25 ideas for romantic trips for two - from a short trip to the park to a short trip over the weekend

4. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

25 Ideas for Romantic Trips for Two To Escape Everday Life




Take time for love! Right on your doorstep and all over Germany, there are special places for wonderful, romantic trips for two. These 25 ideas are perfect for newlyweds and couples who want to escape the stress of everyday life and seek romantic hours..

Romantic Trips for Two Right Outside Your Door

There are, the very special moments in very special places – moments that are simply romantic, kitsch or not. Whether at sunrise on a mountain peak or by the sea, in an enchanted square with an old fountain in the old town in the evening or at a moonlight dinner on a castle ruin. And no matter where you live in Germany, some of the most beautiful romantic trips for two for two are right on your doorstep and can be enjoyed all year round. You just have to come up with the idea and take the time for it.

Such excursions for two are perfect to surprise your partner with and make them a romantic highlight. A champagne snack with fresh strawberries or a romantic candlelight dinner at the destination, make a romantic getaway with little effort unforgettable!

Short Trips for Two for Special Romance

Go away and leave everyday life behind. There is no better condition to enjoy togetherness and a romantic getaway to the fullest. A hot tip, both for newly in love and long-time couples: romantic short trips for two fire the love life and feelings and bring moments that you never forget again..

More ideas for romantic experiences are waiting for you on Abenteuer Freundschaft!

25 Romantic Getaways for Two for Lovers

Romantic trips for two by the sea

Lorain harbor at sunset von Rona Proudfoot unter CC BY-SA 2.0

The following trips for two can be taken by lovers around the year – they are, by the way, also perfect for a very special first date!

Romantic Trips for Two Around the Year

1. Romance under palm trees in the tropical house

Exotic plants, cozy places and vacation feeling. In the tropical house you can sit romantically under palm trees and dream together of sun, beach and sea.

2. Romantic hours in an overgrown park

Excursion to a romantic overgrown park with secluded arbors, mighty trees and hidden benches. Even in winter when it snows, this can be extremely beautiful!

3. Trip to a castle park with a beautiful castle café

Stylishly drink champagne or champagne together in a castle café or tea house and feel like Sissi and Franzl. Walk through ancient avenues and enjoy the togetherness in cozy arbors and picturesque seats…

4. Walk with a vow of love

Strolling along the river or the lakeshore and stopping on a beautiful old bridge for kissing…. Especially romantic (and a little cheesy for some) if you bring a lock with your names on it that you lock together on the bridge railing and throw the key into the water.

5. Trip to a romantic ruin

Visit together a romantic castle ruin or a stately castle. It is most romantic there in the evening, when it is lit up and the trip gets its crowning glory with a moonshine dinner.

6. Excursion to the grave of a famous romantic poet

At Berlin’s Wannsee, for example, you can visit the grave of Heinrich von Kleist and his Henriette. Admittedly, this is a bit morbid and not everyone’s cup of tea. But it can also be incredibly romantic!
Or stroll in pairs through an old, overgrown cemetery and visit the tombstones of prominent people, for example in Paris on the famous Père Lachaise. Victorian cemeteries in London are particularly romantic. There, you’ll find overturned tombstones covered in ivy, overgrown with lushly blooming wildflowers in the spring. Morbid but wildly romantic!

7. Surprise dinner or cocktail evening in a rooftop bar

In a rooftop bar you have a fantastic view, for example over the grandiose illuminated harbor in Hamburg. In the skyline bar 20up in the Empire Riverside Hotel, you have a view of the harbor that you will never forget.

8. Trip to the drive-in

Whether as a surprise after a typical American dinner or just because. In winter, there’s a small heater in many drive-in theaters for inside, so it’s cozy warm.

9. Look at the stars together at the planetarium

Some planetariums have special events with classical music for romantic dreaming under the stars, for example at Planetarium Insulaner in Berlin. Or just reach for the stars together.

10. Special Candlelight Dinner

Offers for a fancy candlelight dinner in a special restaurant or a special place there are many, for example in an old castle ruin, in the knights’ hall, in the rose garden or in a modern restaurant with style.

