How to dye Easter eggs with patterns - it's easy with a variety of tricks

4. March 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Dye Easter Eggs With Patterns - 7 Ingenius Tips and Tricks




Dyeing your own Easter eggs is not only fun, but also really creative. This are 7 easy ways how to dye Easter eggs with patterns and some tricks you should know.

It is much nicer and more sociable to dye Easter eggs yourself and not only children have great fun making them themselves. Here we have tips on how to dye Easter eggs naturally with food.

However, if you don’t want just plain coloured Easter eggs, but some with beautiful patterns, but on the other hand you’re not a born Van Gogh – no problem! The following tricks and methods are literally child’s play and all you need are everyday objects.

Tip: Always wash the eggs with vinegar water before you dye them, as they will take the colour better that way.

7 Tricks How to Dye Easter Eggs With Patterns

1. Easter Eggs With Stripes

Probably the simplest pattern on Easter eggs is one or more stripes. And the method to get them is very simple: just wrap a woolen thread several times around the egg and knot it before you put the egg into the dye bath.

You can also achieve very good results with rubber bands or gift ribbons of different thicknesses. Just experiment a bit with different materials.

2. Marbling

How to dye Easter eggs? Colouring Easter eggs with patterns is easy

Marbled Easter eggs

Pour some of the colouring liquid into an egg cup or another small bowl where the egg is not completely covered. Every 10 minutes you turn the egg a little so that it gets the colour in irregular large spots, which together form a marble pattern.

A variation is also to work with two colours, dipping the egg alternately into 2 egg cups of different colours for 10 minutes each.

3. How to Dye Easter Eggs With Plant Motifs

This how to dye Easter eggs with patterns shows you that it is not difficult

Easter eggs with leaf motifs

For this, collect small leaves with a nice structure that fit onto an egg in terms of size. Some kitchen herbs like fresh parsley are also good for this.
Dampen the egg a little and press the leaves onto it, then wrap a piece of old tights around it and tie it tightly with a piece of string so that the leaves are pressed onto the egg and do not slip. Now place the egg in the dye bath.

The natural colour of the egg is preserved in the places where the leaf was placed and you get very beautiful Easter eggs this way. The same principle also works with flowers or other shapes.

4. Individual Patterns With Wax

Another popular way to colour Easter eggs with patterns is to paint a pattern on the eggshell with liquid wax. To do this, it is best to use a toothpick that you dip into the liquid wax of a candle.

When the wax has dried well on the egg, carefully place it in the dyeing solution and leave it to soak for the desired length of time. At the end, scrape off the wax and the painted pattern remains as a bright negative on the coloured egg.

5. How to Dye Easter Eggs With Onion Skins and Rice Grains

The fact that the outer onion skins can also be used to naturally dye Easter eggs is also known in this country and is one of the traditional methods of dyeing Easter eggs. Usually the skins are soaked in cold water and then the eggs are added. Depending on the colour of the onion used, the eggs turn orange-brown to dark red.

In Estonia, there is a traditional method that also creates very beautiful patterns: the eggs are wrapped in onion skins before cooking and a few grains of rice are also placed between the skin and the egg. To hold the whole thing together, you can again knot a piece of cloth, e.g. from tights, around each egg while it is cooking.

6. Potato Stamp

If you want a little border of diamonds on your Easter egg, or a big heart, you don’t have to paint this on by hand. You can carve simple stamps out of potatoes, which are good for absorbing colour because of the starch they contain.

With the help of such potato stamps in simple shapes such as a circle, rhombus, heart or star, you can then decorate eggs that are either still uncoloured or already pre-coloured in a light colour.

7. How to Dye Easter Eggs With a Curtain Border or Fine Stocking

If you have scraps of fabric from an old curtain or old fine stockings from grandma that you can cut up without making anyone’s heart bleed, you have optimal material for fine patterns on the Easter egg.

Again, wrap the egg in the piece of fabric or fix it around the egg with string or rubber bands so that the desired pattern is printed. Only this time it is the fabric itself that makes the pattern.

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