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26. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Bachelor Party Games - 10 Most Funny Tasks and Games


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Collect kisses, slip into crazy costumes or fulfil funny tasks – these Bachelor party games and tasks ensure a memorable stag party!

Goodbye being single! Funny, embarrassing costumes, winding up with the soon-to-be married yoke and mastering lots of tasks that are definitely taboo once the ring is on your finger: Bachelor party games for which the bride and groom have to really get down to it make for a legendary stag party with lots of fun.

But beware, some people dread such a Bachelor party and you should definitely find out when choosing and planning the Bachelor party games for the bride and groom whether they enjoy performing JGA tasks that could be embarrassing. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find non-awkward JGA games like the Bachelor Party Game Swap High, for all those for whom these Bachelor party tasks are nothing.

The Bachelor party is the last chance for the bride and groom to once again flirt with others and do things that only the unforgiven do in good conscience. It’s the occasion where the bride can have a blast with her favourite girls and the groom can have a blast with his best mates and say goodbye to being single with a bang. Granted, not all of these crazy JGA tasks are right for everyone and it’s up to you to choose the JGA games that bring maximum fun when planning. Here you will find the 10 best Bachelor party games and tasks that will definitely make for a memorable Bachelor party! 😉

The Best 10 Bachelor Party Games and Tasks for Brides-to-Be

Bachelor party games are part of a wild hen party

Ann’s hen night (23) by Pazit Polak at CC BY 2.0

1. Free Me!

For this, the bachelor/ette is chained up in a busy square and the Bachelor party task is to convince passers-by to make a donation to free him/her. Ideally, the bride-to-be wears a convict suit and is handcuffed and the bride literally has a big, heavy block on her leg from which she must free herself.

2. The Complainer and Know-It-All

Don’t drive too fast in the 30 zone, wearing a bicycle helmet is compulsory and you should educate your child properly. Totally annoying! This task is all about nagging and nagging and the future owner has to take on the role of the notorious know-it-all, rebuke and nag and address 10, at most 20 passers-by in this way. The joke is to come up with the most absurd complaints possible for nagging!

  • A mother scolds her child – interfere!
  • A man buys flowers – not the right ones, of course!
  • You can only hop on one leg in this street today!
  • How? They don’t separate their rubbish and just throw it into a normal rubbish bin?

3. Give Me Your Number, Baby

For this Bachelor party task, the bachelor/ette wears a white T-shirt that will be described in the course of the Bachelor party. They have to approach passers-by and collect telephone numbers, which they write on the T-shirt with their names – the aim is to get a number for each letter of the alphabet from the opposite sex. In another variation, the bride is given a white T-shirt to start with, on which you draw boxes to cut out. Each box is labelled with an amount of money – of course, some boxes are quite expensive! In return for the money due, men are then allowed to cut out boxes…

4. Photo Tasks for Creative People

For this you need a Polaroid camera or a smartphone instant printer. Now the bachelor / bachelorette sells photos of themselves and the whole Bachelor party and raises money for your Bachelor party fund.

Is your bachelor / bachelorette wearing a funny costume or looking super cute? Another task is to form a letter together with people of the opposite sex and take a photo with the smartphone until the name of the bride-to-be is written.

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5. Do It for Me!

Prepare 10 cards with funny tasks. In this Bachelor party game, the bachelor must convince 10 passers-by to do these tasks for him/her.

  • Sing me my favourite song!
  • Make me a really stupid compliment!
  • Do a sexy strip dance / tap dance for me!
  • Get my age right!
  • Make me up!
  • Do a headstand with me while drinking a knocker!
  • Make me a juicy scene in the pedestrian zone!
  • Tell me an erotic anecdote from your life!
  • Write a pet name on my belly that fits me super!
  • Whisper a (raunchy) secret in my ear!

6. Collect or Sell Kisses and Hugs

Made-up lips are important! Otherwise, you can also extend the rules of this Bachelor party task by also allowing hugs and kisses to be sold by everyone at the bachelor’s Bachelor party. It’s even funnier if you specify from the start that there has to be at least one kiss from someone very fat, someone very old, someone incredibly hot and someone absolutely unsexy, etc.

7. The Bachelor Party Jungle Camp

There are delicacies of a different kind for sale in the belly shop. Willing passers-by pay to eat snacks like roasted grasshoppers etc.

Bachelor party games set the mood and party atmosphere

Chris’ Stag Night 044 by David Carter at CC BY 2.0

8. The Guinea Pig

Passers-by get to decide for a donation what the prospective has to do / what happens: make her / him up, paint her / his toenails / shave a leg, sing, do some auditioning etc.

9. Collecting Trophies

One of the Bachelor party games that needs persuasion skills! The task is to collect as many trophies as possible from the opposite sex, for which the Bachelor party squad will donate an amount depending on their value. The simple classic: collect labels from boxer shorts / briefs or and bras / thongs. By far more difficult and slippery: conning off bras, thongs, pants.

10. Belly Tray of Embarrassing Paraphernalia

The belly tray is an absolute classic and actually the golden rule here is: everything goes in that can be sold at a good profit! However, only things that fall into the category of “embarrassing” for some people go into the hawker’s tray that your bachelor/bachelorette carries. The more slippery and funny the better! And don’t forget: your bachelor / bachelorette is always allowed to take you along to hawk the rubber doll, granny’s knickers and the thong made of sugar beads!

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Image source Cover photo: Crosa unter (CC BY 2.0)

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