You can create your own DIY Christmas gift tags with a star made from a toilet roll.

21. December 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Make DIY Christmas Gift Tags with Toilet Paper Roll Stars | Tutorial




It works last minute, looks great and the centrepiece is made from a simple loo roll. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make these DIY Christmas gift tags yourself.

With a little creativity and dexterity, anyone can make these DIY Christmas gift tags. All you need is kraft paper – or blank tags – with yarn, gold spray paint, a hot glue gun and a loo roll!

If you take a look at the craft ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft, you’ll quickly realise that upcycling – giving items that would otherwise be thrown away a new use – is a source of inspiration for me. And in an inconspicuous loo roll there are lots of new uses for Christmas! For example, as a Christmas star made from loo rolls or Snowflake as an advent calendar made from loo rolls.

What You Need*

How to Create a Create a DIY Christmas Gift Tag with a Toilet Paper Roll Star

Make your own DIY Christmas gift tags with a loo roll and hot glue

Turn a loo roll into the star on the gift tag

1. Cut and Bend the Loo Roll

First cut a loo roll as accurately as possible into 1 cm wide rings – you will get 9. For a star you need 8 rings.

Now fold two rings so that there are three even loops and fold them – these are the 6 large prongs sticking out.

The three small prongs in the gaps are each made of one ring. To do this, cut it open, fold the cardboard strip once in the middle and the end piece again to the crease in the middle. This way you get a strip with 4 creases and cut ¼ off. Now fold one loop between each of the folds until you have three loops. Now repeat this 5 times.

2. Make a Star

In keeping with the Christmas season, you can make your own DIY Christmas gift tags from a loo roll.

Use hot glue to fix the individual parts together

Use the hot glue gun (or all-purpose glue) to glue the large star together from the two halves. Then press the pre-folded small prongs into the desired shape and glue them in between.

3. Finish the DIY Christmas Gift Tag

A quick idea for making DIY Christmas gift tags at Christmas.

The gift tags with stars without gold spray paint

Now place the newspaper underneath and spray the outside of the star with golden lacquer.

While the star is drying, you can write on the gift tag. Finally, glue the star to the top left of the gift tag using the hot glue gun.

You don’t just want to make Christmas gift tags yourself, but are looking for more ideas for Christmas? Find inspiration for finding gifts and brilliant tips for activities with kids, friends and your partner at Abenteuer Freundschaft!

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