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10 Most Beautiful DIY Advent Calendar Kits to Fill Yourself




DIY Advent calendar kits are worthwhile for all those who are looking for an Advent calendar to fill yourself, but do not have time to craft one from scratch. Here are the 10 most beautiful Advent calendar kits to buy!

An Advent calendar is more beautiful the more personalized it is. That’s why I find Advent calendars to fill yourself are a nicer gift than ready filled with chocolate or candy. Especially great but time-consuming are completely homemade Advent calendars, for this you can find on Abenteuer Freundschaft various tutorials for example to Advent calendar from toilet rolls tinker.

Many simply do not have the time and leisure for hours to tinker, but want to give their children, partner or friends but a personal Advent calendar. And for the filling with all sorts of personal and creative things goes yes finally again time on it. For all those who are looking for an DIY Advent calendar kit to fill yourself, which is made quickly and makes something, we have 10 Advent calendar kits compiled. Our evaluation criteria: they all have to convince the aesthetic, appeal to different tastes and the price-performance ratio must be right. The order does not represent a ranking.

The 10 Most Beautiful DIY Advent Calendar Kits

1. Mrs. Wonderful – DIY Advent Calendar With 24 Boxes

This is the simple and super-fix variant of an DIY Advent calendar kit: the crafting consists only of folding the 24 stylish gift boxes. In return, the design is really appealing with the round indentations of the boxes, the different patterns and slightly varied numbers. A little cheaper, by the way, there is this Advent calendar craft set in gray design.

2. Advent Village DIY Kit

The studied designer Franziska Kühne has designed two really nice Advent calendar craft sets in the form of books with detachable craft sheets. In this one, 24 paper houses of a small Advent village can be made and decorated.In addition to the houses, which are filled with sweets or other small gifts, this Advent calendar craft set also includes other decorative elements to create a complete village landscape.

3. Gift Animals to Hang

The other craft set by Franziska Bühne is also enormously lovingly designed and invites you to get creative yourself and finish the Advent calendar according to your own ideas. Here it is 24 cute little animals made of paper, which serve as gift bags and can be hung on a string, for example.

4. Advent Box Chain with Nordic Patterns

This Advent calendar for hanging is also very decorative in the living room: A chain of 24 differently designed gift boxes with Scandinavian patterns and motifs such as reindeer, snowflakes, angels and Christmas trees. Special extra: when ordering, you can have one of the boxes printed with a desired first name and thus personalized!

5. DIY Itenga Advent Calendar in Box Format

Simple yet stylish, this Advent calendar comes along: In a box to stand up you stack the 24 gift boxes like building blocks. The number stickers you can stick yourself on the different sized boxes, depending on which day you need more space for the gifts.

6. Owl or Reindeer Advent Calendar of the Company Papierdrachen

For the life of me, I can’t decide who I think is cuter, so the little owls share this spot with the reindeer. In both cases, it is brown paper bags that can be decorated with the included craft materials and transformed into the droll animals. For closing serve small wooden lambs, on which you can also hang the bags, if you want.

7. Fabric Bags to Design Yourself

I wouldn’t endure a list of DIY Advent calendar kits that didn’t include a cloth bag option, because that’s exactly the kind of Advent calendar I had as a kid. Also included are baker’s twine and little wooden pegs to hang, plus number stickers of course. In addition to these, but theoretically you can also further stickers (eg gold stars) or patches on the fabric bags and make them so individual.

8. Unicorn Magic Forest Advent Calendar

This craft set is the perfect choice for all unicorn fans, of which there are quite a few! The 24 finished gift bags represent 8 unicorns, 12 magic trees and 4 gifts, all in 2 designs each, so that at the end of the craft session you have a real little fairy tale forest in front of you.

9. DIY Advent Calendar Kit as a Christmas Train

This Advent calendar represents a cute little Christmas train with 4 wagons, each of which transports 6 tiny gift packages. He can be easily and quickly tinkered by plugging together already pre-cut cardboard parts and decorate them appropriately with the included stickers.

10. Advent Calendar from Boxes

Cubic, practical, good. That seems to be the motto of this simple, but just therefore appealing DIY Advent calendar kits. For all those who think nothing of kitsch and are allergic to too much flourish and ornamentation, perhaps the ideal variant in reduced and natural design.

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Image Source Cover Photo: Printable Advent Calendar by Tina D at CC BY 2.0

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