Small Easter gifts for family and friends

1. April 2017 - Anika Semmer

40 Small Easter Gifts That Are More Special Than a Chocolate Bunny




Small Easter gifts make children smile and also bring great joy to family and friends. Because not only the little ones are happy about a surprising attention.

Children love Easter – there’s sweets, an exciting egg hunt and spending time with family and friends. It’s a nice occasion to surprise your partner, good friends or nice colleagues and neighbours with a small Easter gift.

For those with a sweet tooth, small gifts that are directly related to Easter, such as chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs or spring flowers, are a good choice. You won’t go wrong with these if you want to give an Easter gift to someone you don’t know that well, e.g. a business partner.

You can also give more personal Easter surprises to your partner, family members, your own children and close friends and simply package and present them in an appropriate Easter style: In an Easter nest, Easter basket or inside large, nostalgic and pretty cardboard Easter eggs.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on small Easter gifts – with beautiful packaging or as an original filled cardboard egg, even small things make it big!

Pretty Packaging:


Craft Accessories for Easter Baskets and Easter Nests

  • Wicker basket
  • Paper grass and filling material
  • Fabric ribbons in spring colours
  • Cardboard eggs
  • Easter decorations like figurines
  • Easter sweets
  • Spring flowers

40 Small Easter Gifts* for Family and Friends

Small Easter Gifts for Kids

The Easter nest for children includes an Easter bunny, Easter eggs and small Easter gifts such as a picture book, toys and soft toy bunnies. Small toys can be wonderfully concealed in pretty cardboard Easter eggs and hidden as great highlights for the Easter egg hunt.

Easter gift sets and Easter nests.

Picture and colouring books suitable for Easter

Beautiful soft toys

Easter toys.

PLAYMOBIL 6863 Osterhasenwerkstatt
PLAYMOBIL 6863 Osterhasenwerkstatt
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Straßenmalkreide Eier Eiermaler Straßenmaleier
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4,49 EUR
PLAYMOBIL 4169 Osterkalender
PLAYMOBIL 4169 Osterkalender
PLAYMOBIL ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG.

Easter crafts

Older children are actually just as happy as the little ones about Easter chocolate. If they want something bigger, you can also surprise them with a computer game, a good book, a BluRay or a cinema voucher.

Polnische Ostern - Komödien-Perlen No. 6
Polnische Ostern - Komödien-Perlen No. 6
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Small Easter gifts for the partner

Easter is a great time to surprise your partner with a small gift. Hide a chocolate Easter bunny in your briefcase in the evening or surprise your loved one on Easter morning with a small Easter nest on their breakfast plate. And there’s probably not a single woman who wouldn’t love a fresh bouquet of spring flowers, a pretty pot of primroses or daffodils.
In addition to these classics, you can also give jewellery, vouchers for time together and little things that sweeten everyday life.

Small Easter gifts that sweeten everyday life

Osterhasen Pups - Marshmallows - Ostergeschenk
Osterhasen Pups - Marshmallows - Ostergeschenk
Osterhasen Pups in schöner Oster-Geschenktüte in klein, groß oder als Geschenkedition; Inhalt: klein 20g oder groß 40g Speckbälle aus Schaumzucker
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Weisenbach - Oster-Hase Schoko-Sahne-Likör- 200 ml
Weisenbach - Oster-Hase Schoko-Sahne-Likör- 200 ml
200 ml; feiner Schoko-Sahne-Likör 18% vol; Glas-Flasche in Form eines Hasen; mit Holzgriffkorken
10,95 EUR

Wellness Gifts

Easter Gifts for Her

Easter Gifts for Him

Small Easter Gifts for Friends

Small gifts show a good like friend that you care about them. Even if no one expects you to give them anything on Easter, everyone is happy to receive a little something like sweets and flowers.

Small Easter gifts to plant.

Geschenkset 'Eierbox'
Geschenkset 'Eierbox'
witziges Geschenk für Hobbygärtner; 4er Eierkarton, 4 Tontöpfchen, 4 Substrattabletten, Pflanzanleitung
6,95 EUR

Nice & practical little things

Hasen-Yoga für gute Laune
Hasen-Yoga für gute Laune
Holzach, Alexander (Author)
2,92 EUR
'Ostertee' Tee im Glas - Früchtetee zu Ostern mit Zucker Ostereiern in einer Weck® Flasche - 100 g von Quertee
"Ostertee" Tee im Glas - Früchtetee zu Ostern mit Zucker Ostereiern in einer Weck® Flasche - 100 g von Quertee
Quertee - Tee im Glas - Teegeschenk - Teepräsent - Tee Geschenkidee - Das Ostergeschenk; 100 g Früchtetee - "Ostertee" im Weck - Glas als Ostergeschenk

Culinary Easter Gifts

Image source Cover image: Easter Egg Hunt by Barney Moss at CC BY 2.0.

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