Romantic evening for two - 10 tips

9. February 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Romantic Evening - 10 Ideas How to Make It Perfect




A romantic evening for two is pure quality time with your partner! These 10 ideas will tell you how to make it beautiful and unforgettable.

Whether you’re newly in love, have been together for years, or are already married – a romantic evening for two is important for any partnership. A whole evening you concentrate completely on the other and spoil your partner.

A successful romantic evening for two strengthens fresh relationships and can bring back excitement in longer existing partnerships. Because it is exactly the opposite of the daily grind!

It is important that both partners have the time and leisure to engage in it in a relaxed manner. Therefore, if possible, you should not plan the romantic evening in stressful times. Then rather wait until the time is favorable, especially if you are planning something very special such as a marriage proposal.

It is also important for the right mood that you are just the two of you most of the time. If you have children, organize a babysitter.

It is very romantic to surprise your partner with this evening! Because surprise creates excitement in the best sense and that is the number one ingredient for romantic feelings!

10 Ideas to Make Your Romantic Evening Perfect

1. Candles, Fairy Lights and Dimmed Lamps for an Romantic Evening

A romantic evening for two is enhanced by candlelight

Provide romantic lighting!

Romance is the most beautiful state of exception that exists. A romantic atmosphere makes everything different from everyday life and it starts with the lighting. Subdued and soft light is perfect. The more festive and beautiful the lighting in the process, the better!

Candles as lighting are for good reason the absolute classic and also unreservedly recommended. These can be, for example, noble narrow candles in beautiful candle holders, decorative pillar candles or lanterns. Ultimately, it depends on the overall presentation: even with many tea lights distributed in the room, you can achieve a great effect.

If you find the pure candlelight too dim or candles are out of the question, you can complement or replace them with beautiful fairy lights. Also umbrella lamps give off a nice warm, soft light and provide with light and shadow play for a particularly romantic feeling.

2. Fragrance, Flowers and Decoration – Create the Right Atmosphere for Your Romantic Evening

You should also make the furnishings and decorations of the room in which you are planning the romantic evening festive and extraordinary. Flowers are almost a must, they are not considered the language of love for nothing. It does not necessarily have to be a bouquet of red roses. If you know his/her favorite flower (or secretly find out about someone else if you haven’t known each other that long), get a bouquet of that!

You can also scatter fragrant rose petals on the table and set up water bowls with floating water lilies or decorate the room with flower necklaces. There are no limits to your creativity!

3. Play It Again, Sam! – Turn On Some Romantic Music

Nothing gets us in the mood like music. This is even more true for romantic mood. If you play an instrument yourself, surprise your better half with a personal serenade.

If you’ve been together for a long time, it’s also a good idea to play songs from the time you met. Otherwise, the choice will depend on both of your musical tastes. It should be atmospheric, harmonic, unexcited music.

4. Challenge Her/Him to Dance at Your Romantic Evening

If you know classical dance, you have a clear advantage on a romantic evening and can lead your partner in style to the sounds of tango or waltz on the living room floor…

Asking your partner to dance is simply a very romantic gesture and even if you both absolutely can’t dance, you will then have something to laugh about 😉

5. Exquisite and Tempting: The Right Food and Drinks

Do you know your loved one’s favorite dish? – Always a good choice, you can’t go wrong with that! Otherwise: there should be something special and unusual for dinner, something you rarely eat or have never tried before.

Suitable are all dishes that are noble and fine and look beautiful on the plate – after all, the eye eats with you. Even though a hearty beef stew, for example, can be very tasty, a filet mignon with roasted potatoes and asparagus vegetables is therefore a much better alternative for a romantic evening.

If you don’t like cooking yourself, you can go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. But you should choose and book it in time and it should offer a dignified and quiet atmosphere. Or you can order finger food like sushi or tapas at a good takeaway – at least since Sex and the City, men/women know that sushi and little treats go great with a romantic evening. (as long as you don’t wait naked covered with sushi for hours for your beloved…) 😉

As a drink for the romantic evening for two are also recommended noble drinks, such as good wines, champagne, sparkling wine or even delicious cocktails. Ultimately, it depends primarily on the taste.

6. Surprise Your Partner With an Unusual Gift at Your Romantic Evening

Romantic evening for two: make a surprise gift

Surprises are the be-all and end-all of romance!

Anything that is surprising, exciting, personal, new and different will make your heart beat faster and give you romantic feelings. Therefore, surprise your loved one with an unusual and personal gift. For example, a framed photo of the two of you, a special memory of your last trip together, concert tickets for your favorite band, etc.

Should your romantic evening for two be the springboard for a marriage proposal? Then it’s clear what the big surprise will be 😉

7. Watch a Romantic Movie Together!

The power of (home) cinema should not be underestimated! Just like music, movies also put us in certain moods very well, and besides, you can of course cuddle and caress each other wonderfully while watching a movie.

A few absolute classics of romantic movies are e.g. Dirty Dancing*, Casablanca, Notting Hill, Titanic, Harry and Sally, Silver Linings, Brokeback Mountain, Carol.

8. Surprise Her/Him With a Massage or Bubble Bath at Your Romantic Evening

For the sensual part of the evening: if you haven’t already fallen over each other on the dance floor or the TV couch, why not seduce her/him with a sensual massage? Or prepare everything in the bathroom for an erotic bubble bath with a seductive scent, candlelight and music.

9. Visit a Romantic Place

Romantic evening for two: drive to a romantic place

When the weather suits: off into nature! 

As a prelude or finale of your evening for two, a short surprise trip to a romantic place is a great highlight!

Go to a secluded spot in nature, a picturesque castle ruin, a lake or a place where you have a great view and can admire the sunset or the stars together. Or you can visit the place where you met or dated for the very first time!

If you plan this as a romantic finale, it’s best to book a cab or even a limousine (especially stylish). Firstly, you can drink alcohol beforehand and secondly, you can devote your time to each other without distractions.

10. Make It Personal

This tip applies to all previous points: the more individual and personal your ideas are, the more beautiful your romantic evening for two will be! Because by doing so, you show your partner that you really know him/her and that you not only put a hell of a lot of effort into it, but also chose and planned everything especially for her/him.

Whether you get the favorite flowers, cook your partner’s favorite meal, play your song or decorate the table with sand and shells and photos of your last beach vacation together – it’s the personal details that ultimately make the romantic evening perfect.

A nice option, for example, is also that you prepare small personal messages for her / him: Insiders that only you understand, favorite quotes or even just honest personal words. You can also make a little game out of it, the romantic version of a scavenger hunt, so to speak: your partner has to interpret each message and find the next surprise. Especially if the romantic evening is to prepare something as special as a love confession or even a marriage proposal, this is a very nice way to get your partner in the mood for a special surprise.

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