The Twin it board game is a new memory game

10. November 2018 - Anika Semmer

Twin It! Board Game – The Fast-Paced Memory Game | Review


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Watch with eagle eyes, react as fast as lightning and look closely: the Twin it! board game is a tile-laying game that you have to be wide awake to win. You can play it together against the game, in teams or as an everyone-against-everyone competition.

The metal box of Twin it! is brightly coloured and reveals with two catchwords: it’s about quick reaction and observation. It’s a new memory version with action and simple rules that makes for entertaining fun. As a bonus, you can play it in 3 different game variations.

What is special about the Twin it! board game compared to the classic memory game and for whom is the game worthwhile? You’ll find our assessment with rating at the end of the review.

Note on transparency: The Huch! publisher has kindly provided us with a review copy of the Twin it! board game However, this review is unpaid and reflects our honest opinion.

The Twin It! Board Game at a Glance

  • Game type: Family game, Legs game
  • Age: from 6 years
  • Players: 2-6 players
  • Duration: approx. 5-10 minutes per round
  • Publisher: Huch!
  • Game author: Nathalie Saunier, Rémi Saunier and Tom Vuarchex
  • Publication year: 2018
  • Game objective: In a team or against each other, find five decks of two or 3 cards as quickly as possible to win.
HUCH! 880444 Twin it
HUCH! 880444 Twin it
Kartenspiel von Thomas Vuarchex und Natalie & Rémi Saunier; für 2 bis 6 Spieler; ab 6 Jahren

The Twin It! Board Game – The Fast-Paced Memory Game With 3 Ways to Play

A set consists of two or three cards in the Twin it! board game.

A set of two cards in the Twin it board game!

Game Preparation

Twin it! consists of 135 square cards with colourful patterns on both sides. Before starting, all you have to do is shuffle them well and divide them among the players so that there is a stack of cards in front of each player.

The Game Principle

In the Twin it board game a player who has 5 sets wins

With 5 sets, a player has won

In turn, players turn over the top card from their deck and place it in the centre of the table for all to see. If a player discovers two identical cards, he quickly places a finger on both and may take the set. Once a player has 5 sets, the round is over and they have won.

Important: all cards play a part, not just the cards laid out in the middle of the table! So also the top cards on the piles of the other players and the sets that have already been seized, which are laid out in front of each player. Some patterns occur 3 times and so you can also steal sets! To do this, place one hand on the set in front of the other player and the second hand on the third card and you can steal the entire set from the other player.
If a player makes a mistake, he must give away one of the sets he has won. If several players are equally fast and claim a set, there are also rules for this.

Sometimes one player is simply faster than all the others – that’s why Twin it! has the forbidden pattern variant. The high-flyer player gets a handicap of 3 random patterns that he cannot claim.

Game Variations

Twin It! as a Team Game

To do this, you form teams of two and play together. You must communicate, then to grab a set, each player must claim 1 card with 1 hand. This can be quite confusing and fun!

Twin It! As a Cooperative Game

To do this, you spread all the cards on the table. Then you set the timer on a smartphone to 1 minute (an hourglass works too, of course) and everyone tries to find as many sets of cards as they can. At the end, you count how many sets of cards or points you have managed together.

Twin It! As a Competition

Instead of playing the Twin it! board game as a cooperative game and scoring your sets together, you can also score your sets individually. The one with the most points wins.

Rating and Conclusion


Total Grade
very good

Recognising identical cards as quickly as possible and grabbing sets: at first glance, Twin it! is reminiscent of classic memory. The biggest difference is the fast pace that makes up Twin it! and the quick reactions required – and in the team version also the fastest possible, precise non-verbal communication.

There’s no thinking long and leisurely turning over cards in Twin it! From the beginning, the players take turns to lay out one more card face up – keeping track is harder than expected. The wildly patterned cards often differ only slightly from each other, and the more cards are laid out, the wilder the round of Twin it! becomes. And that is precisely the attraction of this game. With 6 players, we had a lot of action and the hands sometimes flew (not always correctly) over each other on the cards.

The Game Variants in Comparison

We liked the team game variant the most, because the communication, coordination and simultaneous observation of the opposing teams challenged memory and reaction even more than in the basic variant. The communication misunderstandings are part of the game and not only make for laughter but also train non-verbal communication at the same time. We are curious to see whether this observation will prove true in the next larger rounds of the game and whether we will play better, i.e. faster and more confidently in teams. Because that would make Twin it! a great starter game for full-length team games for our game evenings.

Twin it! trains the ability to react and concentrate, and with the possibility of giving a handicap to strongly superior players, the game remains fun even in unbalanced groups – for example with younger children.

The cooperative game variant is best suited for six-year-olds. In order to be able to keep up with the older children in the hectic hustle and bustle through non-verbal communication, we recommend this variant only for 8 years and older.

The game is packed in a practical metal box, but the cards are small for large hands. The card material is quite thin – it remains to be seen whether they wear out quickly.


A fast-paced memory game where quick reaction, concentration and a good memory are important to grab wildly patterned sets of cards in teams, with each other or solo. Recommended as an entertaining family game and as an introduction to an evening of games!

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