11. Fancy Candle Flight Dinner

With a stretch limousine, the chauffeur will drive you to the helicopter. Then you fly to the castle hotel, where a romantic evening with gourmet menu awaits. On the return flight you will experience the sunset from the air. Admittedly, that’s so far only in the capital of Air Service.

12. Enjoy Railway Romance

Take a nice ride on a slow train or antique streetcar and snuggle up in the seats. There are also special moonlight rides on a historic steam locomotive, such as the Fichtelbergbahn in Oberwiesenthal to the highest town in Germany.

13. Hiking off together at night

Experience together at night the city with its sea of lights or the landscape differently. In the dark, deep conversations come as if by themselves. Especially nice when at the end of the climb to a tower with a great view stands or a midnight romantic snack.

14. Night walk to an illuminated place

Take a night walk through the illuminated alleys to an illuminated square, such as Gendarmenplatz in Berlin. In the snow with a thermos full of mulled wine, in the spring and summer settle down on a staircase and let your eyes wander. And kiss!

15. Sunrise with romantic breakfast on the top of the mountain

Feast together at the grandiose panoramic view in a special mountain hotel or mountain hut. For romantics on a budget, simply set out early in the morning, climb the mountain with champagne and a breakfast surprise in your backpack, and surprise your sweetheart / loved one with it.

16. Relax together and let the soul dangle

Surprise your loved one with a day in a wellness oasis, for example the Therme Erding near Munich or Tropical Island near Berlin. There you can even rent your own suites and love nests and swim, sauna, relax and cuddle under palm trees. Some saunas also offer long sauna nights with stylish dinners where you can sauna all night.

17. Trip to an island – best with boat crossing

Why are islands simply more romantic than the mainland? Whether it’s a day trip to small islets like Peacock Island in Wannsee or a weekend trip to an island in the East or North Sea, it’s all a question of budget. Especially out of season, the beaches are deserted, the promenades deserted and simply romantic.

18. Get out into nature – leave everyday life at home

Leave the beloved smartphone with Facebook, Twitter and calls at home and experience nature together. Hike around a lake, through the mountains or take a vineyard hike. Without the distractions of everyday life, you automatically get closer to each other.

Romantic weekend getaways and short trips

19. Weekend at the pleasure hotel

Enjoy a culinary weekend in special Genusshotels multi-course menus from star chefs feast and enjoy together.

20. Weekend at the mountain hut

Go by gondola or on foot to a rustic mountain hut and enjoy there in the midst of idyllic nature and with a view of the mountain panorama with cozy meals in the parlor time for two.

21. Cuddle weekend for romantic hours

Wellness, relaxing, time for togetherness in great hotels. In some hotels there are offers for a cuddle weekend – with champagne reception and romantic surprises, which the hotel takes care of. There are also offers with a large whirlpool in the room or a free-standing large bathtub – with fireplace and lambskin in winter and idyllic terrace with panoramic views in the warm season.

22. Weekend in the wellness hotel

An entire weekend for two to laze, relax, unwind and indulge in pure wellness. And above all: take time for each other and love.

23. romantic weekend on the island

Island Tip: Excursion or weekend trip to the island of Rügen to a specific destination: watch the sun as it pushes itself inch by inch over the sea and rise above the imposing chalk cliffs on the Jasmund Bodden. An incredible experience!

24. Short vacation at the North Sea or Baltic Sea

Enjoy the sound of the waves on Germany’s coasts during extended walks on the beach and champagne breakfasts.

25. Short trip to a new city

Spend the weekend in a European city you don’t know yet and explore it together. Whether it’s Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Prague or a German city such as Rothenburg ob der Tauber – spending romantic hours in a hotel with room service and discovering new things together is simply beautiful.

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At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find more ideas for romantic getaways in winter and many special ideas for quality time with the most beautiful activities for two!

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Image source Cover photo: couple on the beach by Chris at CC BY 2.0

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