The mexican dice game is one of the most entertaining and popular dice games and is often played at parties, also as a drinking game.

22. February 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Mexican Dice Game – Who Bluffs Best? | Game Rules


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The Mexican Dice game is one of the most popular and fun board games – and all you need are 2 dice!

What the one his Mexican Dice Game is the other his Meiern! Or Meterpeter, Mexico, 21 Bluff – the Mexican Dice game has regionally quite a few names in Germany and across the world, which is already an indication of its wide distribution and high popularity.

No wonder, because the Mexican Dice game, combines everything that makes a good game: a bit of luck, a bit of tactics and above all a lot of fun!

An additional advantage is that the Mexican Dice game is suitable for just about all ages. I enjoyed playing it as an elementary school student, but also much later as a college student 😉

Mexican Dice Game – Game Rules

  • Game type: Dice game, bluffing game
  • Age: approx. from 10 (with drinking of course from 18)
  • Players: min. 3
  • Duration: arbitrary
  • Accessories: 2 dice, dice cup, 1 base, e.g. a beer mat
  • Game Objective: Fool the others and do not get fooled 😉


Principle of the Mexican Dice Game

The players sit in a circle and roll the dice in turn with the dice cup on the base, with the youngest player starting. He looks under the dice cup and now says the value according to the rules. But he may also lie for all he’s worth!

Now he passes the dice cup to the next player. If the player believes him, he must now roll a higher value or lie about it to the next player. If a player doubts that his predecessor is telling the truth, he can ask to see and raise the dice cup.

If the previous player actually lied, he gets a penalty point; if the other player falsely accused him, the penalty point goes to him. In either case, it is now the player who revealed’s turn to roll the dice and must now also not get over a previous value.

The Values and Their Probabilities

For the correct reading of the values, there are fixed rules in the dice game Mäxchen:

  1. If the dice show different digits, the higher one always counts as the tens digit. If you throw, for example, 1 and 3, this results in 31.
  2. Two identical numbers count as doubles, for example, twice the 5 as 5s doubles. The doubles are counted as higher values than all other numbers (with one exception).
  3. As the highest value counts 2 + 1, called Mäxchen, Meier, Mäxle or simply Twenty-one.

A Twenty-One can not be outbid. If a player claims to have rolled a Twenty-One and the next believes him, he can tap once briefly on the dice cup and then pass it on. If the next player uncovers and there is no maexchen underneath, the person who passed the dice gets the penalty point.

Mexican Dice Game – Ascending Values with Probabilities

31, 32, 41, 42, 43, 51, 52, 53, 54, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 – Probability of each: 1/18.

1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6 – probability each: 1/36

21 – probability: 1/18

Game Objective and Additional Rules

Not only from the name, the Mexican Dice game has numerous variants. Already in the question of when the game is over, there are different ways of playing.

Variant 1: At a fixed number of penalty points, for example 10, a player is eliminated and you play until one remains as a winner. For this one can hand out e.g. also at the beginning to everyone 10 matches as lives and the punishment consists in taking away in each case a match. Or one paints for each player a small gallows man.

Variant 2: You just play open end, or as long as everyone wants to. This is usually the case when Mexican DiceM is played as a drinking game. Instead of a penalty point, the player in question must drink a shot. But you can also play open end without alcohol and write down penalty points. Won then the player or players with the fewest.

More Additional Rules to Make the Mexican Dice Game More Exciting or Simply to Vary

  • You play with 2 different colored dice, one of which always indicates the tes value, one the units value. Thus, there is a longer value series with lowest value 23.
  • The 42 is not ranked, but counts as the highest value “double 21” or “Hamburger”.
  • Whoever believes his foreplayer may look at his throw (without revealing to the others whether the announcement was really true). Either way, however, he must roll the dice or announce a higher value.
  • 21 can be outbid yet and with 31. If someone actually rolls this, or another believes the player this, the value series starts from the beginning.
  • Also an equally high value to that of the predecessor is accepted.
  • The double throws are ranked and interpreted as eleven, twenty-two, etc.
  • A different, randomly rolled value is set as the new “mäxchen” in each round. This can quickly lead to confusion and just therefore a lot of fun. 🙂
  • Each dropped dice is punished with a penalty point (or schnapps).
  • If the dice are on top of each other, this counts as a “Riedo” and must be revealed immediately. All (!) Players receive a minus point or must drink a shot.

With a little imagination, you can also think of other creative rules and variants yourself. In any case, the Mexican Dice game makes a lot of fun and is perfect as a party game for just about all ages.

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