Bachelorette Belly Tray Filling ideas

26. August 2018 - Anika Semmer

Bachelorette Belly Tray Filling – 30 Ingenious Ideas


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The belly tray is the classic Bachelorette game in Germany! It’s fun, provides a programme and boosts the Bachelorette coffers. Of course, it also needs the right Bachelorette belly tray fillng filling.

The Bachelorette is ready, fully organised, the vendor’s tray is already there – but what goes in it? Which Bachelorette belly tray filling is an absolute must-have? Are there limits, what sells particularly well and what do the bride and girls have the most fun with?

At the Bachelorette, the bride carries a belly tray with her as a portable sales stand and during your Bachelorette tour she sells the items it contains to boost the Bachelorette coffers.

The rule is: there are no limits to your imagination! But there is a big, fat but! Because you should think carefully about going for particularly lucrative items, getting creative, selling raunchy and embarrassing items and how much of a fool the bride has to make of herself. Because the belly tray is notorious and only brings maximum fun if the bride likes to do such things – best to ask carefully beforehand! And don’t forget: Traditionally, it is the bride who carries the vendor’s tray and sells, haggles and trades with the precious contents – but all the other girls should support her from the very first minute!

And what do you put in the belly tray? Anything that is easy to transport, can be sold at a profit and ensures fun and a full Bachelorette cash box!

30 Great Bachelorette Belly Tray Filling Ideas

They exist: the absolute classics of Bachelorette belly tray fillings. Most of them sell well – they’re classics! Most of the items you will sell to young men (the more alcoholised the more generous) and men are always up for alcohol. So alcohol is the top tip for your core business and you should get plenty of it to fill the vendor’s tray. It’s best to buy big packs of knockers and sell them individually – that way the profit margin is the biggest! And many men are also willing to spring for a few funny tasks with the pretty bride!

Women are a bit more choosy – practical and nicely packaged Bachelorette belly tray fillings go down particularly well here. Little samples, decorated with bows – all this pays off in cash and looks much nicer in the belly tray!

The general rule is: buy cheap in bulk and sell on individually – that way you’ll get at least double the profit. With one litre of good alcohol from the supermarket you can fill many shots and the profit will pay off!

Make sure the vendor’s tray is not too heavy! Because the bride has to carry it around for hours – nobody wants back pain. Another reason for using the said light disposable plastic syringes and against alcohol in heavy glass bottles…

  1. Knockers and mini shots – alcohol always goes!
  2. Disposable syringes filled with alcohol – looks pretty and goes down well
  3. Piccolo champagne bottles
  4. Jello with vodka in small shot glasses
  5. Alcohol testers
  6. Sweets – with or without chocolate depending on the weather, individually wrapped
  7. Funny sweets joke articles
  8. Condoms – with flavour, nubs, in XXXL – they always go down well with the man and are available in every drug store
  9. Chewing gum
  10. Homemade baked goods – e.g. muffins, waffles, biscuits, puff pastry – but not too much, because many passers-by are suspicious of homemade food from strangers.
  11. Heart balloons
  12. Party glasses – the crazier the better
  13. Accessories for selfies
  14. Stick-on moustaches
  15. Joke articles from the $1 shop
  16. Firecrackers and firecrackers
  17. Confetti cannons
  18. Shower gel, shampoo and perfume samples from the drugstore
  19. Soap bubbles
  20. Pins with funny sayings
  21. Hawaii chains
  22. Whistles
  23. Fabric flowers
  24. Glow sticks
  25. Sparklers
  26. Lipsticks
  27. Make-up stuff
  28. Hair ribbons
  29. Vouchers for kisses and selfies with the bride
  30. Tickets for a main prize – e.g. a party package

Many of these items are available for little money, for example at amazon*! Here are a few ideas:

Find even more Bachelorette ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft! From the fun Bachelorette game Swap Yourself Up and many more Bachelorette games to all sorts of other activities with friends.

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