Sailing on the Baltic Sea in a sports catamaran with Manfred Sommer in Wismar

28. April 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Sailing on the Baltic Sea in Wind and Waves With a Sports Catamaran


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Sailing on the Baltic Sea is a real adventure and one of the most beautiful leisure activities you can do in northern Germany. In Wismar, Mecklenburg, Manfred Sommer offers the opportunity to sail on a catamaran and get a taste of water sports!

One thing in advance: if you are afraid of capsizing, you should not sail a catamaran. On the other hand, sailing with an experienced professional is not exceptionally dangerous. And the adventure on the Baltic Sea will definitely remain in everyone’s memory for a long time. A sailing trip on the Baltic Sea is a great experience for a short trip with your best friend or partner. Even without sailing experience, it is possible with an experienced skipper to chase over metre-high Baltic waves, even in winds of 6 or 7 Bft!

Sailing on the Baltic Sea With an Experienced Skipper

Sailing on the Baltic Sea is great. Best of all with Manfred Sommer on a sports catamaran.

Manfred Sommer and fellow sailors

For 8 years, Manfred Sommer has been offering such sailing tours off the island of Poel on the beach of Timmendorf. Baltic Sea rafting on a sports catamaran is what he aptly calls it. Before setting off, you get into a very warm neoprene suit that protects well against heat loss. The feet are warm in neoprene shoes. Safely wrapped in a life jacket, you head out to sea. The catamaran is made ready for take-off and while Manfred holds the cat in the wind, the sailing guests board the sports catamaran expectantly. They position themselves on the windward side of the Cat with the skipper at the helm.

All clear to sail!, Manfred calls out to his sailing guests. All clear!, it comes back promptly from them. The next moment, the skipper turns the catamaran parallel to the wind, hauls the mainsail tight and the catamaran immediately begins to ride abeam over the waves. It only takes a moment and the cat is whipping towards the sea horizon at an incredible speed of up to 40 km/h. The catamaran bounces.

The catamaran bounces over metres-high Baltic waves and Baltic water splashes at you from everywhere. The fun, but also the adrenalin, is literally written all over the faces of the fellow sailors. Just don’t capsize, some might think during this flight over the water. But Manfred steers the catamaran safely across the Baltic Sea with his 8 years of sailing experience.

Apart from having a lot of fun and getting a bit wet with your wetsuit, nothing happens to you here while sailing on the Baltic Sea off the island of Poel. On the contrary: if you’ve always wanted to try sailing and are thinking about getting a sailing licence, sailing on the Baltic Sea with Manfred is a great way to get a taste of this great leisure sport.

And if the catamaran should capsize during the turn, there’s no need to worry – under Manfred’s instruction, the cat will be back on its two skids within 5 minutes!


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The Offer of Mitsegeln Wismar

By the way, for sailing on the Baltic Sea you can also order a gift voucher for your best friend. The offer includes 1.5 hours of catamaran sailing and costs 59,- € per person at Manfred Sommer, white water rafting costs 69,- € per person. Call 0049 – 176 – 264 90 661 to get the voucher for Baltic Sea rafting on a catamaran. And for those who have to travel to the Baltic Sea coast from Berlin or further afield in Germany to enjoy this sailing experience, some sailing offers even include free holiday accommodation for up to 7 days.

Sailing on the Baltic Sea is fun, especially with skipper Manfred Sommer in Wismar

Sailing on the Baltic Sea

More Than Sailing – What Else the Baltic Sea Coast Has to Offer

Manfred’s website also has up-to-date leisure tips for Berlin, northern Germany and the entire Baltic coast. On the island of Poel there are many ways to enjoy your holiday. Here there is still a natural environment without mighty hotel castles, but with a lot of recreational potential. A landscape to fall in love with, which makes every hike on the island’s cliffs with a wide view of the sea a special nature experience.

On the island of Poel you can go on extensive cycling tours and hikes, but also an active holiday with windsurfing and kiting are possible here. And at the only large campsite – by the lighthouse on the island of Poel, there are great overnight accommodation options directly on the Baltic Sea beach if you book in time to still get a place.

If you are travelling by car, you can also take advantage of the leisure activities in the surrounding area, such as ballooning in Wismar, visiting the summer toboggan run in Bad Doberan or travelling from there by steam train to Heiligendamm, the white town by the sea. And there are many more leisure activities to discover in the surroundings of the island of Poel and in Wismar, Boltenhagen, Schwerin and Rostock.

For all those interested in sailing, a large catamaran sailing lexicon, with lots of important information about catamaran sailing and the different types of sports catamarans with their technical data, rounds off the services offered by the Poel Sailing School on its website

Have fun sailing on the Baltic Sea! On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more excursion tips and ideas for activities with friends, your partner and your family. To keep up to date, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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