25 ideas for romantic getaways in winter, for lovers, the first date and long-term relationships

12. February 2017 - Anika Semmer

Romantic Getaways in Winter – 25 Ideas for Lovers




Romanticism and coldness love each other! It can never be better cuddle and the dreamlike winter landscape is pure romance. Which of these 25 ideas for romantic getaways in winter have you already done?

It’s cold outside, gets light late and dark early – and there’s not always snow: perfect to surprise your sweetheart with a romantic getaway in winter! Because unlike in summer, when the good weather anyway lures everyone outside, the first date, the newly in love or long-time partner does not expect a wildly romantic getaway..

A brilliant time, therefore, to kidnap the treasure with a romantic little surprise trip or even short trip. Whether original, unusual or simply beautiful – we have collected the best 25 ideas for romantic getaways in winter, which are perfect for romance for two.

What Are Your Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers – and this is actually rooted in history and not an invention of florists! Even though February 14 hasn’t arrived in our culture as much as it has in America, it provides the perfect occasion for a romantic getaway. In the freezing cold, snow, gray skies, in nature or in the city – in February you can take many extraordinary trips that awaken romantic feelings…

25 Ideas for Romantic Trips in Winter

Romantic getaways in winter with snow

Romantic short trip to the idyllic winter landscape

Romantic Getaway in the Snow

1. Snow walk through the winter landscape.

2. night hike through a deserted, snowy park.

3. teaching your partner to ski on a weekend trip to a mountain lodge.

4. Learn to snowshoe together and take a tour.

5. photo session in fresh snowy winter forest.

6. excursion to the nearest castle ruin or snowy castle with castle park.

7. romantic carriage ride through the snow.

8. night sleigh ride on a night toboggan run.

9. open fire fireplace barge ride through the Spreewald (in Berlin).

10. at night at a winter picnic in a quiet place to look at the clear starry sky.

11. In the evening, stroll over the illuminated Christmas market.

12. bonfire in the snow with grilled marshmallows and hot tea.

13. Ride a cable car up a mountain and enjoy the view.

14. weekend trip with overnight stay in an igloo in the romantic winter landscape (there are e.g. at mydays)

15. trip to the sea with a romantic hike on the deserted beach.

Romantic Winter Excursions in Any Weather

16. In a traditional tea room listen to a storyteller or listen to oriental music.

17. trip to a special restaurant and try something new like Chinese fire pot.

18. Strolling around the illuminated Christmas market in the evening.

19. Going ice skating, holding hands and exchanging deep looks while drinking mulled wine.

20. going to a nice sauna and spending a day making love and having time for each other.

21. looking for treasures together at a vintage indoor flea market.

22. go to the drive-in and snuggle up in the warmth

23. stroll through the tropical house, sit under palm trees and dream of sun and sea.

24. trip to a secluded restaurant with romantic candlelight dinner.

25. looking at the stars together at the planetarium.

Which of these ideas for romantic getaways in winter is your favorite? Every week at Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find tips for leisure activities and special gifts.

Abenteuer Freundschaft has even more tips for romantic getaways for two and more romantic things to do. In general, you can find numerous tips for activities for two, with family or friends!

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