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28. May 2017 - Anika Semmer

Bad Taste Theme Party – This Is How Borat Would Throw a Theme Party




Good taste has no place here! At a good Bad Taste theme party, shrill, weird, tasteless and off-beat are the order of the day. These are our tips on how to push the boundaries of good taste!

You can argue about good taste – but not about bad taste! Bright lipstick, false eyelashes, glitter eye shadow and leopard leggings are pure bad taste! The only way to top a Hawaiian shirt with adidas training pants is to wear them with tennis socks. And these are our favourites for horrendously good Bad Taste party outfits, inexpensive accessories to pimp and kitschy, gaudy party decorations!

All that a bit too much Bad Taste for you? We also have a ultimate theme party list for your inspiration.

Bad Taste Theme Party Outfit for Women – Tasteless, but Awesome!

Girls, wear thick! Every woman who has ever dreamed of gluing on long false eyelashes, rhinestones, false long fingernails – preferably in bright red or with a pattern – and wearing exactly what you would otherwise never dare, now has the opportunity to do so!

All fashion sins are not only allowed at a Bad Taste theme party, they are absolutely welcome! The more outlandish, shrill, colourful, daring, the better – and of course woman can just show up in her oldest, worn-out jogging suit with a thong hanging out and cause breathless admiration!

Bad Taste tips for the ladies

  • Colour-matching clothes!
  • Tight gaudy top with stuffed XXL bra à la Pamela Anderson with a chic platinum blonde wig and lots of make-up
  • Bodies in 80s print or plain colour, then tights and platform shoes
  • Boy band fan shirts from the 80s, 90s, 00s – from New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Caught in the Act, One Direction to…. – yes, Justin Bieber is also gaaaaanz schnuckelig!
  • Hip hop style: low-hanging jogging pants that flash the neon thong
  • Badly coloured or neon leggings or tights
  • Leggings or tights with tiger, or zebra print, there are also some with added glitter…. 😉
  • Wigs with styled, piled-up hairstyles
  • Accessories in bright colours – preferably made of plastic
  • Accessories in neon colours
  • Terrycloth sweatbands
  • Colourful thick plastic bangles and earrings
  • Plush colourful hair bands, plush animals as earrings etc.
  • Glitter, glitter, glitter!!!


Bad Taste Outfit for Men – Hey Dude?

Either put gel in your hair, unbutton your shirt – ideally combined with a fake chest hair toupee – and appear really greasy, or go for a gammellook like the Dude. Very brave Bad Taste disciples can also dare to wear a wrestling or superhero outfit. Alternatively, you can always go for the nerd – here, a few cliché accessories such as thick-framed glasses, a stuffy pollunder and trousers worn as high as possible are usually enough.

  • Bathrobe and slippers
  • Tourist with tennis socks, sandals/bathing shoes and fine-ribbed undershirt
  • Wrestler with tight preferably colourful cycling shorts – anything else makes for big eyes
  • Pants tucked into check shirt, nerd glasses, nerd hairdo
  • 80s look with colourful baggy sweatpants, boombox on the shoulder – and ideally VoKuHila
  • A Borat costume always goes, of course

Funny Bad Taste Theme Party Deco

You really don’t have to spend much money on decoration for a Bad Taste theme party. If you still have enough kitsch, junk and nostalgic treasures from bygone days hoarded in the attic, you can simply put them in the right light.

Or you can simply use Christmas decorations or old party decorations in wild combinations: The main thing is colourful, shrill and far too much: more is more! Add to that the old boy band fan posters, kitschy wall pictures or even old photos with unbelievable fashion sins…

Otherwise: cheap plastic parts that really look cheap and everything that no one buys at the flea market: all this creates the right atmosphere at your Bad Taste theme party. Have fun beyond the boundaries of good taste 😉

Theme parties bring a relaxed mood, plenty to talk about and are never a flop! At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can discover even more party ideas. You’ll also find gift inspiration and tips for activities with friends, kids and your partner.

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Image source Cover image: by Ed and Eddie at CC BY-SA 2.0.

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