You can make a DIY round gift box out of a Pringels tin

4. May 2019 - Anika Semmer

DIY Round Gift Box – How to Make It From a Pringles Can | Tutorial




With a hot glue gun and beautiful motif paper, a gift box gets a new lease of life. In 3 steps you can easily make a pretty DIY round gift box.

Coated on the inside, nice and round on the outside, sturdy and sealable: looking for an idea to make a DIY round gift box, my eyes fell on the Pringelsdose from last night.

It was my first creative upcycling idea with a Pringles can and there will certainly be more to come, because Pringels tins can be shortened to the ideal used size, designed as you like and I already have a few uses in mind: As a biscuit tin, spaghetti storage container, cotton pad stand, office organiser, New Year’s Eve table bomb and junk or jewellery box.

Upcycling – giving a disposable object like an old biscuit tin, tin cans, crown caps and toilet paper rolls a new use – I think it’s great anyway!  You can find some of my upcycling ideas with instructions on Abenteuer Freundschaft, some of them I made with my niece and they are very easy to make, for example a snowman made of crown caps, a Easter bunny with toilet paper rolls and a stars made of loo rolls, a Advent calendar in a jar and candle holders made from recycled glass and Halloween lanterns made from tin cans.

Everything you need to make a DIY round gift box out of a tin can can be found in craft shops or on amazon*. It is worth using high-quality, beautiful motif paper so that the recipient can continue to use the gift box. Can you ever have enough boxes?

How to Craft a DIY Round Gift Box From a Pringles Can

Material List*

How to Make a DIY Round Gift Box

Making a DIY round gift box is not difficult if you use a Pringels can for it.

With hot glue the round gift box is quickly made

1. Shorten and Clean the Pringles Can

You can make a round gift box from the Pringels tin that is exactly the length you need. It is 25 cm long and has a diameter of 24.5 cm.

First cut the box with a bread knife to the desired length and correct the cut edge with the scissors. Then wipe out the inside and remove any chip residue.

2. Cut the Motif Card and Velvet Ribbon

To make a DIY round gift box out of a tinsel box you need some nice cardboard and velvet ribbon.

Cut the Pringles can and the cardboard to the right size

Now measure the length and use the triangle to mark the rectangle on the motif cardboard that you will use to wrap the Pringels box. The width is 24.5 cm. Now cut 2 pieces of velvet ribbon 25 cm long, one piece 26 cm long and one piece 6 cm long.

3. Stick on the Pringles Can

It's not hard to make a round gift box out of a tinsel box and it's even more beautiful with a velvet border.

Accurately stick the velvet border on the round gift box

Now glue the bottom edge of the gift box flush with the motif cardboard. I used a hot glue gun for this, as the cardboard should stick to the box as quickly as possible and it worked well. At the bottom and top of the edges of the Pringels box, glue a border with the two 25 cm long red velvet ribbons. I let the velvet ribbon protrude about 4 mm above the edge of the gift box at the top, so I glued the top edge completely.

You can make a round gift box out of a Pringels can with a loop on the lid to make it easy to open.

Lid with loop to make the gift box easy to open

Now glue the 26 cm long velvet ribbon as a border around the outer edge of the lid. Now the lid closes well. Finally, glue the two ends of the 6 cm long velvet ribbon together as a loop and glue it to the piece of ribbon on the lid where the glued ribbon overlaps. Pull the loop to open the round gift box.

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