card game Thirty-One.

Ranking – Who Will Ascend the Iron Throne?

At the end, everyone puts their won Braavosi coins in front of them. The hero with the most Braavosi coins has won the Game of Thrones game and ascends the Iron Throne as Ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men!

The hero who won in task 9 is appointed hand of the ruler. The player who is the winner of task 8 becomes supreme Head of the Army and the player who knew the most in the knowledge questions becomes Grand Maester.

☛ You can find the solutions of the knowledge tasks here as a PDF


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