In just a few minutes you can make a toilet roll gift box.

15. December 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Toilet Roll Gift Box - Quick and Easy DIY | Tutorial




You can craft a small gift box for jewelry, vouchers or a souvenir in just 5 minutes. This is how to make a cute toilet roll gift box.

It’s just before Christmas. The Christmas tree lights, the guests arrive in 10 minutes – and I still have to wrap the earrings for my sister. And of course I don’t have a jewelry box left to wrap them in. Forgotten in the pre-Christmas rush….

In my distress I think: a sandwich paper bag? But that doesn’t look like anything… And then I remember how my resourceful mother used to like to wrap small gifts. And the net spit out lots of hits and confirmed: yes, tinker a small gift box that looks quite pretty – from the inside of a toilet paper roll, that works in no time!

Upcycling – making something new from disposable objects – I have discovered in recent years as a source of inspiration for crafting for me. For Christmas, you can make DIY Christmas gift tags from a toilet roll, a snowflake Advent calendar and a toilet roll stars. We made two different Advent calendars out of kitchen rolls this year – the Star of Bethlehem Advent calendar and a kitchen roll Advent calendar. On Abenteuer Freundschaft, there are crafting ideas for every season and occasion!

This Is What You Need

  • 1 toilet roll (or just the cardboard tube ;-))
  • Gift paper
  • All-purpose glue*
  • Scissors
  • Gift ribbon

How to Make a Toilet Roll Gift Box

If you want to make a small toilet roll gift box that looks nice and goes quickly, this is how to make it.

Fold the two ends of the loo roll inward

Press both sides of a toilet roll together until the edges meet in the middle.

Place the toilet roll on the wrapping paper and cut a large enough piece to cover it completely

You can easily make a small toilet roll gift box using the inside of a toilet paper roll and wrapping paper.

Glue the outside of the toilet roll with wrapping paper and fold what sticks out towards the inside

Tape the wrapping paper around the outside.

Cut off the protruding wrapping paper with scissors.

Fold the two ends of one side of the pasted toilet roll as pre-bent inward

You can make a pretty toilet roll gift box in no time.

Fill the gift box and pad the inside if necessary

Stow the gift in the of the toilet roll gift box.

Fold the last two ends of the pasted toilet roll inside.

Tie a bow with a gift ribbon, so that the gift can not fall out.

On a whim decorate with ribbon, glitter, etc.

In 5 minutes you’re done with the gift box tinkering!

There is still much inspiration to craft and finding personal gifts on Abenteuer Freundschaft to discover. Around the year, many ideas for activities for two, with friends and family invite you to browse!

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