The best 10 carnival party ideas for a party to remember.

17. February 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Carnival Party Ideas to Make Your Party Legendary




Make your carnival party a legendary event! With these carnival party ideas, the right atmosphere will arise and your friends or family will be thrilled.

Carnival  is the famous 13th month in Germany and has many names. In this crazy time, everything is under the motto: Love, laughter, merriment. Finally, we can live out our childhood dreams and slip into the roles of cowgirls and cowboys, tough cops and our personal superheroes. What counts is boundless fun and madness and with this Carnival party ideas you bring the carnival to your home.

10 Ingenious Carnival Party Ideas to Rock Your Party

With these tips you can easily make your carnival party legendary!

1. Make Sure You Have Spare Accessories and Costumes

Carnival party ideas for more fun

RussFurrence 2014 by Alex “Khaki” Vance at CC BY 2.0

At every party there is the guest who forgets the most important thing. At a carnival party, this means he comes undisguised, without make-up in his everyday outfit. Sure – if you don’t want to dress up, you don’t have to. But as the mood rises and lots of brilliantly dressed-up and made-up friends arrive, everyone will eventually be happy when you whip out some accessories. If you still have costumes from previous years, make sure you have them ready. They also make great decorations!

Super accessories that go down well are stick-on beards, crazy glasses and wigs.

2. Have Make-up Ready

At carnival it is often still cold and rainy. So it’s worth waiting until the party to apply more elaborate masks. Besides, putting on make-up together is fun. Be prepared for guests forgetting their make-up or not having any at all – like most men. Just have the most important make-up utensils and good make-up ready: it usually doesn’t take long for someone to reach for the make-up.

It pays to buy good make-up for beautiful results. And it also pays to wash it off – professional make-up can be removed easily, is kind to the skin and does not itch.

3. Give Your Fancy Dress Party a Theme

Your friends love to dress up and have a fund of costumes and accessories? Encourage them to show their creativity by choosing a theme for your fancy dress party. It’s best to choose a theme that leaves a lot of room for imagination: like sea (Caribbean, pirates, sea creatures, sea monsters, sea gods, sailors, etc.) or neon party, fairy tale, fantasy. If you decide on a theme party, then you should let your friends know early so that they can prepare for it!

4. Announce a Winner as the Carnival Party Highlight

Whether it’s themed or not, choosing a winner for the most successful disguise is a party highlight that can be planned well. Prizes are a special incentive for everyone to give their best. Even if the prize is just a gag and you symbolically crown your party king – or queen. At a larger party, you can make it even more grandiose: you let all the guests vote on who the winner is.

5. Prepare Party Games That Break the Ice

A carnival party is a fun and lively affair. Especially if not all party guests know each other, groups tend to form and you should have a few tricks up your sleeve to break the ice. Simple get-to-know-you and drinking games with cards or dice, which you can also play in large groups. If the carnival party is full to bursting, the classic game Activity will also get the party rolling.

6. Clear the Stage for the Carnival Song Karaoke

“Echte Fründe ston zesamme, ston zesamme su wie eine Jott un Pott.”

Carnival songs belong to every real carnival party. Belt out your favourite songs together at a carnival song karaoke. On the internet there are free programmes that you can use to create karaoke versions of songs yourself. Or you can use Youtube or an app.

7. Host Your Own Carnival Speech Poetry Slam

For real carnival fans, carnival speeches are simply part of the game. Have you already tried it yourself or are some of your friends or family members rhyming revelers? With a Carpet Speech Poetry Slam, your carnival party is sure to become legendary. Because a real programme with performances is simply brilliant.

There are ready-made Talks to rehearse – even if self-written Bütten always beat them, of course.

8. Create a Party Atmosphere With Carnival Decorations

Decoration is enormously important for a good party atmosphere: not only at theme parties. With garlands, funny knick-knacks, confetti, balloons, disco balls or decorations matching the theme, you can transform a room into a party location.

At carnival, everything is allowed! And colourful, lush decorations also influence our mood and put us in a good mood. Sharp, colourful and more is more: that’s carnival! Think of decorations for tables, ceilings, walls and lamps with lanterns, garlands, balloons, confetti bombs, streamers and candles.

Hang your old costumes on the wall as decoration and also accessories like Venetian masks are a perfect decoration for your legendary carnival party!

9. Arrange a Colourful Buffet for Thirsty and Hungry Revellers

Carnival includes doughnuts, Americans and Mutzen. The delicious pastries should not be missing from your carnival party. You should also organise crisps and nibbles, sweets and savoury party snacks. To make your work easier and offer lots of delicious treats, just ask your friends to contribute something to the buffet. For a theme party, of course, match the theme!

At carnival, the alcohol flows! Make sure you have a large supply of draught beer, sparkling wine, ingredients for funny cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. With special bowls and fancy cocktails to match the theme, you can give your carnival party that special alcoholic icing on the cake.

10. Think of the Kids Too

At carnival, parents are allowed to celebrate exuberantly instead of just taking care of their kids. So that the little ones don’t miss out on the fun, make sure that several children of a similar age are present. It’s best to decorate a corner of the room or the adjoining room in a child-friendly way. Provide colouring books, mandalas, balloons and carnival accessories such as plastic guns and magic wands. Then the adults take turns supervising the children. Ideally, one of the adults should play a few carnival games with the children.

Many children love dressing up and can spend hours doing so. If you are expecting several families with children, ask the parents to bring their old children’s costumes. Put them all in a trunk. The little imaginative explorers will be delighted. 

Still looking for a good costume?Take a look at our tips for partner costumes, group-costumes and family costumes. Get inspired with more carnival party ideas with our unique party ideas. And even if you don’t have one coming up, you can find tips for activities with friends, with your partner or with your family.

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