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5. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

10 Romantic Ideas for Couples at Home That You Should Try – Part 2




Culinary, romantic and also a bit daring – if you are looking for romantic ideas for couples at home, or want to know how to conjure up culinary hearts in your partner’s eyes, try something different than a classic candlelight dinner!.

Take fantasy, throw it into boiling emotions, spice it up with surprise and serve it preferably hot – or iced. As we all know, love goes through the stomach and tasting delicious food together and enjoying time as a couple is so nice that you should do it much more often!

A candlelit dinner or a romantic 7-course meal with violin accompaniment is, of course, the classic. It may be a little cheesy for some, but: hand on heart – who is really not at all happy about it? Anyone looking for an original, creative and perhaps a little crazy alternative should simply spread the blanket in the living room and invite in the middle of winter for a romantic picnic. Or experiment with well-known ingredients in a completely new way and conjure up an erotic-exotic love menu.

And if you’re looking for even more romantic ideas for  couples at home beyond the much-loved culinary arts, be sure to check out Part 1 of this list! Or, for now, read up on the basics of how to plan a perfect romantic evening.

10 Romantic Ideas for Couples at Home That Spice Up Your Relationship

6. Romantic Surprise Brunch in Bed

Romantic ideas for couples - 5 culinary tips on how love goes through the stomach.

Romantic ideas for couples – breakfast in bed

Sleep in late in the morning, snuggle up a bit and then surprise your sweetheart with a tray or side table full of delicious treats – when was the last time you did that? Important: small touches and special delicacies turn a nice surprise into a top-notch romantic breakfast.

You should plan the brunch the day before and buy all the ingredients except for fresh bakery goods. Think about what your sweetheart likes best and what he would order in a café as a decadent breakfast: scrambled eggs with fresh spring onions and cocktail tomatoes, fried bacon, pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup or rather crepes with fresh fruit and natural yogurt?

Your sweetheart is guaranteed to find it mega romantic that you thought of it and made the effort instead of just serving a bag of rolls and OJ out of the bag. In any case, you should prepare bowls of fruit to snack on, ideally juice freshly squeezed. And for your beloved put a flower and a candle on your breakfast table.

Breakfast Ideas for a Romantic Brunch in Bed

  • English Breakfast – Fried egg with bacon and sausages
  • Scrambled eggs with spring onions and cocktail tomatoes
  • Smoked salmon bites on wholemeal bread
  • Grain rolls, a breakfast egg, croissants, cheese, sausage, spreads and jam
  • Warm American Pancakes with fresh blueberries, maple syrup and plain yogurt
  • French crepe rolls with fruit salad and vanilla yogurt
  • Fresh yeast plait and hot chocolate with cream topping for dunking
  • Curd cheese with fruits and honey
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Sparkling wine
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Coffee or cappuccino
  • Hot chocolate
  • Special tea, e.g. with a tea flower

7. Romantic Picnic in the Living Room

Romantic candlelight, a picnic blanket, pillows on the floor and delicious finger food to feed – a picnic in your own 4 walls is anything but an ordinary romantic dinner. Simply flatten comfortably on the floor without a table, chairs or cutlery. Candles and cozy lighting add to the cuddly atmosphere.

Instead of typical picnic snacks, you can also feed each other your favorite tapas or sushi. Enjoy a good wine or sparkling wine, look deeply into each other’s eyes, get praised for this original idea and give love an unusual freshness boost.

8. Erotic Dinner for Two 

Romantic Ideas for couples - From Spontaneous Candlelight Dinners to Romantic Time Travel

Romantic Ideas for couples – Surprise Dinner

There are spices and dishes that are said to act like natural aphrodisiacs. They fire the desire for each other, are sometimes a little exotic and definitely something special. For couples who love to eat and love it more unconventional such a dinner is almost a must. In any case, plan 3 courses, put noble candles, set the table in style and arrange the food visually beautiful. The food should look seductively delicious and you should feel seductively beautiful yourself and wear something appropriate.

For example, oysters with a spicy salsa as an appetizer, a homemade truffle pasta as a main course and dark chocolate mousse with chili and seductive pomegranate seeds for dessert. And drink champagne or sparkling wine with it in a classic way – garnished with edible rose petals.

Aphrodisiac Food (or so they say)

  • Shrimps, caviar, oysters and other shells
  • Exotic fruit cocktail
  • Chilli chocolate cream or mousse
  • Asparagus
  • Edible flowers as plate decoration
  • Chilli
  • Chocolate / Cocoa
  • Fresh ice cold smoothie
  • Strawberries
  • Pomegranate
  • Figs
  • Vanilla
  • Saffron
  • Ginger

9. Romantic Movie Night with Chocolate Chili Fondue

Admittedly, a romantic movie night with cozy lighting, a blanket to snuggle on the sofa is more of a classic than the reinvention of the wheel. But: you can easily make it extra special!

Instead of chips and gummy bears for snacking, surprise your sweetheart with crunchy toasted bread cubes, vegetable sticks, cheese and grape skewers, and a variety of dips, followed by a chocolate fondue and fresh fruit that you dip in the sweet chocolate. Who would not melt there… A film that fits like the strawberry in the liquid chocolate is Chocolat.

10. Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Joint Cooking Evening

Provide in the kitchen for romantic atmosphere, provide champagne or wine and surprise your treasure with a cooking evening. On the menu is of course her or his favorite dish to his or her favorite drink.

Or you can turn your cooking evening into a little trip back in time and reminisce with him or her about your last vacation together – or give a foretaste of the next vacation you have planned. If you were in Italy, there is an Italian menu to match, were you in the U.S. a burger evening, etc..

All the ingredients you need for your romantic cooking evening, candles and the right music should be provided in advance!

Fancy some more romantic ideas for couples? Then take a look at our overview pages for romantic experiences and the best activities for two. 😉

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