This is how to make Christmas table decoration that will decorate the festive table

3. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

How to Make Christmas Table Decoration From Natural Materials | Tutorial




Candles, natural materials and creativity create a festive atmosphere. This tutorial show you how to make Christmas table decoration yourself that can be arranged in all shapes and sizes to match the festive table.

What family doesn’t have its own Christmas tradition? Christmas caroling, the Christmas Eve cocktail under the Christmas tree, the Christmas goose, 3 Nuts for Cinderella is on TV and every year you look longingly out of the window and wish for snow. 😀

For me, Christmas decorations are part of the Christmas table – mostly made of natural materials that exude that typical smell and nostalgic mementos that contribute a lot to the cosy Christmas atmosphere: the festively decorated fir tree, fragrant beeswax candles (lots of candles everywhere), biscuits in grandma’s nostalgic tin box and the Advent wreath. And also the scent of orange and tangerine peels, cinnamon and fresh fir branches.

You can make a traditional Christmas table decoration yourself from all these fragrant natural materials with little effort.

Ideal for anyone who is short on time and looking for ideas for a traditional and stylish Christmas table decoration that will fit practically in the middle of any table, as you can easily adapt it in shape and size.

How to Make Christmas Table Decoration With Natural Materials

How to make Christmas table decoration

Winter Traditional Holiday Centerpiece Runner von ProFlowers unter CC BY 2.0

Green, red, white and silver/gold – these colours traditionally belong to Christmas. Combine natural materials in these colours with nostalgic elements, candles and fruit.

For this table decoration, you need natural materials that you collect outside or get at the nursery – for example, fresh fir branches, cedar branches and evergreen branches of ornamental shrubs with berries, wood apples, pine cones, etc. Add fresh white lilies.

You should buy or have in stock four white pillar candles of different heights, nostalgic lanterns with tea lights and pretty gift tags.

How to make Christmas table decoration from fresh natural materials and with fruits

Winter Traditional Holiday Centerpiece von ProFlowers unter CC BY 2.0

This Is What You Need


  • Pine cones
  • Dried orange peel
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Walnuts
  • and other natural materials

How to Make Christmas Table Decoration

Natural materials work especially well for Christmas table decorations

Winter Traditional Holiday Centerpiece from ProFlowers at CC BY 2.0

1. Arrange the evergreen fir and cedar branches in the centre of the table.

Make sure that the ends of the branches are hidden under other branches. Then regularly scatter the branches with berries as a splash of colour. If the table is rectangular, stretch them out over the whole long side, if it is round, round or oval.

They look particularly beautiful if you decorate them with silver wax strips of different widths. To do this, you only need a thin silver wax plate for crafting, which you cut into strips and press onto the candles.

2. In the middle, place a group of 4 white pillar candles of different sizes

They look especially beautiful if you decorate them with silver wax strips of different widths. To do this, you only need a thin silver wax plate for crafting, which you cut into strips and press onto the candles.

3. Now place silver-plated lanterns right and left in the middle between the branches

For a table of 6-8 people you need 6, for a smaller round arrangement 3-4 are enough.

4. Discreetly arrange pine cones, nuts and dry natural materials around the lanterns at the ends of the arrangement.

For an oblong arrangement, 3 on either side of the pillar candles, for a round table arrangement, 3-5 lilies depending on the size. They should not be too close to the candles as they will wilt more quickly in the heat.

6. Then arrange the fruits in your Christmas table decoration.

Arrange 3 pomegranates – one right next to the pillar candles in the middle and the other 2 offset to the right and left on one side of the arrangement. Now arrange 3, 4 or 5 citrus fruits and wooden apples in groups of different sizes on one side of the lanterns. You can decorate places that still look bare with pairs of fruits.

7. Write Christmas wishes on 5-7 beautiful, nostalgic gift tags in black ink.

Knot the gift tags around the branches sticking outwards so that everyone can read the wishes. For example: Merry Christmas – Peace – Love – Health, etc.

8. At the end, all you have to do is light the candles with a long lighter!

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more DIY tips for Advent, Christmas and all year round. And many original gift ideas for the festive season as well as a large pool of classic and modern games! It’s worth browsing around and if you like our site, we would be very happy if you liked us on Facebook and Instagram.  🙂

Image Source Cover Photo: Winter Traditional Holiday Centerpiece by Proflowers at CC BY 2.0.

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