Romantic Valentine ideas revive the relationship

27. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

Romantic Valentine Ideas – 5 Unique Activities and Cute Surprises




Surprise and romance with an unusual experience. These romantic Valentine ideas will ensure an unforgettable day for lovers.

How often do you whisk your sweetheart away for a shared experience that’s totally personal and romantic to boot? We say: the more often, the better, because a shot of love is good for every relationship and makes the butterflies in your stomach dance. And any occasion comes in handy! Even though Valentine’s Day actually comes from America and is denounced as a commercial occasion, in many countries it stands for the day of lovers. Lovers and lovers give each other flowers, cards and gifts and celebrate their love. The perfect occasion to get creative and spend this day together.

You can find more unique Valentine’s Day ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft. The headline could be: anything but the same as usual! From an unusual candlelight dinner, a menu with love messages to a second first date. In this article, we get a little more creative and wacky and tell you romantic Valentine ideas, from a fun love battle to the most romantic experience ever.

5 Romantic Valentine Ideas to Make This Day Wonderful

Romantic Valentine ideas for everyone, from the romantic to the adrenaline junkie

If there was a book of love…

6. The Valentine’s Day Collage

For your collage, either make a collage with text online on the computer using only photos (quicker version) or cut out matching pictures, words and symbols from magazines and use them to create your own personal collage.

Variation 1

You make a collage that includes all the things you want to do with your sweetheart. For example, if you’re going out for Italian food and there were yellow roses on the table on your first date, and you’re planning to make a declaration of love, then stick on a plate of spaghetti, yellow roses and symbols for the qualities you love most about your sweetheart. You can also stick photos of you, sand from your last holiday together or leaves you collected yourself from a nice walk (and you kissed for the first time in autumn) and use great fonts (you can find them in magazines like Elle, Rolling Stone, Spiegel etc.) to add highlights or create a connection.

Of course, you can also just try to put everything you love about your sweetheart – or what makes you two unbeatable as a couple – together in a unique collage.

To make the collage a real eye-catcher, I recommend buying a picture frame with passe-partout and several ready-made, cut-to-size photo squares from amazon*, a DIY store or IKEA. You can then design them as you please! I myself find it particularly nice when large collages also use natural materials (rose petals, sand, moss, leaves, dried flowers) – but these should fit, of course.

Tip: If you want to stick on love symbols like Cupid with bow and arrow and hearts, you can of course buy stickers or finish your collage shortly before Valentine’s Day and buy a new issue of Brigitte or a similar women’s magazine – there are certainly great motifs to design your collage.

This is the most crafty of our romantic Valentine ideas, and you’ll need craft materials (at least scissors, glue sticks, photos, magazines, stickers) or just your PC and a lot of creativity.

Variation 2

You use a photo service like My Photo Collage to create a photo collage online with a free programme. There are usually Valentine’s Day-themed or neutral templates that you can fill with the photos of your choice. Then you have the option of writing a personal text. The big advantage of this Valentine’s Day collage variant is that you can finish your collage quickly. It will then be sent to your home by post.


7. Carpe Diem! Take a Surprise Adventure Tour

Pack a romantic picnic basket, get behind the wheel and whisk your surprised sweetheart away on a romantic road trip. Simply set off overland, throw a dice at every road junction – even for right, odd for left – and let them decide where fate will take you (don’t forget your sat nav or smartphone). In the middle of nowhere, make out, have a picnic, laugh – or decide at some point that the nearest pub with cosy rooms in the next village is perfect for an impromptu lovers’ tryst.

Or dare to do a tandem jump together and watch the world from above with racing hearts. Surprise your stunned sweetheart with a fast-paced quad off-road tour or a professional photo session at a wicked location.

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to finally do something crazy, unusual and special together that you’ve always wanted to do! Life is fucking awesome, you two have found each other and can do anything your heart desires. So, what are you waiting for? Carpe diem!

And don’t forget the Carpe Noctem! 😉

Even if you only have the evening and night of Valentine’s Day, there’s so much to experience: From dark dinners, underwater dinners, breathtaking variety shows to sensual pleasures that I’ll leave to your imagination.

8. Have an Original Love Battle With an Adrenaline Rush

It’s just the two of you locked in a windowless room. Time is running out. Only 60 minutes left. That’s what one of the hottest live games of the moment is all about: the Escape Room Game. Here you puzzle, combine and crack a puzzle together and embark on an exciting race against time. And that’s a lot of fun. Room Escape Games can now be found in almost every major city in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: from breaking out of jail, cracking a crime case to breaking into a liquor store and many more adventures.

The Room Escape Game is all about being strong together as a team. But if you enjoy competing in a real love battle, you can try laser tag or black light golf. You dive into another world and challenge each other to an exciting duel. A real love battle. To make the whole thing even more attractive, I recommend that you set an attractive prize for the winner right at the beginning, which is worth going all out for. 🙂

9. Hold On to Your Love Forever – One of the Most Romantic Valentines Ideas

Smartphone, GoPro or a Polaroid device to print mobile phone pictures as Polaroid instantly – but none of that is romantic! Wrong. I’m sure you own at least one of these ingenious technical tools and are well equipped to set up a very special photo session. In this case, it’s not the technology that makes it romantic, but the surroundings, the props, the location and, of course, the two of you.


The mission: Capture your love and do it just the way it suits you two! It’s best to make a list beforehand and write down everything that comes to your mind about the points on the checklist.


  • What makes you as a couple? (e.g. adventurous, cosy, cuddly, creative)
  • What hobbies do you have in common? (Series junkies, bon vivants, hobby cooks)
  • What are your favourite places in the city … in the flat?
  • Where did you meet each other?
  • Where was your first date?
  • What is whose favourite colour?
  • What is each of you particularly into?
  • What is totally typical for the other person?
  • What is the other person’s favourite outfit?
  • What do you find most beautiful about each other?

Now think about where and how you can showcase all these qualities and yourselves as a couple in the best and most beautiful way. Think about objects and clothes that visually represent the items on the checklist and have them ready.

Finally, check that the equipment is charged and ready to go and that you have everything you need and off you go!

Tip: For very creative and adventurous couples, a trip to an old black and white photo booth with some accessories is a real insider tip! You can still find them in Berlin, among other places. And buying a Polaroid adapter is also worthwhile for photo lovers.

10. The Most Personal Love Token

More personal than any ring and about real love: write your love story as a short story or even as a rhymed poem if you feel confident. Who the protagonists are is clear, you can add locations and photos as you wish. Whether it’s a funny book with lots of anecdotes, a real romance novel, a comic strip or a true-to-life documentary with lots of photos: writing your love story, printing it, binding it and then reading it aloud is definitely the most romantic thing you can ever offer your partner for Valentine’s Day. A great paper with or without motifs in the desired thickness to print or write on by hand is available at amazon, as well as a cheap set to bind the book yourself.

You are sure: your sweetheart is the person you want to marry? The marriage proposal as a crowning finale will probably not only leave your sweetheart speechless – your friends and parents will surely tell about it for years.


Looking for even more romantic Valentine ideas? We have more tips for romantic experiences and great activities for two.

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