These best family costumes make every family look great

16. February 2017 - Anika Semmer

35 Best Family Costumes - For Kids, Teens and Awesome Parents




Every family is a special team. And it’s not just the little ones who love to dress up fancy at carnival. These 35 best family costumes are the best group costumes for young and old!

Kids just love to dress up! Carnival and Halloween are therefore almost as great celebrations for them as their birthday. To slip into the role of a pirate, to become an astronaut or to be a hobbit for once – for children, dressing up is still a very special experience in which they can live out their imagination. Of course, it’s even nicer when their parents are also carnival enthusiasts and the whole family celebrates the fifth season! With a common costume motto, the whole family can present itself as one team!

The kids are just on fire for Star Wars… the Smurfs… the Minions… or dream of making the seas unsafe as pirates? And the family visit to the carnival procession and carnival party are on the agenda – so why not pick up on the children’s enthusiasm and implement their current passion as a special family costume?  

Many adults look forward to carnival like snow kings and have a fund of great costumes. There are so many celebrities, movie heroes and themes they can portray along with their family. Often all they need to do is buy a few accessories and supplies or complementary costumes. Talented hobbyists and creative handworkers create ingenious costumes that are unique with enough time. For anyone who does not have the time for this, it is worth buying matching family costumes or accessories. 

These 35 ideas are a best of the most unusual, fun and beautiful family costumes.

Famous Families as Family Costumes

1. Flintstone family

2. Simpson family

3. Addams Family

4. A terribly nice family

5. The Flodders

6. The star wars family

7. Mickey Mouse family

8. Smurfs family

9. Daenerys Tagaryen and her dragons

10. Angry Birds family

11. The Incredibles

12. Minions

Best Family Theme Costumes

13. Superhero family

14. Bank robber with treasure

15. Alice in Wonderland

16. Harry Potter and his friends

17. Cowboy family

18. Maya the Bee Family

19. Pirate family

20. Indian family

21. Elf family

22. Inuit family

23. Bavarian family in traditional costumes 

24. Royal family

25. Snow White, Prince & 7 Dwarfs

26. Alien family

27. Lord of the Rings family

28. Neverland

29. Winnie the Pooh and his friends

30. Space Familiy

31. Creepy ghosts family

32. Ninja family

33. Cute monster family

34. Kangaroo family

35. Zombie family

You’re looking for more costume tips? Then check out our tips for group costumes and partner costumes! In addition, at Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find leisure ideas for activities with friends, as a couple or with the family, regardless of the occasion.

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Picture source cover image: by Kipp Jones at CC BY 2.0

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