Karting on the kart track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

23. June 2018 - Anika Semmer

Almost Like Mariokart! The E-Kart Track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann | Test




Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher – their careers began in mini cars with lawnmower engines: karts. An ingenious discovery for karting enthusiasts – today you can also go full throttle in an environmentally friendly way, without any exhaust fumes or fuel. We were at the electric kart track in Berlin at Eventcenter Spielmann and put the e-power runabouts through their paces.

Helmet on, both hands on the steering wheel, step on the gas. The electric kart accelerates immediately and is great in the curves. Eight of us start our race and all of us drive electric karts for the first time on the kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann.

Will the little runabouts with their e-power be as much fun as “normal” karts in terms of performance and driving pleasure?.

And how do our 8 experience testers rate the racetrack and the experience at the Spielmann Kart Event Centre?

One thing in advance: you don’t have to be a racing fan to have an enormous amount of fun driving a kart! Putting your foot down in a manoeuvrable little runabout and topping your personal best with every lap – that’s fun for adults and children alike.

As a surprise for a child’s birthday* or as an event for a stag party, karting is definitely a real highlight!

Note: We were kindly allowed to test the kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann in Marzahn for free. However, this experience report is unpaid and reflects our independent opinion.

The Experience Testers

At the kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann you drive electric karts

The experience testers in their electric karts

We were 5 men and 3 women – the smallest woman was under 1 m 60 tall and got along great with her kart. One of us didn’t have a driving licence and had never driven a kart before – but got into it straight away and was 4th overall.

Everyone brought different levels of previous experience: from the go-kart fan who had driven many times before to the completely blank slate.

The Electric Kart Track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

The kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann is for electric karts

The electric karts at the Kart Eventcenter

The first thing you notice on the kart track at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann: you don’t smell any exhaust fumes here. And it’s relatively quiet – no engine roar and no background noise like on a Formula 1 racetrack. At this karting track in Berlin, the little racers drive in an environmentally friendly way and quietly with juice from the socket.

First, each kart driver takes a balaclava, which is worn under the helmet for hygienic reasons. Helmets come in the usual sizes from S to L and are fastened with a clipper under the chin. For fun sports fans: there are also helmets with a mount for GoPro action cameras!
A screen shows a list with the (nick)names of all kart drivers with the best time of each driver and the rating and with the information who is driving which kart. After a short briefing with the important information on how to accelerate and brake and where to adjust your seat, you’re off.

The curvy kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann is fun

The curvy kart track in Berlin at the Kart Eventcenter

The e-karts can whizz around the 230m-long track at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Each e-kart is equipped with two motors with a maximum power of 2.5 kW and hydraulic disc brakes. For more safety for the kids, however, the maximum speed can be throttled and adjusted to their driving experience.

A tubular steel construction is attached around the kart to ensure that nothing can happen if a driver bumps into the rail or another kart, for example.

Another difference to some kart tracks: The winding track is bordered with low safety rails instead of tyre stacks. This has the great advantage that the kart is automatically brought back onto the track if a kart driver accidentally hits the barrier.

A race consists of a 10-minute qualifying session – then, depending on the package booked, there is an exciting race over 30, 40 or 50 laps.

Summary – What Our Testers Say

Karting on the kart track in berlin at the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

The adventure tester team from Abenteuer Freundschaft

“The e-karts went down well!” Johannes, 33

Going full throttle in an environmentally friendly way is just as much fun as with conventional karts – you feel the speed just as much – except that the engine doesn’t roar and there are no exhaust fumes in the air.

“I’ve driven karts before, but they were petrol karts. I liked the electric karts better, the track didn’t smell like a petrol station.” Fiona, 31

We all liked the special feature of the electric go-karts at this kart track in Berlin. The only small drawback was that one driver ran out of juice before the end of the lap and had to change his kart while his was refuelling. When something like that happens, all the racers stop until the driver can step on the gas again and continue – fairness first!

At 230 m, the course is not particularly long compared to other kart tracks in Berlin, but it is varied with winding bends and requires concentration and attention in order to set a good time. More than once you skid around a corner with slippery tyres – the tyres have a good grip and the adrenaline rush sets in at the latest when you speed around a corner.

“The experience of direct acceleration through the electric motor and cutting the corners was what I liked best about this experience.” Carlo, 30

We drove a total of 2 races and were all able to improve our best time from the first race in the second and were able to take the sometimes tight corners with momentum after a fairly short familiarisation period. In order to set a good time, you have to drive the ideal line as much as possible – some tight corners leave you little time to prepare for the next stage of the course.
A maximum of 10 karts are allowed to drive at the same time – with 8 karts, the track was quite crowded and especially in the curves you had to slow down to avoid colliding with each other. The only criticism most of the experience testers would have made is that the track is longer so that there is more space on the track.

“The driving fun was great, the adrenaline kick very special.” Jan, 31

All 8 experience testers enjoyed heating up over the kart track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann so much that they definitely want to go e-karting again!


Environmentally friendly, no exhaust fumes and just as much fun as driving conventional karts: the Kart Eventcenter Spielmann is not only recommended for families

Kart Eventcenter Spielmann Berlin – The Key Data

  • Website: www.kart-eventcenter.de/berlin
  • Address: Kart Eventcenter Spielmann Berlin, Rhinstr. 130, 12681 Berlin
  • Contact: Phone: 0303-29350610 (Mon-Thu 3pm-2pm, Fri until 11pm, Sat 10am-2pm, Sun 10am-8pm) // email: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 1-10, races from 5 pers.
  • Playing time: from 10 minutes depending on booking
  • Price: single ticket child 9,00€, adult 12,00€ with discounts for races (e.g. starter race adults for 8 pers. 212,00€) and offers

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*for children aged 8 years and over + 135 cm in height


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