On Lazy Day, you are finally allowed to laze around without a conscience. After all, this is how you celebrate a holiday!

10. August 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Happy Lazy Day! 10 Things You Can Finally Do Now


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Today is the day when you can stay in bed with a clear conscience, play hooky and laze around all day – because that’s how you celebrate an important holiday: Lazy Day!

You heard right: a holiday for notorious sloths and all those who would like to be one. This whimsical holiday, celebrated on 10 August, was invented in the USA, of all places, where so much emphasis is usually placed on entrepreneurship and the work ethic, in keeping with Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying: time is money.

But even the Americans need a day when they can allow themselves to be really lazy. And so unknown benefactors created the National Lazy Day, who and when exactly is not known. The inventors were probably simply too lazy to record it. Exemplary!

In Germany, the day is still known to far too few initiates as Lazy Day. But this year at the latest, everyone should really celebrate it: the day of lying down, of sweet laziness and cultivated sloppiness!

Join in and celebrate laziness on today’s Lazy Day!!!!

(And if for weighty reasons you can’t today, celebrate at the weekend or just at the next possible date… ?)

10 Things You Can Finally Do on Lazy Day

  1. Stay in bed for as long as you can and cuddle with your partner (if available)
  2. Extend breakfast into the early afternoon aka brunch. But don’t do too much yourself, rather go to a restaurant and let your partner or best friend serve you.
  3. Hanging out on the sofa for hours, preferably with partner, family or friends and watching TV, movies or finally bingewatching the new season of your favourite show
  4. Set up the deckchair in the sunshine – or even better the hammock! – and get a tan outside on the terrace / in the garden
  5. Allow yourself an extensive professional massage, e.g. in a spa or a wellness centre.
  6. Enjoy the silence. Just enjoy the silence. At most, the chirping of birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees.
  7. Listen to music, close your eyes and dream yourself away to faraway places
  8. Going out to eat or even better: having food delivered!
  9. Take a long, lavish bubble bath. Preferably in a large bathtub. Alone or as a couple.
  10. Let someone pamper you all around…. (who, unfortunately, is not allowed to celebrate lazy day today, too bad! :D)

10 Things You Should Avoid at All Costs on Lazy Day

  1. Overthinking. Let it go today and put off all the problems of everyday life until tomorrow
  2. Work. If you have to work today, postpone the lazy day until the next possible opportunity!
  3. Tackle lazy household chores or do your tax return. No! NO! Today is your slacker day not the things-I-have-long-wanted-to-do day!
  4. Letting others stress you out unnecessarily
  5. Taking on too much: even a relaxation programme can lead to stress if it is too packed.
  6. Cook for yourself. Unless that’s what really gets you down. Otherwise: see above.
  7. Hurry yourself. Actually logical, isn’t it? But I know incorrigible hustlers who squint at the clock even during relaxing massages. Ugh! All the more so today.
  8. Doing sports. Ok, with a bit of yoga, the International Committee of Lazy People can perhaps turn a blind eye. But anything else is blasphemy on Lazy Day!
  9. Setting your alarm clock. Big no-no today! And if you accidentally forget to turn it off, then turn it off completely right after the first ring. No snooze and all that. Just turn it off!
  10. Think about tomorrow. No, no, tomorrow will come soon enough. Today is today and today is lazy day…?

Finally, an urgent recommendation from the International Committee of Lazy People and the Society for the Promotion of Deep Relaxation:

Give yourself a lazy day more often, not only on 10 August! 😉.

But would you rather do something? No problem: at Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of tips for summer activities and also all year round for activities with friends, with your partner or with the family. Have a browse!

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