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Make house from a folding rule as a creative DIY moving in present idea

1. January 2022 - Anika Semmer

Moving in Present Idea – How to Make a Creative Symbolic Gift | Tutorial


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Finally moving in into your own four walls! Traditionally, people give salt and bread to mark the occasion and that’s the heart of this moving in present idea. With a little creativity, you can make these classic gifts into a brilliant housewarming gift with a house made from a folding rule. It’s also great for monetary gifts!

Housewarming party! When I think about what I’ve gotten as a moving in present, so far my friends have always stuck to the classic: “Bread and salt, God bless!” This traditional housewarming gift is more of a congratulation and symbolically expresses the wish that the newly-born residents may be blessed with prosperity, settledness and community, and be protected from evil spirits. A beautiful custom that fits like a door on hinges, especially now in Corona times. I would like to present this classic in a particularly beautiful way with a house made from a folding rule. You can download the templates for doors and windows from the material list and simply print them out.

I made my moving in present idea for a young family of four with the idea that the children could still play with it. For each family member, I draped a bun in a personalised bamboo boat that sails into its harbour in front of the house. You can also attach super folded notes to the folding rule house.

Looking for more DIY moving in present ideas? An absolute eye-catcher that can be brilliantly personalised with fun items is a toilet paper cake!

Material List*

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Moving in Present Idea – How to Make a Folding Rule House

"House from a meter stick as part of a moving in present"

Double bend the square at the folding rule house

For the yardstick house, bend the square twiceUnfortunately, I only remembered when I was finished that the gift would have looked even better on a breadboard. On amazon* you can have such a board engraved as a personalised housewarming gift. Maybe you like the idea and can try it. 🙂

  1. First print out the doors, windows and flowerpot and cut them out.
  2. Fold the folding rule into the shape of a house and place it on double-sided printed cardboard with a wood or stone look. Alternatively, you can draw stones / bricks with a felt-tip pen on a white or red cardboard box.
  3. Draw the outline of the house from a folding rule with a pencil on the cardboard and cut it out about 0.5 cm smaller.
  4. Glue the motif cardboard between the overlapping struts of the folding rule and glue the folding rule in the corners with the hot glue gun.
  5. Glue the windows, doors and flower pots onto the house made from a folding rule.
  6. Label the door sign with the family name or surname of the person moving in, stick a piece of string to the back of the sign and stick it on the front door.
  7. Tape a bow of dark red satin and a garland of ribbon to the gable.
  8. Now drape the little pot of salt and the piccolo to the right and left in front of the house and stick them and the bamboo bowls on the wooden board.
  9. Cap the pointed end of the party skewers, label one each with the name of a family member and stick them each in front of a bamboo boat on the wooden board.
  10. I stuck flowers made of washi tape in front of the little ships – but you can also write wishes on the wooden plate.
  11. Finally, stick the house behind the salt cellar and the piccolo and fill the bamboo bowls with rolls or bread.

"DIY housewarming gift with bread and salt and a folding rule house"

You can customize the wooden panel

Have fun making this moving in present idea!

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