A different way to play Yahtzee - Yahtzee variants with tasks and additional rules

1. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

Yahtzee Variations – Dice Game With Tasks, as a Drinking Game or Oracle




Yahtzee is an absolute classic dice game. With a little imagination and fun tasks, you can spice up the dice game as an oracle, a drinking game or an interactive game. This a some fun Yahtzee Variations.

Yahtzee – The Classic Dice Game

Dice cup, 5 dice, playing block and pen – that’s all you need for one of the most well-known dice games: Yahtzee. In this game, you roll the dice in turn and fulfil combinations of throws, which are noted with points on the game block. There are 2 blocks to be fulfilled: as often as possible the same number in the upper block and figures like streets (e.g. 1-2-3-4 or 2-3-4-5-6) or e.g. full house (2-2-5-5 or 4-4-4-1-1). When all the squares of the game block are filled in, the player with the highest score wins.

Yahtzee Variations – Dice Game With Tasks

Before the first round begins, everyone thinks about a task that the person who rolls a certain combination of numbers first has to do and marks the chosen combination of numbers on the block. Alex, for example, thinks that the first person to roll a full house will pantomime playing an object from the house until the other players have guessed it. If they don’t guess it, the mime gets 0 points. Julia writes down 4 questions that the first person to roll a four of a kind must answer, etc.

Other Ideas for Tasks

  • Pasch of 4: honestly answer 2 personal questions of the teammates
  • Full House: pantomime an object from the house
  • Yahtzee: answer a challenging quiz question
  • Little Street: balance a distance on a string e.g. along the corridor
  • Large street: crawl a distance backwards on all fours

Yathzee as a Drinking Game

Yahtzee is also suitable as a drinking game. In this variation, you simply need to provide enough drinks – alcohol and anti-alc and have a glass ready for everyone. With each Yahtzee  – 5 times the same number of points – the person who rolled it may distribute the number of points of his Yahtzee as sips to his fellow players. In a big street, everyone raises their glass to their lips and takes a sip – the slowest must finish the glass. If you roll a chance, you refill all the glasses. At a full house there is a mixed drink for everyone to drink etc.

Yahtzee as an Oracle

Admittedly – this is one of the quite exotic and crazy Yathzee variations… 🙂

But doesn’t the dice and the throw of fate perhaps hold the answer to a longed-for question after all?

The oracle always answers – with a yes or no! To do this, you write a simple question next to the requirements, such as: have I already met the great love of my life or does life still have a surprise in store for me this month? If you fulfil the request, the oracle answers with a yes, if you don’t, it means a clear no. The fun of the game stands and falls with original and open questions – it’s best to take questions to which you really have an answer.

Have fun with these Yahtzee variations!

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