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Crossboccia is boules for the new generation: action-packed, hip and creative.

3. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Crossboccia – The Urban Trend Sport for Adventurers | Game Rules




Boule and boccia are outdated – Crossboccia is the hipper & more action-packed freestyle variant of the classic throwing game and inspires more and more people!.

Sun-tanned seniors who literally push a quiet ball on the beach. This is the stereotype that many people have of the throwing game of boules or bocce. I remember when I was a student, I suggested to friends that we play a game of classic bocce and they just rolled their eyes. That was a sport for pensioners, they said! Not exactly exciting and completely lacking in action.

Almost 10 years later, the situation is quite different. Because boule and boccia have had offspring, a new hip action-packed urban trend sport that completely rethinks the time-honored throwing game and makes it attractive for millennials, twentysomethings and generally those who like to experiment: Crossboccia!

The basic principle remains the same in Crossboule, or Streetboccia as the game is still called, as in its predecessors. First you throw a small ball to mark the current target, then each player tries to place his own balls as close as possible to the target ball. Depending on the terrain you’re playing on – sand, grass, or street, for example – you also have to allow for the boules to roll after you when throwing.

You can play Crossboccia in any place and in all 3 dimensions.

Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair at CC BY 2.0

The highlight of Crossboccia is to add the third dimension to the game and expand the potential playing field to infinity. Crossboccia thus offers a special appeal to urban adventurers looking for action not only in the park, but also on park roofs, uneven terrain or in vacant industrial sites. The target ball can be thrown on a wall, in a branch fork, or on the roof of a gazebo, for example. Everything is allowed that is legal and from where you can collect your Crossboccia balls. ?

Thus, Crossboccia opens up immense freedom for players to be creative in their game design, spontaneity and the desire for discovery.

A Brief History of Crossboccia

The idea of playing boccia cross, that is, crisscrossing in three-dimensional space, has been around for a long time, and who first came up with it, no one can say. However, the classic boule balls were poorly suited for this and bounced or rolled too much.

The origin of Crossboccia in its current form is actually in Germany. Mark Caliman and Timo Beelow, two students from Wuppertal invented the appropriate throwing bodies for Crossboccia: small, hacky-sack-like cloth balls filled to about ¾ with granules. However, they went their separate ways and each launched their own product in 2008 and 2009.

Since then, Crossboccia has gained more and more fans, there have been more and more tournaments and events, and Crossboccia also gained international recognition and popularity through ispo 2010. Already one year later the first world championship took place in Duisburg. In Europe alone, there are currently already more than 50,000 crossboccia players.

Crossboccia Equipment

Crossboccia is not played with the classic bocce balls, but with bag-like balls.

Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair at CC BY 2.0

In cross bocce, you no longer throw balls (boules), but round bags that resemble hacky sacks or soft juggling balls. These also remain on stairs, slopes, wall ledges, etc.. In addition, the risk of damage to the ball or the ground during a long and hard throw is minimized due to its elasticity.

Crossboccia balls are even prepared with polyester fibers under their cotton cover so that, thrown at the right angle, they bounce off a water surface.

A Crossboccia set costs about 15-25 euros, depending on the brand and finish. So there are now glow in the dark balls for night matches.

If you buy a crossboccia set at amazon via one of the following affiliate links, you support adventure friendship – without it being a cent more expensive for you.

The Rules of Crossboccia


First, a draw is made to determine which player gets to throw the marker. He can do this in Crossboccia from any position and throw the marker to any place in the area. (Provided that the balls can be retrieved from there, so a power pole is not a good idea… ?)

In addition, this player may define the rules of the opened round. For example, he can specify that the ball must be thrown in a certain way: through the legs, over the head, over the rail, etc.

The same player may also be the first to throw one of his cue balls towards the marker. After that, the remaining players throw their first balls in a spontaneously agreed order.

Now the player whose ball is farthest away from the marker starts. He may now make his second and third throw in succession. Then it is the turn of the other players, according to the position of their first throw. Afterwards the points of this round are evaluated.

Crossboccia is especially popular with younger generations, for whom the classic bocce or boules is too old-fashioned.

Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair at CC BY 2.0


As in boules and bocce, the proximity of the cue balls to the marker determines the score. The player whose cue ball is closest to the marker scores a point. If several balls of different players are equally close to the marker, each of these players gets a point accordingly. The points are added until one of the players has at least 13 points and a lead of at least 2 points over the next best player.

Extra points

In Crossboccia, there is another way to score points, called combinations. If a player places his cue balls not only close to the marker, but in such a way that they touch, he receives extra points for this.

If two balls touch, the first of the two balls is worth one point, the second two. If the third ball is also touching, it counts for three points. So up to 6 extra points can be scored per round.

The Kill

Another special rule in cross bocce is the so-called kill. If you manage to cover at least 50% of an opponent’s ball with your own ball, you prevent that opponent’s ball from scoring any points. Nasty!

Game Objective

The winner of a Crossboccia match is the player who first emerges victorious from two sets. A set, in turn, always consists of 13 points, but is only considered won if it is won by at least a two-point difference over the next best player.

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Image source Cover photo: Crossboccia® get FREE! by Dosionair (CC BY 2.0)

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