The best water activities for summer

16. June 2016 - Anika Semmer

Water Activities in Summer - What You Can’t Miss


Sommerparty-Ideen und Outdoor-Spiele


Summer, sun, bathing weather. As soon as the thermometer climbs above 23 degrees, people look forward to water activities and excursions. To the lake, river or to the sea – there are some leisure activities that everyone should try out.

It’s finally summer and the swimming season is open! This means that the next excursion destinations are clear for me – in good weather, it’s off to the swimming pool, to bathing lakes, rivers and to the sea. In addition to swimming, relaxing and soaking up the sun, there are a whole host of leisure activities for water rats that make an excursion unforgettable. Chill out or be active – you are guaranteed not to get bored!

1. Water Activities at the Bathing Lake

Whether you are going to the bathing lake as a couple or with a group: there are endless leisure activities with which you can have fun at the lake. Since you are going to the lake by bike, car or public transport, you should check in advance that you have everything you need for a day at the lake. Here you will find a swimming fun checklist with the basic equipment you should not forget.

Lakeside Sports

There is almost no outdoor sport that you can’t do at the lake. That’s why you’ll find a list of the best sporting activities here.

  • All ball sports (volleyball, soccer, handball etc.)
  • Frisbee, Free Frisbee
  • Hiking (around the lake or to the lake), jogging, Nordic walking
  • Cycling, roller skating, skating, BMX
  • Slacklining
  • Capoeira, Zumba, Bokwa

Wasser Fun at the Lake

Discover the underwater world of German lakes and have water fun snorkelling.

Water fun snorkelling and diving

Once at the lake, it’s time to get into the cool water. While swimming, diving or snorkelling, a real holiday atmosphere comes up. Snorkelling in a local lake is not comparable to a snorkelling experience on the Great Barrier Reef, but even in Germany there are freshwater jellyfish and interesting fish to discover.
While good swimmers with great stamina can swim the whole lake, for lazier bathing vixens (like me) there are air mattresses, bathing islands and large swimming rings for relaxed water activities. With the luxurious versions of these bathing islands*, up to 4 people can relax on the lake including a cooler and drinks. I’ve even seen a woman on a giant swan – apparently there are now swimming animals in monster designs* for adults.

Faster, more manoeuvrable and sportier you are in a boat. Especially if you want to go on a boat trip with a group, you should decide how sporty it should be. With rowing, for example, opinions quickly differ – some people are looking for a sporting challenge, others would much rather row leisurely across the lake. For more leisurely boat trips, pedal boating or the slow inflatable boat are ideal. You can also hire rowing boats, canoes and kayaks for a leisurely trip across the lake, but they are also wonderfully suitable for boat races, upper arm muscle training and competitions!

2. Adventures on the River

Still waters are deep but flowing ones are for adventurers. Rivers are made for action-packed water activities with their currents, cataracts and rapids. For an adventurous boat trip on a river, however, you should be well equipped and prepared. Life jackets and a waterproof bag for a change of clothes are usually included in the rental, but you should take care of sufficient provisions and drinks as well as at least one functioning smartphone yourself.

The simplest option is a canoe tour. A canoe is any boat that you paddle in the direction you are facing, for example a kayak or a Canadian canoe. It’s best to choose a suitable tour in advance that you’re confident about – because white water can be a challenge for the inexperienced. White-water racing and white-water rafting are not for landlubbers. You navigate an inflatable paddle boat through whirlpools, rushing currents and sometimes even down waterfalls.

For adventurers looking for more adrenaline and wet feet, canyoning is just the thing. This means walking down a gorge from top to bottom in a wide variety of ways: you abseil, climb, jump, slide and even dive on some canyoning tours. This adventure sport has only been around for about 20 years – recently canyoning has also become more popular in the Alps and the number of fans is increasing.

3. Water Activities in the Outdoor Pool

Relaxing and Playing

A trip to the outdoor pool is usually the quickest way to get into the water. It’s the ideal place for families with young children and leisurely types, with lifeguards and paddling pools and large shaded sunbathing areas. Swimmers who seriously want to swim several kilometres of laps are just as right here as sun worshippers who want to lie relaxed by the pool and get a tan. Those who also prefer to relax and have no desire for sports and action can still try out a whole range of games and challenges at the outdoor pool.
While your friends are competing in swimming or high diving, you can watch from the edge of the pool and place bets on who will win, who is the most athletic, who is the most fearless, etc. You can take photos of the jumps with your smartphone and form a jury to decide which are the best and which are the funniest. You can take photos of the jumps with your smartphone, form a jury and decide which were the best and which the funniest jumps.

Sports and Challenges

For those who love sporting challenges, an outdoor pool holds many offers for competitions. Have you ever tried a diving challenge? Who can do the most powerful water bomb from a 3-person water jump? Do any of you dare to jump off the 10? Who is the most fearless diver and who is the best? Your outdoor pool may also have an area where you can play water polo. When dividing into teams for a water polo tournament, make sure that smaller players and taller ones are fairly distributed – long arms can provide an advantage!

Of course, you can also compete in different swimming disciplines such as dolphin, crawl or butterfly. If you’re planning a sporting trial of strength before your visit to the open-air swimming pool, it’s best to make sure you have a trophy beforehand. No matter what the trophy is, nothing encourages more effort than a real prize. Of course, you can also get a prize at the outdoor pool kiosk.

Tip: Have you ever been to a forest outdoor pool? If not, you absolutely have to try it!

4. Sea is more! Water Activities at the North Sea and Baltic Sea

Beach Feeling While Hiking

A mudflat walk is an alternative to traditional water activities

Water fun on a mudflat walk at the North Sea

Did you know that the North Sea has the largest Wadden Sea in the world? It stretches along the coast of Germany, Holland and Denmark and is a refuge for numerous rare and endangered animal and plant species. Mudflats: This is the seabed that is exposed at low tide. When wandering on the mudflats, you usually walk barefoot through the mud on the shallow coasts of the North Sea and can observe fish like the flounder, birds and even seals in the wild. A mudflat hike is also an ideal opportunity to come down and relax from the stress of everyday life.
Though there are no mudflats on the Baltic Sea, beach walks are a great experience there too. Here you can find beautiful shells and snail shells, and if you’re lucky, Baltic jade and amber! On a beach walk at the Baltic Sea, you can collect shells and flotsam and take the beach feeling home with you.

Water Sports by the Sea

For the right water sports, all roads lead to the sea. Because only there are huge waves for surfing or bodyboarding. For tours with catamarans, sailing boats or motorboats with 15 hp or more, you need a sports boat licence for the sea. However, you can also go surfing or jet skiing without a licence. Other sporting recommendations for those looking for water activities are the trendy sport of kitesurfing, where you whiz across the sea on a surfboard with a kite, or wakeboarding.

Colosses and Big Googly Eyes: Diving & Snorkelling

Seals, porpoises and even sharks: they all swim in the German seas! That’s why snorkelling and diving in the Baltic and North Seas is a real adventure. Especially when the weather is calm and the water is still, it is worth exploring the breathtaking underwater world equipped with neoprene, flippers and diving equipment. If you are lucky, you may even encounter the harmless 12-metre-long basking shark in German seas! Important: don’t overestimate yourselves and take weather warnings seriously.

There are many more summer activities and excursion tips to discover on our ideas portal. But you’ll also find a wide variety of ideas for great activities with friends, couples or family all year round.

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