An toilet roll Advent calendar in the shape of a snowflake is not difficult to make

17. November 2018 - Anika Semmer

Toilet Roll Advent Calendar as a Beautiful Snowflake | Tutorial




With these step-by-step instructions, you can make a beautiful toilet roll Advent calendar as a decorative snowflake to hang up.

Toilet rolls are a real insider tip for crafting and they are perfect for an advent calendar that is inexpensive to make and looks beautiful. This year, I wanted to make a practical toilet roll Advent calendar that you can hang up and that is also a beautiful Christmas decoration. So the construction has to be sturdy so that the loo rolls can withstand the weight of the filling. You can find out how I did this in the step-by-step instructions.

My crafting tools and the materials I used are clearly listed in the materials list. Everything you need for crafting can be found in craft shops or on amazon*. The most expensive item are the advent calendar stickers (yes, seriously :-)), here it is worth buying nice stickers – they cost just one euro more.

This toilet roll Advent calendar is not my first upcycling project for Christmas decoration! By the way, last year I made toilet roll poinsettias, have a look at this tutorial. 🙂

What You Need*

How to Make a Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

Making an Advent calendar together, by the way, is also one of the best activities with kids to do in late autumn.

1. Cut and Paint Cardboard Covers and Loo Rolls

You need 26 of these for the toilet roll Advent calendar

Run around loo roll for the Advent calendar lids

Circle the toilet roll for the Advent calendar lids. For this Advent calendar made of toilet rolls you need 48 round cardboard circles that close the tubes on the back and are the foldable Advent calendar doors on the front. To do this, circle a loo roll 48 times on cardboard – you can get a 33 cm x 33 cm piece exactly right.

Then cut two loo rolls lengthwise into three equal parts.

First paint the toilet roll Advent calendar completely white

Paint it with white acrylic paint as opaque and undiluted as possible

Now lay out newspaper and paint the outside of the loo rolls, the shish kebabs and the lids on both sides with white acrylic paint.

The drying time is 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the room temperature and humidity.

2. Make the Snowflake

To make the Advent calendar, staple the individual loo rolls together in the shape of a snowflake.

It is easy to staple the loo rolls together with a mini stapler

To fix the loo rolls in the shape of the snowflake, a mini stapler is best (a conventional stapler is wider and hardly fits in a loo roll). Use it to staple 6 x 3 loo rolls together in the shape of a triangle about 2 cm below the edge of the loo roll. For the middle part, staple 6 loo rolls together in the shape of a circle.

The arms of the snowflake are the 6 thirds of the loo roll pieces. Staple these connecting pieces to the contact points of the toilet rolls about 1 cm below the edges of the front side. For this, the tip of the triangle should point outwards on each arm of the snowflake.

This toilet roll Advent calendar is cheap and easy to make.

This is how the snowflake looks when it is stapled

Now turn the snowflake onto its back side (the side where the toilet rolls were stapled together on the inside except for the connecting pieces on the front side) and close the openings of the toilet rolls with cardboard lids except for the outer toilet roll where the snowflake should hang. I used a hot glue gun for this.

The snowflake Advent calendar can be hung up as a decoration

Glue a 2 cm long piece of sashlik skewer to both ends of the ribbon

I punched two holes in an outer loo roll with the revolver punch pliers, threaded a red ribbon through it and glued it inside the loo roll to a 2 cm long piece of sashlik skewer to distribute the draught.

This advent calendar can be hung up and filled with all sorts of things.

The ribbon is stabilised on the inside by the pieces of saschlik skewer lying across

Since the snowflake is supposed to hang and all the weight is on the upper arm, I additionally stabilised the six arms on the back with white painted shish kebab skewers as struts.

This advent calendar to hang and fill with things should be constructed sturdily.

Glue the shish kebabs in place with hot glue, this provides stability

3. Finish Making the Front of the Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

Each door of the toilet roll Advent calendar is glued with a number.

Finally, glue the numbers in the middle of the Advent calendar doors

Now only the front is missing. Align the snowflake on the table so that the arm you want to hang it on is pointing vertically upwards – this makes it easier to attach the little doors exactly in the middle of the loo rolls.

Use a hole punch to punch small holes in the remaining 24 doors, thread an approx. 1.5 cm long piece of dark red satin ribbon through them and stick it to the top centre of the loo rolls. Finally, stick the Advent calendar stickers on the lids – I used a sticker set from Paper Poetry.

To fill the Advent calendar from loo rolls here adult Advent calendar fillings for inspiration.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find more instructions for advent calendars to make yourself! From the Advent calendar in a jar to the stackable origami Advent calendar. Or just check out our overview of Christmas gift ideas.

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