The Bachelorette game Swap high is huge fun

17. August 2018 - Anika Semmer

Bachelorette Game Swap High - Big Fun For the Hen Party


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Tasks and a fun Bachelorette game guarantee good entertainment and lots of fun, especially on trips to larger cities. A real alternative to the famous hawker’s tray sale is the Bachelorette game swap high With these ideas it will be really funny!

Addressing passers-by, trading, approaching people, the bride / groom does not mind at all. On the contrary: that makes her / him really fun? Then you’re looking for a communicative Bachelorette game, which provides a few funny starting ideas for many funny encounters, moments and ingenious exchange items. Tausch dich hoch is a super uncomplicated, creative, funny alternative to typical Bachelorette games such as the hawker’s tray, which serve to grab something for the Bachelorette squad or to fill up the party coffers.

At a Bachelorette to a larger city tasks and Bachelorette games belong absolutely to it, so that party atmosphere arises and it is not boring. The only exception are Bachelorette party with booked activities as a program such as Escape Games, go karting, play laser tag, make a GPS city rally or scavenger hunt, etc.. It is important that you choose Bachelorette games that please the bride / groom. We distinguish at Abenteuer Freundschaft between the following Bachelorette game types:

  1. non-embarrassing Bachelorette games
  2. Embarrassing and nasty Bachelorette games

Swap up is one of the non-awkward Bachelorette games!

This Bachelorette game is a super addition to a scavenger hunt or a GPS rally to make it more interactive. In addition, you can play Swap high super throughout the Bachelorette party and it is a Bachelorette game that is wonderful for a bachelor party with theme or to a theme / property: eg: the bride / groom works in finance or in trade or in the communications industry, usually always gets what he / she wants or just loves to haggle!

This Is How to Play the Bachelorette Game Swap High

One of the funniest Bachelorette games is swap high

Trade toy talers for confetti

The idea behind this Bachelorette game is quite simple: In the beginning, the bride / groom gets a basic stock of 3-7 different items with very low value in a bag / pouch. The goal is to exchange during the Bachelorette party the items for more valuable items (or at some point money for quite refined) and at the end to reach a group goal that you plug.

Ideas for Group Goals

  • to trade a bottle of booze for all of you at the end
  • to grab a Bachelorette trophy at the end that you think is awesome
  • to have exchanged 20 € / 50 € at the end (for born traders)
  • to exchange something funny for the treasure at home
  • 5 things to exchange that she / he will absolutely need in marriage

Witty swap items as a foundation

Before the Bachelorette, you need to think about what to get as barter items to start with. These items need to be inexpensive and able to be exchanged for higher value items! You should get about 5 funny and original items for it, which have hardly any value, but are guaranteed to make you laugh. Because we all know: Good humor and sympathy makes even unwilling buyers more willing to spend for total nonsense something of higher value!

You’ll see, as time goes by, more and more funny and absurd barter items will come into your possession and the fun factor will continue to increase! And don’t forget to think of a bag or backpack for the bride to stash her swap items in! Either bring a bag from home or browse amazon* for example.

Our Bachelorette squad wasn’t exactly shy either, so we all pinned on pins with gold coins and our bride was also allowed to use us to barter or put services like kissing, taking pictures with us girls, etc. on the line to barter up.  But that’s not required at all (although admittedly it made for great swaps :-)).

  • Party glasses, clown nose, elf ears, magic wand, etc.
  • Slip of paper with the mobile number of one / one of you who agrees
  • Play money coins
  • Underpants with funny motif
  • Fabric handkerchief from grandma
  • Kink lights
  • Favorite recipe of the bride / groom
  • Shot syringes with alcohol
  • Inflatable drink holder

Never miss a super free time idea again and like Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook and Instagram! For wedding games and special promotions like wedding darts or a wedding pinata, there’s also plenty of inspiration! Plus, of course, great activities with friends all around the year.

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