Best ideas for Advent calendar filling ideas for kids

9. November 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

111 Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Kids to Bring Joy




Do you ask yourself what to put into the Advent calendar? Find 111 Advent calendar filler ideas for kids and make their faces light up every day!

There’s no easier task than filling an advent calendar for kids, is there? Candy, candy, candy…. Wait a minute, stop! As a health-conscious parent (aunt, uncle, godparent, etc.), this may not seem so ideal to some, especially since there is so much snacking going on during Advent and Christmas anyway.

But you can delight a child every day with special surprises that are not always for snacking: For example, a toy or a voucher! So all you need are 24 ideas that are as varied as possible to fill the children’s Advent calendar with.

Let yourself be inspired by 111 ideas here 😉

111 Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Kids to Bring Joy

Candy & Treats

1. Children’s chocolate

2. Hanuta

3. Chocolate Father Christmas

4. Chocolate thalers

5. Ahoi sweets

6. Homemade biscuits

7. Gingerbread

8. Packet of sultanas or dried apple rings

9. Tangerine

10. Haribo Christmas Treats

11. Maxi Surprise eggs

12. Roasted almonds

13. Bag of pudding or jello to cook yourself

14. Salty contrast: small bag of crisps, peanuts or other snack food

Advent Calendar Filler as Decoration for the Children’s Room

15. Christmas window picture

16. Giant balloon

17. Car-shaped balloon, helicopter-shaped balloon, etc.

18. Self-luminous adhesive stars for the ceiling

19. Gemstones

20. Snow globe

21. christmas figures

22. Finger puppets

23. Streamers

24. Pictures from the family holiday

Handicrafts and DIY

25. Christmas colouring pictures

26. Stencils with Christmas motifs

27. Small colouring books

28. Wax crayons

29. Colouring pencils

30. Window colour

31. Finger paint

32. Markers

33. Children’s scissors for handicrafts

34. Eraser in beautiful shapes

35. Plasticine

36. Biscuit shapes (classic Christmas ones or e.g. from Star Wars etc.)

Small Gifts

37. Stickers

38. Flip-book

39. Toy or treat for the pet (if the child has one)

40. Soap bubbles, giant soap bubbles

41. Little Gingerbread House to Make Your Own

42. Sparklers

43. Firecrackers

44. Plaster with funny motif

45. Children’s tattoos

46. Bouncy ball

Picture books and children’s books

47. Christmas with Astrid Lindgren – The most beautiful stories

48. The little hedgehog celebrates Christmas

49. The little dragon Coconut visits Father Christmas

50. Help, the Herdmanns are coming

51. Christmas in the Elder Way


52. Snowman Kit

53. Pocket kite

54. Rose of Jericho

55. Small pocket knife (only for children of at least school age)

56. Pullback car

57. Pop Up Pirate

58. Star Wars Laser Sword

59. Fischer technology

60. Playmobil Christmas Crib

61. Magnets

62. Card game (e.g. Uno)

63. Pack of dominoes

64. Roundabout

65. JoJo

66. Wooden or metal puzzle games

67. Playtastic patience games

68. Marbles

69. Crack Frog

70. Accessories for doll kitchen / children’s kitchen

71. Dolls: things to wear, styling, accessories etc.

72. Kaleidoscope

73. Magic Towel

74. Finger monster

75. Jigsaw puzzle, if necessary with your own photo

76. Playmobil

77. Wooden building blocks

78. Animals

79. Bouncy tubes

80. Hello Kitty (Starter Set)

81. Modelling parts for plasticine figures

82. Filly horses

83. Stamps – e.g. stamp set animals

84. Fruit and vegetables made of wood or plastic

85. LED finger lights

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86. Wooden puzzle for toddlers

87. Small window pictures

88. Small magnetic drawing board

89. Magic blocks

90. Guardian angel

91. Foam cube

92. Mini cuddly toys

93. Animal figures

94. LED helicopter slingshot

95. Bathtub toys (yellow rubber duck, boat etc.)

96. Tinti bath additive

97. Sandpit toys

Useful Advent Calendar Filler

98. Reflectors for bicycle, school bag, jacket etc.

99. Bell for the scooter, wheel or bicycle

100. Pack of ink cartridges

101. Sharpener

102. Children’s toothbrush

103. Ruler

104. Mobile phone cover 

105. Magnifying glass for little discoverers

106. Small torch

Vouchers as Advent Calendar Filler Ideas

107. Carousel ride at the Christmas market

108. Tickets for a current children’s film

109. Voucher for an mp3 song

110. Voucher for the child’s favourite meal

111. Tickets for a children’s theatre

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find 24 ideas for Advent calendar Fillings for adults and instructions for making an advent calendar out of loo rolls, with origami folding boxes and many more DIY advent calendar ideas.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many Christmas gift ideas and beautiful craft ideas. The Leisure Ideas portal provides year-round inspiration for gifts and activities with kids, friends and your partner.

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Image Source Cover Photo: A few hours too early by BriYYZ at CC BY-SA 2.0.

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